Tuesday, February 27, 2007

>> emo

Maybe sometimes i am a girl that alwiz laugh or smile whenever i am.. and sometimes i dun mind people dun understand how i feel about what u have done at me or anything.. but actually i do dislike people to disappoint me sometimes and that is why i dun really like to disappoint people whenever i have already promise certain people about anything..Well, since i am blogging about this in my blog, i am sure that anyone of u guys read will think that i am disappointed in something but for sure i wont stating it here. i am the type of people that do not wish people around me to be unhappy or mad at me for any reasons, that is why i dun mind people are unhappy or complain anything about me or even scold me face to face.. As long as u are happy of what u have done and thats enough already.. xD.. sounded like an angel huh? Although i alwiz like to say dat i am an angel, i am alwiz joking but what i said here is what i really feel.. but i really dunno why when alot of happy things comes in but suddenly juz one word NOT FREE AND DUN WANNA GO COS VERY LITTLE PPL, straight away blows off all da plans.. omg.. very disappointing rite? and yes, i am having that feelings now.. =( very saddening ..

Well, i had finished my exams today and i really had a hard time doing and answering all the questions because i did not have time to revise my work properly and i really dun wish to fail anymore subject.. And because of this, i am having a bad headache which makes feel so moody and do not feel like doing anything other than crying, spending all my money i have now.. Not dat i have alot but i guess itz enuff to spend to get things i wan.. =)

Well, Juz finish watching da drama dat i love most.. "The Last Breakthrough".. It is a romantic and a saddening drama.. and i love it alot !! /lv/lv.. Nth much i can say already, juz feel alil bit emo and headache because i didnt have enough sleep cos i had to finish my assignment last nite and woke up early to for exam in my college..Dat's about it..Goodnightzz !!=)


Sunday, February 25, 2007

>> cranky

First of all i wanna wish all of u HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !! =).. i knoe itz kinda late to wish but better than nuthing rite rite rite? hehe.. Well, as usual my CNY more or less the same very year juz dat i tak puas hati that my sis more things than me .. Other than that, i am juz fine.. So, i did nuthing much during the Chinese New Year eve, juz helped my mom out a lil and decorated the house.. den had reunion dinner at nite and also as usual, i alwiz stay up late nite ( not like i dun at normal days ) to watch the CNY programmes.. and do my nails as well, as in do my own manicure.. (i was broke to go to the manicure shop =< ) .. And i did nuthing much during the first day of Chinese New Year, woke up around 11.30am in the morning, washed up and changed to my baju and went downstairs to greet my parents and i got angpau from them.. keke..

Den the second of CNY, i went back to my mom's hometown .. It was boringggg, juz played a few rounds of cards.. wont RM100++ in the end of the day !! ^^V.. but i back almost all when i played GIMRAMI, (issit how it spelled?) i dunno.. juz learned it yesterday, and yea i lost alot.. huhu.. so saddening rite? For the pass few days, i came back from my mom's hometown and on the next nite, we went to One Utama for Dinner at Chili's and the food was so-so only actually, still lose to TGIF !! =(.. the Margaritas are sooo exp.. omg !! almost RM30 per glass of it, so my mom doesnt allowed me to order.. So fine, i ordered dis lemonade only.. =(.. Well, after the dinner.. We went to this shop where they sells CDS and all , and then me and my sis wanted to the get TVB drama "The Last Breakthrough" .. Yeah, i knoe that series has already showed in Astro last yr, but that drama is really dam nice.. So, we asked my dad to buy it for us but he doesnt wanna get it..=( in the end we berjaya pujuk my mom to get it ^.^ it was RM135 for 30 VCDS only ..0___0.. i knoe itz exp but i like it alot.. SO, once we came back from 1U, we straight away on the first discs, and watched 3 discs on that nite itself.. Den the next day, we juz keep pou those dramas.. SO addictive and now we are almost finish already.. but if i dun have exam TMR, i will pou finish everything by tonite.. So i keep it for Tuesday to pou..=)

Actually, i am half way on my assignment that i need to hand it in on Tues, and i havent started to revise my work for tmr's midterm test.. but well, i have to get it done soon though... i really cant concentrate in doing my assignment and now i realised dat whenever i am half way on my assignment, i will start blogging.. So, if u wanna see frequent updates on my blog, pray that i have more assignments.. MUAHAHA..but no way !! i dun wish that to happen though.. if not i would juz rather mati la.. T.T..

