Thursday, June 19, 2008

Specially dedicated to Aya =)

>>> emo

Something just happened dis morning.. So abit emo now.. However, i'm dedicating dis post to Aya.. As we all knoe that Aya is getting married soon !! I've known her for almost 4 yrs already.. I do appreciate our frenship very much ..She is one fren that i met in RO and got close like really fast.. She was some shy girl, and everyone around was suprised we can talk like some frens that known for 3 yrs already on the very first day we met, after our WOE in Warnet in 2005..Well, Aya was and will forever be my:

- RO Kaki
- Ran Kaki
- Dota Kaki
- Shopping Kaki
- Gossip Kaki
- Yumcha Kaki
- CLubbing Kaki
- Genting Kaki
- Camwhore Kaki

but the most important one is she is my bestest fren.. U see Aya is elder than me for 4 yrs u knoe.. I alwiz use her as my teladan in many expects.. She gives me advices, she scolds me if i've done anything wrong, we argue but end up apologizing to each other with laughter..She wont scold me when i ffk her but got nag abit la.. xD.. she alwiz nag me one la when i do something wrong.. she is just like a big sister to me.. She alwiz kenot tahan da temptations when i ajak her to go clubbing, or she will bug me to clubbing together.. haha.. We share our stories together, our secrets and also condem ppl that we dun like together.. we can sms whole day long when she doesnt have her pc with her when she just shifted to Campy's hse.. Imagine, we gossip in sms also.. by sending 2 to 3 smses one shot.. hahaa..I like the way especially when she curse ppl that time.. i can laugh when facing the phone when i am reading her smses.. FYI, all da foul words all she taught me wan.. like literally taught me :-

I'm very happie dat now she has already found the one dat she will live with for the rest of her life.. Itz all started from RAN ONLINE.. yup ! she knew him from Ran Online, in Mystic School.. I saw both of them being together till now , shez getting married with da same guy.. I remember the second time she came to Subang for dinner and yumcha session, den she called him to come and they had some yumcha gathering also.. After meeting up and all the next day , she smsed me bout him and i think he started to kao her, and she also confessed her feelings towards him.. hahaa.. Well of cos as a fren, i do support in any ways till now watever she do, i sure will help her, and i am pretty sure in watever situation she also def for me.. Aya knoes me inside out.. She really knoe wat have in mind and all..

The group we used to hangout with alot ^.^

I still remember da first time i celebrated her birthday with her.. I gave a suprise by giving her cake and pakat with her bro all.. hehe.. It was outside her hse.. We were actually getting ready to go to Enet for dota, but right before dat , outside her hse.. We went to her by lighting up da candles and sang da happie bday song to her.. We really went through alot of ups and downs together.. I remember da first time i cried, while chatting with her online.. i cried cos of Wormie's case i think, she spent RM19 of her phone credit by calling me and pujuk me back..So u guys, dun be suprise if my mood gone down to the drain if i knoe she is sad or wat.=) say until i so mulia but i am liddat la.. hehehe..

I still remember, when her sis opened a booth every fri, sat and sun in pyramid.. I will sure go there every friday to teman her for few hrs.. hehee.. sometimes sat and sun also ada pigi.. That time was the time we spent alot alot of time together.. We gossiped like some bitch and camwhored like a.. whore ! at her booth.. hahaha.. Den we will buy 1901 hotdog to makan.. Normally on Friday nite, after her work she will either stopped by at Subang to yumcha or we will go Cheras to yumcha and da gei as well...

In Genting last year with her only.. Really had a blast .. As we got the room by ourselves with a great view =)

She came for my prom last yr.. It was a last min decision of hers but she still came in the end..

Last time, we alwiz gila blueserver and play till 7am in the morning together with Shirley !! hahaha.. Imagine wei, we normally start playin at 11pm or 12am, all da way till 7am ! i guess times like dis will nvr be repeat again.. Every month, we will hit Sg Wang at least once to do our monthly shopping.. It was really fun.. Aya will help me out in my assignment for abit den when my exams come also, she will tempt me for dota at least 1 game !! The reason why my results drop drastically.. Aya is the only one who calls me CB ZON !!(read: CIBAI) she alwiz calls me that when i nvr reply her msn msges, or i kik her or jat her.. LOLLL..

Were in Nichii fitting room before going to Cheras for dota.. camwhoring.. told u she is my camwhore partner..

