Monday, April 30, 2007

>>> 0__0

Itz 3.25am now ~!!! and i need to wake up at 7am later or earlier? i am actually bitching around with Aya now.. lol.. as usual our gossip sessions till late nite.. haha.. i need to wake up to renew my passport la.. if not i kenot get my arse to s'pore on May 31st !! memafankanlaa.. my passport actualy expires on Sep dis yr but my mom said if itz 3 months b4 itz gonna expires i kenot use it to another country already wor.. den the expiry date is for WHAT???? just put there for deco meh? toh yue wan..

Yesterday nite, shall i say morning around 3am.. my opposite hse rite.. wahh !! da stupid alarm at the neighbourhood playing fur elise song for 100 times !! make me kenot sleep.. and itz was super duper uber annoying and irritating !! i am gonna blast my music speaker loud loud one day and see how they feel about it lah.. ish..

I've actually got nth much to blog about.. just mau sungut abit here.. haha .. soo TOODLES !! xD


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

>> terribly annoyed >-(

I have like two things i wanna emphasize and talk about here :

First :

I would like to talk about my neighbour K. Woah !! Let me tell u first, i hate ppl taking advantages of me and taking for granted.. SHE is doing so now.. Whenever she feels like going shopping but she lazy to drive, she will asked me whether am i going shopping or DO i wanna go shopping anytime she feels like it, and as u knoe, itz hard to say NO ! i really dunno how to reject people .. TEACH ME HOW PLS ! whether in a hard or soft way.. so i had to drive, and wat? she nvr offers to pay half for da petrol money and aso the parking fees.. SOMEMORE !! whenever we go shopping, i have to like follow her where she wants to go.. Okay, i knoe i can go where i wan to as in wat shops and all.. BUT pls dun gimme the not interested look in that shop as it will automatically menjejaskan mood yg baik in that SHOP.. Furthermore, our taste are not really the same so she alwiz comment about the clothes, bags, shoes.. etc etc.. dat i choose that is not her taste, and wat she said? NOT NICE LAR of cos..=.=... She alwiz nvr like ask me to go shopping and she DRIVE !! no, only when she desperately needs to buy something that she really want but i said i do not want to drive if i go.. So she has to drive..urgh !! feel like telling her off one day, as she thinks that she is alwiz right and nvr think from my side at all.. MAN !! she think i print money to alwiz pump petrol she alwiz sit in my car, dahlah i younger than her.. TAKE PPL FOR GRANTED !! another thing, when she needs someone to accompany to do something she will force and force them until the person UNWILLINGLY follow wat she wants to do, such as JOGGING !! okay, i am a very lazy person as u guys knoe and i do not like to go for walks by the roadside being MOLESTED for unforseen reasons and yet she still wants me to go jog with her badly and started giving excuses when i asked her to go swimming instead of jogging and all.. she said she prefer to go for jog/walk instead bcos it wont take up alot of her time.. and she was trying to gif her sympathy and accompany her to walk/jog because according to her, once she was walking/jogging alone there was a motocycle or some man staring at her as though he wants to rape her instead? man, i do not know wat type of reaction shud i gif other than replying " I see I see".. Well, i was suppose to ACCOMPANY her to One Utama tmr for her shopping with her XIXILI voucher to buy inner wears and she just told me that she does not need my company and going with her parents instead because they are going to the temple in Genting and wanted me to lend her my digital CAMERA !!! sowie but no way i am gonna lend it to her, why? first she will keep taking pictures and tot as though it batteries are not needed for the camera to function and secondly, she needs to come over to upload the pictures and i need to resize the pictures for her and transfer it to her pendrive.. I knoe she lended me her mp3 recorder WITHOUT a battery.. somemore asked me to upload songs for her, like as though i have much time to do so.. man, i am really tired helping her in so many things and still she thinks that i am someone that easily being bullied just bcos she is OLDER than me.. I do not like ppl taking advantages of me when they do not offer themselves in helping me in any ways.. i really HATE THAT !!