Btw, i tried msging a someone today, and the certain someone asked me who am i.. WTH? well, until now i am feeling kinda disappointed and sad ler, i do not knoe why cant i juz forget about him? not dat i wanna whine or wat, but when he asked " Who are u?" my heart was as pain as a knife juz stabbed into it, but i couldnt even tear.. and i can still feel the pain now.. huhu.. i wish someone could juz lend me a shoulder or give me a hug now for me to cry on it.. I knoe dat my tears are juz inside there and it would burst as soon as someone who is willing to lend me his/her shoulder.. I feel so dam sanfu, keeping all these feelings in my heart and i juz wish i could juz let it all go at once in one big cry.. i am not sure whether i could heal in a short period of time, but i know i can.. can I ? i dunno actually..

Alrite, i guess need to start revising my work, or getting my assignment done at least 4 pages ( half of the mininum page requirement ).. how nice that da college gave us a suffering CNY break? Assignment due, and midterm right after the one week break.. and we got cheated by the college because after the midterm exam, we do not have anymore break because it has already included in the CNY break !! so the first 2 days of the CNY public holiday is also the college midterm break as well.. boohoo !! =( saddening case as usual.. alrite, wish me luck for my tmr and the day after.. and i am going to pou da drama right after that, and also going to Starhill for my jap buffet dat i longing to eat and also heading to Maison on Thursday nite..and Friday to Balinese food in Puchong !! woohoo !! 3 straight days are occupied with programmes and at the same time, spend moneyyy again.. My bro is leaving to Australia on Tues morning and wont be back until end of the year.. urgh!! no doubt, i knoe i am gonna to miss him..

Okok, i think i am little bit too long winded already.. i guess i really shall leave now or i am taking out alot of time.. Goodnight in advance !!

p/s: havent upload any pictures to my comp yet, will upload one shot when i take afew shots in Starhill, Maison and on Fri =)


Thursday, February 15, 2007

>> feeling DA SATISFACTION ..=P

At last !!! i have finished alll my GAWD dam assignments !! hmm i now realised that, i need to listen to trance music to concentrate in writing all da essay assignment.. but if i do not blast all these music in my ears i would probably fall asleep half way doing it.. and dis time i wrote the whole entire essay in a piece of paper den only i type it out in the computer..


It is because, i will nvr fully concentrate on the thingie.. although i put my msn mode there BUSY and ask them not to disturb me cos i am on my assignments but u knoe wat? my fingers will go itchy and open the msn list to simply click on someone dat i feel like DISTURBING !!! urghh.. u see la, dis is my bad habit man.. i need to live with the pc.. and i AM online every SINGLE day even though i am out, i will juz leave my pc on.. *shakes head to myself* ..


lol actually is 15th already, but who cares? only one day late.. hehe .. Every Year in dis particular day rite, i will spend it at home.. kaka.. i dam cham rite? actually not every year la.. oni 2 valentines day in my life i spent it with my EX lor..datz all lah.. haha .. dam sad rite? i aso dun wanna talk about it already.. lol.. feel abit embarassed about it =P.. okla, itz 1AM already and i am having an 8am class tmr morning !! urgh.. so need to wake up early.. *faints* think of it aso sien.. so tata !! and good nights !!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

>> contented (^^V)

I went to Sg Wang again today.. lol.. and i bought like dam many clothings.. My wallet now got one BIG FAT HOLE already T__T.. i spend like RM270 or more? *faints* Some ppl might consider it as a small amount but definitely not for me, yet i still do not wanna save money instead spending it more than ever !! i can even regret for not bringing all my money there and in the end me and Tan terpaksa borrowed RM50 each from Pei.. *shy*.. I thought i've already bought enough clothes but we just cant resist the pretty clothes there..*fan self*..