Secondly :

As u knoe, i have downloaded skype and used it for quite sometime.. Well, skype is something like ICQ we used to have last time when i was in Standard 6? haha.. okay, so now this skype they can add and search ppl around the world to chat with them.. Well, i dun mind just chatting with some random people that i do not know... There was one fella from dunno where added me and i just layaned for awhile den after that i tried ignoring him.. but he still kept kacau-ing me for no good reasons, bugging me to send my pictures to him and all..of cos i did not send (i'm not dumb) but at the display pic i did post a picture of me and my fren in it.. Okay, we chatted a lil say for 3 to 4 times only max? itu aso tak pe, the other day he msged me in skype and said " U nvr talk to me, so bye" i was like wtf? what in the world is wrong with him? acted as if he knows me well, go and merajuk-rajuk pulak.. go to hell lah, do i look like care if i talk or do not talk to u? i dun even like to chat with u online man.. Its partly because i dont quite understand wat the hell are u talking about and i have to explain over and over again on wat am i trying to say.. it will make like dam frustrated and i will just stop talking and ignoring u.. Yea i knoe i am mean, and i believe in karma so i am waiting for what i will get in return.. hell so? do i look like i care? =.=

okay, enuff of yapping already.. I was just writing what am i feeling right now in my heart.. geesh .. i guess i feel much better now.. :-)


>> worried, Farn and super stress =(

Aihzz.. as u guys knoe that my exam is coming like pretty soon? say less than 2 weeks?.. OKay, i have started revision actually but den i am very very stress dat i cant pass my two failed papers dis sem .. Especially Media History Law !! urgh the way that the lecturer described how the question is gonna be and i can predict how hard is it gonna be.. Sometimes i really wanna GIVE UP !!! i knoe alot of ppl will ask me not to give up so easily and i probably will get scolding by my mom if i do give up just liddat.. i wanna continue study wat am i doing now although i dun really enjoy the subjects i am taking now but this is actually still the beginning, i just dun have the fate to face such hard questions and overcome it .. As some of u knoe, my characteristic.. If i do not like something or i really cant manage in doing it means i really CANT !! how much force or motivation i have aso i still cant do it.. I am a slow learner i must say, i tend to pick things up in a slow way.. If i have da confident in something, i knew i can do it earlier but sad to say my level of confidence is really low and i dun really have the confident in myself.. Sometimes, i try to take it in but i still cant and i dunno why.. urgh !! i really sometimes feel like crying my heart out.. itz very sanfuuuuuuuuuuu.. !!!

okay, enough of the whining and emo-ness.. Let me talk something that really makes me excited.. Woohoo!! remember the gathering dat i wanna organize? the gathering where all the Emrys members is gonna meet up? The plan is half in a success.. I am really happy by the response towards our invitation that we've made last nite.. Most of them are willing to take some of their time out to attend it now.. now, what i am still worried about is the VENUE !! yesterday, we planned to have it in Shirley's place but unfortunately the place can only let us to have dat occasion till 10pm !!! meaning.. if the thingie starts at 7pm and we will only have like 3 hrs to hang out? plus i am sure that some ppl will have to arrive late bcos due to their working time.. *thinking thinking thinking*... Where can da Venue will be? okay, gotta bounce after chatting with aya and shir i gtg go study..

tara ~~

Sunday, April 22, 2007

>> ~.~

Notice that i only blog like once a week? i am just plain lazy to blog so often, in fact i have not much things to write about other than my daily life routine such as sleeping, online-ing and bumping for that reason.. but i cant do those as frequent as i can do it now, because my FINALS IS COMINGGGG !! urghh.. i cant afford to fail anymore papers dis semester or my credit hours in taking subjects will get lesser and later on i will get kicked out from the coll, which is BAD !! mann, i need to start hitting the books pretty soon.. As my assignments are all done and i have no reasons or excuses why am i not reading or studying.. So i will be blogging mayb lesser than now soon.. =P.. Then after exam, i hope i will be having lotsa things to do, such as clubbing ( which nvr jadi at all ), i will be going to Pulau Perhentian with my frens and maybe Singapore with my family and at the same time, look for the doink doink Lee Pei Pei yg sudah melesap lama from us..=D.. Other than that, i guess shopping all the way and that's if i've got money to do so la..=X as u knoe, i am alwiz in a broke situation and i am trying dam hard to control ..