Btw, there are a new generation of LALA peoples.. kaka.. Last time those wears bell bottoms and those button-till-their-chest shirts rite? NOW , they wear super baggy pants with some strings over it and those ugly-layered-shirt and hair spike like a authentic LALA guys.. LOL !! well FYI, Sg wang and Times Square is filled with people like dis.. no offense but yea.. i cant stand them.. OH OH !! and i saw a super-chiu-kap-mou-tik leng chai in one shop dat i bought one of my top.. MY GAWD !! he is seriously da leng chai of da most leng chai.. kaka.. *evil grins*

Well, lemme highlight wat i did on Thursday,Friday and Saturday..

Thursday nite, i went over to Ann Louise hse because she had dis farewell party for herself as she is leaving to Australia soon to further her studies.. LOL and TAN CRIED !! she cried when we were about to leave Ann's hse.. I had a great time there, as we are all da secondary schoolmates all gathered there... well, nth much to blog about there.. and here are the pics =)

(the girls)

(group picc)

(Yin Fei, Me, Yoke Han and Kian Chee)

Friday nite, i made a last min decision to Galaxy for Hui Min's bday party.. Left my hse around 10.30pm and went there and sing sing sing.. Let me tell u something, DO NOT go Galaxy for karaoke sessions becos their systems really very PEH wan lo.. their system down-ed for like 30 to 40 mins on dat nite and they DO NOT knoe wat was the reason.. So, u can see la.. how teruk is dat place.. Next time go REDBOX !! pay a little bit more and get a better service there.. hehe datz my advice la.

(the group pic)

(The Girls in WHITE =P.. *yea i wore da same shirt* *winks*)

( haha.. our poser pic =P)

Saturday, i went to Cineleisure to look for Aya and shop around the Flea Market at The Curve.. It was soooo damm hot ok? i almost die of heat.. craziee if i ever work there, my life would probably cut 2 yrs thanks to da heat dat alwiz heat up my heat and ended up having a bad headache.. haha ok, i knoe i am exaggerating again =P.. Just joking la, not so kua jiong wan.. haha.. Btw, i bought a top from there and couldnt resist the earrings, so i grab 2 pairs which i really love ..After dat, me and Aya when to dis Kopi-Oh place and yumcha and i had my lunchie there, then suddenly got like 5 tau kei girls, walking pass us and they are those so-called-models why i said dat? itz simply because they are SHORT !! short u knoe? SHORT !!! and they kenot be compared with the American Next Top Models those models because during their catwalk practice session according to Aya, they hunched when they walk !! lol..how to jadi model ah? =P
.. haha way too far to be compared with =P..Btw, when they walked pass us, they gave me dis SUPER LANSI FACE man.. later on i left dat place around 5pm.. FYI, when i was on the way there..It JAMMED ALL DA WAY MAN !! *faints* i shudnt have taken the LDP highway, big mistake.. T__T.. Den at nite went Asia Cafe for dinner and came back for dota sessions.. It wasnt dat bad though.. keke won 2 games ^^

Didnt really camwhore much lately.. I forgotten to take pics TODAY !! urgh.. nvm den.. next time but at least i hope my updates will entertain u abit =P .. Well, goodnite in advanced..


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

>> emo-ing

dunno why i feel dam emo nowadays.. Everything dat i do and all is not in my way la.. omg!! Even in dota nowadays, i have no mood to play properly and feed like crazzieee..not dat i dun feed usually but nowadays i feed more than ever !! i guess i am juz too tired =.=.. Dis Saturday will be going to Maison, actually i feel abit lazyyy to go lah.. AIHZ !! why go until Maison and celebrate bday? i mau pigi redbox la.. Somemore suddenly my clubbing mood goes off..and i don't knoe why...aihz

GRR !! *pulls hair*

Furthermore, i wont be driving all the way down to KL middle of the nite wan.. VERY LAZYY !! *faints* .. I will only go if i have ppl to fetch me there, if not i wont go.. xD.. AIYOO !! i was told that dis Saturday our Sg Wang shopping trip is canceled !!


i wanna go shopping for my CNY clothes wan la.. omg !! somemore next weekend is CNY already.. i havent get my jeans and skirts yet.. Finela, worst come to worst.. i will go somewhere and shop myself.. *frowns*.. I have dis feeling dat, the whole week isnt my week at all !! urgh.. i wanna go berhitung with that two BABI's (Pei and Tan) later already.. *piiffss*.. Next week got 2 assignments due and i havent touch a single thing yet.. havent done any research or find any information yet.. For one subject, i havent think of wat to write for the featured writing yet.. I seriously do not know wat to write .. i have to write about CULTURE !! okler, i need to go and do some research for my Media History Law assignment already..