Hmm.. I am wondering why nowadays people around me is getting so pissed off in something or mayb they are just moody and grumpy? For exp, my mom.. she is like dam pissed off and moody today.. It's not like i stepped her tail or something.. What i did she like tak suka which i dunno why or mayb i was just too sensitive but i kenot tahan laaa T.T.. urgh !! den later on, i realised her *AUNTIE* came and visit her datz why..I think if i knoe dat, i would not talk to her the whole day.. or mayb, i shall avoid conversation with her.. Mayb if she would ask me to do something, i will juz obey her words.. I have phobia towards moody, grumpy, and angry people nowadays.. I dunno why, but mayb i cant stand it when ppl scold me or something.. I can just burst into tears straight away.. So, mayb i shall just say BYE BYE if there is anyone i sense they are just plain moody or they woke up at the wrong side of the bed..Well, if anyone of u are moody.. Pls do let me knoe, as i might comfort any of u, or i will just shut my mouth up by not talking to u.. i dun mind listening to u whine, ur problems , etc etc.. but pls do not lepaskan ur geram at me such as scolding me for no reason, or looking back for wat i've done wrong which i have already apologise about that case already.. If u wanna backstab someone, i can teman u backstab.. but i am trying to cut down on backstabbing ppl i hate already.. i believe in karma though..

Btw, i went and see Good Charlotte yesterday in Subang Parade.. I didnt had the high type of feeling as i see Jay Chou two yrs back when he had his autograph session in 1Utama for his November Chopin album.. I was dam bored yesterday seeing people lining up for their signatures.. Erm, the crowd were majority at the age of 13 to 16? most of them looked like my sis's age la i can say.. Well, the band's drummer which i dunno wat was his name, is HAWT !! and not to mention Joel is hawt as well.. haha.. their tattoos are really so dam cool.. I am thinking of getting one too.. kaka.. my mom would probably slaughter and skin me alive if i happen to get one.. but i dun care, i am still considering it altho many ppl says it wont be nice when u are old and ur skin got wrinkles.. i couldnt get the whole group's shot as everyone's arses are blocking my view.. so i just got shots from everyone seperate ly.. enjoy :)

Oh yea, i went and watch a movie called "Sunshine" on Friday nite too in Summit.. I would not write the synopsis down as i dunno how to summarize the movie content.. mayb u can look at the or for more info about the movie? basically it's about restarting the Sun and most of them in the movie died.. and the most useless person inside the movie get to jadi the hero.. xD.. Sooo.. that's about it ba.. i've gtg.. Toodles ~~


Saturday, April 14, 2007

>> abit emo, and shoulder paining again T.T

Ahh. Just finished playing 2 games in Dota with Ryan and his brother, won 1 game and lost 1 xD.. Another week has gone, and my sem is almost going to an end.. den i will be in 2 Months hols !! hoho.. wondering if i shud go to Perth to relax and for my hols while visit my cousin as well? But her hols is like middle of no where of my hols because she will be on Holiday only at the end on June while my class will be starting at the 3rd week of July, i dun plan to go there juz for 1 or 2 weeks.. Instead, i thought of going there for like 3 weeks or 1month before coming back and class starts.. Still deciding but i think in the end, i will just cancel this plan and rot at home instead of rotting in Australia.. =P.. i prefer rotting in Australia, but if i go there i wont cant use the pc so often already, unless i curi my bro's laptop and play.. hehe.. and i bet my bro will be too busy to layan, same goes to my cousin cos she will be having her finals i guess..So, we'll see how..

So Fri, we went to Nanako to celebrate Anu's bday.. hmm, it was fun actually.. It's like so dam long nvr have such gathering already.. hmm i guess we can only have gathering like dis during birthdays, bcos dis time Shirley came cos she told me in the afternoon that she might come subang as her bf, Alan and his team will be coming Subang for dota training.. So i picked her up from Autosurf to my hse first..we were suppose to install da Sims 2 to my pc but my pc which is already so dam old, tarak DVD drive.. so tak jadi install, instead she went and polish her nails while waitin for others to come.. Later on, Fern and Wormie came too to wait for Aya and the gang to arrive Subang.. hoho.. I semakin like to hang out with Shirley, she is one girl dat i can talk anything with.. hehe same goes to Fern and Aya.. We all love to sampat together..I really cant wait for the Emrys gathering !! hoho.. i really really hope the plan with JADI !!! gimme 3 wishes i aso will wish this plan will jadi.. lol..