>> *scratches head*

Wow ! i had a hard time choosing and doing the layouts for this bloggie..I seriously dunno how other bloggers can do such nice layouts with their pictures there .. They really can deal with those codes which i dun even knoe wat is wat.. so i juz simply choose any layouts and juz copy and paste to the template.. and dat has already made me feel dizzy after editting my profile and all in there.. So i have changed afew layouts and all of them are nice but den rite, some they dun show my archives, den the fonts of my entries are super small until i need to squined my

already-small-eyes ..

So i am really impressed at those bloggers dat really can do nice layouts, write interesting blog and all.. Yeah i knoe my blog is like dam boring wan ler.. I oni like to complain and condemn ppl dat i dun like it here.. but i will try to make it more interesting la k? haha.. i actually laugh everytime i read my fren's blog, cos she can joke man.. or mayb the way she talks and blogs is funny in a way la.. xD

I can't wait till this Saturday !! woohoo.. shopping spree in Sg wang again ^^V.. i have been going shop for like 4 days in a row in various shopping malls in KL man.. All for the CNY shopping !! keke.. and more to come on dis Saturday.. and i wonder how much will i spend again dis time.. I have like 3 presents dat i havent buy for my fren's bday yet !! *faints* 1 is for Pei pei's last yr's bday pressie.. i havent get her anything yet since she was still working in Singapore, den dis Saturday nite.. Two of my coursemates which is Hui Min and Yoke Chin's bday, OMG !! 2 pressies at once but of cos i am gonna share with someone as i cant afford to beli so many presents.. T__T.. Somemore dis coming Wednesday, i have a Ann is having a farewell party in her hse.. and Tan Said need to beli present.. OKAY !! there goes my $$$ again..lol.. ok, i knoe i sounded abit stingy la..but bare in mind i am ONLY WHINING and i dun mean it wan.. hehe so chill ya.. xD

okler, since i couldnt upload the pictures in da previous entry so now i shall upload it..

well, dis picture was taken in TGIF on last Friday during Ann Louise and Prassan Farewell gathering..That night's dinner cost me a bomb !! as i am still in a BROKE situation =(


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Long Storiesssss

> > freaking tired but happy =)

hey !! i am backieeee.. yea, if i dun start blogging back.. I am gonna kena from Aya.. Read the chatbox beside there >>>.. kaka..

Well, let me start from last week.. i had a birthday party on last Saturday..Invited alot of ppl i guess? around 20 plus? .. not really sure..We had BBQ and my mom cooked some dishes as well.. hoho.. i love to main with da BBQ.. and u knoe wat? whenever i finish bbq-ing a chicken wing, TKB will be da first one who put his plate infront of me and ask for dat chicken wing.. tak guna betul.. Btw, in da afternoon Pei and Tan came over early to help me out.. They bought me a mini cake and light it up with MAGIC CANDLES !! omg.. i cant blow it off.. whenever one candle is off, it will light up again.. really got nth to say so in da end, the whole cake is full of our saliva.. haha.. i knoe itz disgusting.. =p.. I was really busy on dat day , busy preparing stuff and went in and out from the hse to collect things.. hehe.. Well, i guess we all had a great time during my party .. Well, i had a great time though.. Tan suddenly asked me to go into the kitchen and they passed me a cup of drink.. they mixed half a cup of CHIVAS and juz a lil bit of coke and asked me to drink one shot.. OMG !! i was pretty dizzy right after dat ..*faints*.. Den we cut the cake .. Aya and the gang came at 11.30pm !! my gawd.. i knoe dat was pretty late already but itz better than not turning up at all.. hehe.. well, around 1.30am me and college frens went to ss15 Station One to yumcha.. Had afew shots there too.. Camwhoring all the wayyy.. =D