(The Girls !! )

(Shirley and ME )

( The group pic without Shirley =(.. she went home already )

Today, i went to the Salon for my hair and scalp treatment course and a haircut.. guess wat? i've got like indirectly kena scolded by my hairstylist cos i went and dye my hair.. URGHH !!

Hairstylist : U said ur hair very dry, why go and dye it geh? *with the kinda annoyed face*

Me : ermm.. cos i sifat han (butt itchy) suddenly wanna dye as my neighbour went to da salon and asked me to follow her there xD

Hairstylist : ..... how many months ago u dyed it?

Me : around 1 month plus or 2?

Hairstylist : how come da roots so fast grow back wan?

Me : this shows dat my hair is healthy ma..=D

Hairstylist : U wanna do wat ur hair is ur choice.. i cant force u anot whether wat u wanna do.. Actually leh, i've already think of a very nice colour tot wanna gif suggestion to u geh.. It's like cover ur hair with a dark base den make fusion strips.. but now, wait another 10 yrs b4 doing it la..

Me : har? how come u nvr tell me earlier? =( if u tell me already, i sure wont do my hair dis colour liao..

Hairstylist : i tot wanna gif suggestion to u ma.. Mana tau, ur hair diff colour u came dis time..

Me : =(

Hairstylist : nah, tell u ah now i trim ur hair nice nice, u dun come back next time to me and let me see super layered hair ah.. If not i really no eye see already ur hair already.. See, how they highlighted ur hair? not even geh? see lahh that fella doesnt understand ur hair at all.. *shakes head*.. pls ah, dun do anything else to ur hair..if not i really no eye see already

Me : okay.. (feeling bad) =D

OOOKAY !! i didnt knoe he will get annoyed with it.. i dare not do anything to my hair already unless i go to him.. Actually, kenot blame him aso because he was trying hard to make my hair look healthier and aso repair it .. As i have spend quite alot of money on my hair already till my dad keep complaining about it.. =(.. i am thinking whether shud i get the course for da second time but dis time, i will use my own money to sign up.. xD.. need to save lo T.T.. Next time, if i ever follow anyone to the salon, pls do not ask me to do anything to my hair except for doing treatment.. cos treatment is to repair my hair.. not SPOILING it.. xD..

P/S : Shirley Remember to ask ur place whether we can use for our Gathering ..xD

Nitez ~ =)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

>> feeling lazy to do anything

Had my presentation for Media History and Law yesterday in college.. As usual, i got nervous and i started to shake as everyone were looking at me when i was speaking.. And i do not know wat got into me that i spoke so soft till my lecturer wants me to speak louder as he sat at the very behind on purpose i guess.. Was da second group to go and present, after the presentation i sat and listen to the other groups to present which is bored !! i think 2 or 3 of da groups talked more than 20 mins? and the presentation time is only 10 mins? i wonder wat is there so much to talk about.. It was boring, till some of my frens fell asleep.. i almost fell asleep either while listening to the boring old thingie.. Btw, i didnt had a nice blouse for my presentation yesterday, i threw all da clothes out from my closet on to my bed just to look for my black blouse but i couldnt find it,so i wore the off shoulder 3/4 top from MNG.. My clothes filled my bed and it looked like a mountain of clothes.. and i had a hard time putting and folding back the clothes to my closet.. =)

It was a pretty normal weekend i'm suppose.. Nth much i did, other than coming online on Fri nite and dota-ed with Ryan.. and i think i did Ro-ed for awhile den i went to bed.. I am going to bed very early nowadays which i dunno why, its not as if i can sleep when i said i want to sleep already.. I had a hard time to put myself asleep.. Roll here and there on the bed, feeling hot with blanket on me, feeling cold if i dun cover myself with the blanket.. xD./

On Sat, i went to the Talent Showdown which is also the event that i talked about.. but sadly to say, it was super boring.. me and hui min juz stayed there for like 1 hr and 15 mins? not too long bcos we got to go pick Ryan up to come over my hse to fix my blardee pc.. =.=.. After that, we headed to Murni to yumcha den fetch Hui min home after that.. Gary joined us too, and he got teased by me kao kao .. =) but obviously, i got tease back as well.. After sending Hui Min home, Ryan took over the driver seat den, he was like

" Hmm, lets see ur car enuff petrol to go for cruisin.. "

den i said " of cos enuff, letz go down to KL" ..

he said " u sure ah?letz go den.."..

LOL.. so we went to KL just to looksie looksie around and i didnt know how to get to Asian Heritage Row *shy* .. So, he showed me the way.. and it was jammed all the way in there, so we didnt turn into that row instead we headed home.. lol.. Too much petrol to waste huh? =P... and i dunno wat got into him, he kept poking Came home, den we dota-ed one round again..

The next day, i went to my grandfather's cemetry.. I must say that it was super blardee hot man.. i think i got my skin burnt.. So super hot till i cant describe how hot is it.. lol.. after that, we headed to Ampang to makan Yong Tau Fu.. it was soo yummylicious, i love the fried sui kow (dumplings).. I wanna go there and eat again.. ^^V but no doubt there were alot alot alot of PEOPLE !! becos it is a well known Yong Tau Fu place in Ampang for 30 yrs? according to my mom.. =).. Other than that, i did nth much for the rest of the day.. Slept early again on that nite before 12am !! hoho.. i dunno wat got into me nowadays..

Btw, i think i've my throat burn when i was trying to drink my Milo just now.. and i've got my finger burn cos when i was taking out my bread from the toaster, i accidently touched the metal thingie, it's still hurt abit.. boohoo !! =(.. well, i think that's all for now.. but i wont end without any pics altho i said i didnt take any during the weekends but i did yesterday in college !! xD

Friday, April 06, 2007

>> 0__0

I'm quite sleepy now but i do not feel like sleeping at all and i do not knoe why >.>.. I did nth much today other than waking up early at 10.30 am because da frigging electricity power cut off for dunno wat reason, so i felt so hot and i didnt want to continue sleeping anymore .. I wont be having class till Mon.. i'm so gonna be bored to death tmr .. was supposed to go swimming today but my mom asked me not to because it is Cheng Beng.. She prolly was afraid that the "hantu air" will come and drown me in the pool i guess.. =P..

Just finished a game in dota with Ryan and his bro..wasnt that bad, lately i am playing Version 6 and play 1 game everynite.. nth much i can say other than learning new heroes and the matter of getting a hero i like and i dun.. hmm, i remembered few days back i juz tiu-ed someone in blueserver for being so lame and noisy, and yea because of dat the first person he aimed was me.. no doubt, i'm noob and i didnt get to lvl enuff as i afk-ed for like 10 mins? because i went and took my car back from the petrol station that went for polished.. he scolded me why did i came back to the game and all.. so as usual, cant stand it i will just blab out watever was in my mind and shoot till he got speechless.. xD.. not dat i can shoot ppl with words until very geng but i just cant stand the way they talk, might as well juz be alil bit sarcastic when talking to them rite? ..

Hmm, i will be going to some event dat organize by my seniors but it wont be held in my college, instead it will be in da Main Campus in SS15.. i do not know how the nite would be, but i hope it will be good as i've to fork out RM20 to buy the ticket just to watch the talent showdown.. Well, since the money is going to the charity i guess it is okay.. but still very EXPENSIVE !! hopefully there are hunks for me to look at.. =D..

Sometimes, i wish i have classes going on the whole day rather than staying at home doing nth.. when i do not have the money to go shopping.. xD.. like today, i was dying to go out even though i will walking the mall alone but i do not have money to go shopping already.. i need to start saving money till may.. well, i am aiming for the DKNY sling bag that i saw in 1U the other day.. i do knoe how much will it be, just hope it wont go till RM400 or it will be out of my list ...better it be RM200 plus.. haha..