Den on Monday which is on da 29th, Me,Pei and TKB went 1U Shogun for Japanese Buffet !! yummy !! Had lotsa sushis.. and the stupid place no Sashimis wan.. soo weird la. dunno wat type of Japanese Buffet place is dat.. But den, we had fun makaning.. yea and da price was dam nice aso la.. RM165 for 3 person !! *fainted*.. but after that, we went 1st Station yumcha with Heansin and aso Aya and Campy.. Talk talk talk for awhile den TKB fetched pei back to Kampung Subang.. haha.. had a great laugh in da car and also ad fun gossiping..hoho..and i kena marah bodoh cos i brought a camera with die-ded battery.. soo i terpaksa guna my 2 megapixel phone yg buruk to take our innocent face la.. kaka

Well, on Thurs is Thaipusam and we had holiday.. So rite, me and my coursemates went to Thai Club.. i knoe u wanna ask why of all clubs, thai club rite? Well, i really dunno why.. I tot we were suppose to go Ruums but den ended in Thai Club and yea.. There were so many ppl.. but i was not in da mood to shake my butt.. mayb not high enuff.. i dunno laaaaa... 0__0.. drank so much aso not high..but luckily i didnt get drunk aso ler, if not i will kena slap by my mom again.. =X which is embarassing to tell out.. kaka.. Btw one of my fren got drunk and she cried man.. aihz, too sad alreadyler i guess.. I guess i will cry too and i can feel her sanfu-ness liddat.. Even me myself aso feeling it now u knoe? well, i dun wanna story about it la.. Malas wanna think of it too.. So we left Thai Club at 3 something..den went back, but of cos ppl fetch ler.. kaka cos i dun wanna drink whenever i go clubbing, i sked i drunk den habislah kan? and we got lost, and turned one big round oni reach to da federal highway and reached back home around 4.30am and i was gawd dam TIRED wei..but that nite was fun IN a way la.. keke.. and imagine la, i came home and i slept at 5 something and i woke up at 10.15 am to go Midvalley as i promised my mom to for CNY shopping.. Woohoo !! bought 1 top from topshop and 2 from dorothy perkins.. keke. i need to get another pair of jeans and skirt.. and more tops !!! i have so lil clothes u knoe? ..i am practically wearing da same bajus when i go out.. =( saddening rite? *sniffs*

Today, i went KDU to settle my withdrawal stuffs.. talk about dis rite, i tell u ah.. i dam dam gerammmm wanna make me punch ppl.. they postpone it sooo long adi u knoe? T__T i wan back my RM250 !!! *pulls hair*..Now, i have to go back there and again to settle my stuff.. so dam mafan ok?.. aihzz.. Den after dat, we as in my neighbour and me went to Cineleisure and look for Aya.. Den i bought a jacket from IKANO.. soo nicee..kaka.. den around 1 something, we went to 1 Utama to continue our shopping journey yg tak jadi cos i didnt get to buy anything nice other than a sunglasses.. Cos my Poor FAKE GUCCI sunglases dat i bought from PETALING STREET sudah rosak and i cant stand driving looking to da bright sky.. my eye will start to sakit and i dunno why.. LOL.. and u knoe wat? The curve CNY decorations is really dam nice.. so we took afew shots there.. kaka..

aiyoo.. i cant upload dat picture la.. dam stupid man dis blogspot.. kejap ok, kejap ko.. i aso dunno wat they wan la..=.=.. Btw, i juz came back from TGIF not long ago for Ann and Prassan's farewell, as they are leaving for Australia pretty soon.. had a great time there though.. hehe well, u guys take care there k? when u all balik.. better remember to call us out to makan or something.. hehe.. i ate a fisherman's platter and ordered a lemonade and it cost me RM40 !! i am so broke already.. huhuhu.. next week, hui min's and yoke chin's bday somemore in Redbox.. i really dunno where am i gonna korek or vomit out da money to get bday pressies for them man.. *faints again* so wish me luck la.. and worst of all !! Pei's bday pressie i drag until now aso havent get her anything yet.. OMG !! i planning to share with tan with something la. cos i really dunno how to muntah my money out already.. cos i sked my juice hempedu aso will muntah out again.. wish me luck ba..kaka..

* i will upload da TgiF pics another time la..mang man..*