I am planning to have a gathering in Shirley's place during my semester break.. gathering as in will invite all the ex Emrys members in RO there.. the plan will be sucessful if everyone is willing to take some of their time to just attend that gathering.. that will be the time for everyone to meet each other for those havent meet anyone yet or it will be the time for everyone to reunite for that nite.. i really hope it will juz JADI la.. I dunno whether if i am the one who is gonna invite and call, they will turn up for it as u knoe la.. i am not someone who is everyone would know while i was in the guild last time.. bcos i was alwiz absent for WOE and so oN.. dun blame me as i was having SPM dat year.. urghh !! and my mom like kinda stopped me from touching games but as u knoe, i am such a rebel child i would just go against her words.. yea i knoe i am rebel but hey, i do obey them as well .. so dun see me wrong..Well, i will let everyone know about the gathering as soon as it is planned to book their time for that nite.. and how is it gonna be? =).. so, i guess datz all for now..Toodles and wait for my next update with pics that i am gonna take on Sat.. nights and sweet dreamss !! =)


Monday, April 02, 2007

>> relieved =)

Fuh ! i am feeling so relieved as my 15 PAGES REPORT that i was bragging for da past few days to my frens has already finished and handed it up today.. I slept at friggin 4am just to finish up 10 pages of that dumbo essay.. I was too tired that i can hardly keep my eyes open and to keep my brain functioning.. Now, ask me anything about Article 10 i might be able to answer you because i have read like 10 mil times of that frigging article.. I was busy for like 2 weeks just for this assignment, as in finding Lawyer or a Reporter to be interviewed, den think of questions to ask.. wat else? hmm.. staying back in college to search for reference book.. I have nvr put so much effort in any assignments before.. but luckily my others assignments' marks were KIND OF satisfying though.. =P

Btw, i went to Sg Wang with Aya and Shirley last Fri juz to take my mind off the assignments for one day.. u DO NOT KNOW, PIMPLES ARE POPPING OUT on my forehead like popcorns.. POPCORNS u knoe? urgh !! hate seeing pimples growing..okay, let me cont with my shopping journey.. Suprisingly, i did not have the mood to shop as i alwayz do.. but i did ended up buying a pair of heels/shoes dat i alwiz wanted.. I was like looking for it everywhere.. and at last i found it in SG WANG !! woohoo !! dam happy.. other than that, i didnt really get anything.. oh yea ! my hair products.. keke.. and i have forgotten to get my monthly magazines dat i cant live without to update myself.. After the whole day in SG WANG, we were supposed to go pasar malam near Aya's place but unfortunately the plan failed due to our keletihan .. We were super tired !! my legs were aching after walking the whole dam day..So, instead i fetched Shirley home.. oh yea !! she gave me a Estee Lauder mascara for my BELATED birthday pressie.. =P.. THANKS ALOT GIRL !! *muaks* alwiz love u.. hehe.. and dropped Aya home and headed back to my HOME SWEET HOME.. =P..

Yesterday nite, Hui Min came over my place for assignment and we went yumcha with Tan at 9pm... Den when we headed back to our car.. there were a Waja same Colour, and looks exactly the same parked beside of my car.. And den that two girl was standing and their hands were already ready to open the door.. At first i was wondering why on earth the guys sat at the opposite mamak keep " oi oi" at us.. lol.. i guess both of them went perasan abit.. =P.. den u knoe wat? i went and press my car remote, the next car "beep beep" den they were trying very hard to open the car door and i guess they were about to scream at me already .. haha.. but actually they were holding the wrong car's door !!.. lol. guess wat? they faster ran into my car and hide.. lol.. and the guys were like looking at us.. but hello?? we wont curi ur car la... i got da same car as u.. PIF.. actually, i dunno wat the hell am i saying just now.. lol.. if u dun understand sowie la har.. cos i am so tired of writing already..=(..

Oh yea !! today after class, guess wat?? i went to TAIPAN !! and u knoe what they have there? a boutique called LITTLE BLACK BOOK !!.. omgggg.. the clothes there are cheapp.. really cheapp for a nice top but the thing is , it is too cheap for me to resist from buying it !! so in the end i bought 2 tops from there and i am waiting for my call to collect my blazer that i ordered from there.. urgh !! So, nowwww.. i am going to stop shopping till MAY !! i guess itz enuff for the time being ba.. i cant survive if i keep buying stuffs..

alrite, i actually do not know.. wat the hell i wrote.. but, i need to bounce now.. nitezz !!