There are too much to be listed here already..

This was during last yr's Xmas in Cheras ice cream house.. We didnt really take good pictures together anymore.. but i hope there are more to come

Lastly, the picture of the three of us , Do Re Mi.. The only 3 girls who are in the gang of dunno how many guys dat dota together, and all..

Once again, i wanna congratulate Aya for her marriage and hope she and Campy will be living happily together ^.^.. LOVE U AYA =)

P/S : u still owe me flowers.. hahahaa


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

101th post !!!

>>> Bored in office

Yes, i'm currently in office now blogging my 101th post !! wahh.. i didnt knoe dat i've already blog 101 times.. I'm pretty proud of myself ok? hahaha.. I nvr knoe that i've blog for 101 times liao.. or mayb more?(from the previous blogs that i had la of cos) I knoe i havent been updating for sometime but since i'm quite emo for no reason now.. So i shall blog la.. I've actually got so much things to talk about but i dunno where am i gonna start from..

I've been telling everyone in the world that i have 0% energy now.. I'm sooooo TIRED man.. since last week till yesterday i had to attend events after office hours.. I went for 3 events in 3 days in a row .. Yup, going to events i can get freebies.. WOOT.. Last wednesday, i went for the Redken Hair Fashion Show that held in Avenue K , KL.. hehe.. What i was supposed to do was to usher the media upstairs, den i get to witnessed the press conference, a live fashion show and also some local ciplak celebrities which i dun even know who are they.. I mean when my colleague asked me whether i saw Joanna Bassey or Jennifer Bassey.. I dunno even kknoe who the hell was dat la.. pls !! Nvr seen her b4, mayb i did la like tepi jalan but den rite, i just anggap them as some normal people only.. =)


Gawd, petrol price has gone up from RM1.92 to RM2.70 !! gave me a big impact man.. now my parents will grumble more bout going out with frens then i have to drive.. I mean i drive can la, share petrol sikit .. my parents not printing money sia.. hehehe.. she said my frens are using me for petrol like when go out, i need to fetch and all.. aiyoo.. guess next time i will have to ask my frens to share da petrol if we are going anywhere..

Hmm.. i am really grateful dat every weekend i have at least something to do after the whole hectic week at work.. Like something to do meaning, go out to watch movies with frens, go dinner together , yumcha together and DOTAAA.. did i tell mentioned dat i went to setapak for 2 weeks in a row to dota? well talking bout dota, hmm wat really pisses me off is when someone think that he/she is very pro but actually a total NOOB go and tegur my skills.. gawdd !!! if u dun even have teamwork in dat game, u go and quit dota ba.. itz not about earning kills by urself but communication is very important la definitely.. not teasing ppl and comparing ur items with ur teammates and sarcastically ask them like " eh? where is ur radiance? got sacred relic but cant farm for scroll ah?" .. And he ask u for a few times which basically insulting u indirectly dat ur farming skills are noob.. while his kills are all KS-ed back one, datz why he just got meka and some items dat doesnt help us in da game at all .. den when lose show mother fucking black cakul face to everyone, and suddenly lost mood for nth.. Well hello? u cant win in everyhing or anything all the okie? u sure will lose at least once or twice or something.. COME ON LAH !! if u win all da time, u go jadi champion liao lo.. Even Paulyan's sand king during SMM also kena tapao like fuck la okie? If u ask me why i knoe, cos i saw da live match okie? If not how i knoe rite?


Man, i'm takin 3 different days to just update this entry lor and i dunno why.. Cos everytime i wanna blog, there are sure something for me to do in office, den it took all my time doing it den i have no time to finish up my post.. Then u sure ask me why i dun blog at home rite? i have no time lah.. no time + lazy =DDD.. sorry la, i was busy da last whole weekend .. hardly get to even go online and chat in msn till yesterday nite.. Normally, i will be out starting from Friday nite all the way till Sunday nite.. i mean sure got go home and sleep all la.. xD..

On Saturday afternoon, was supposed to go Pyramid with Shirley only, mana tau, Patrick tetiba smsed me and asked us to wait for him cos he wants to join us too .. That was after sending him and tan an emo sms.. LOLL.. sorryla org emo la da other day after bangun..

I tell u, we went Sakae sushi to makan our brunch rite, the stupid sushi train has no sushis running on it other than a plate of mochi, den dunno wat wat sushi and 3 freaking bottles of wasabi.. -.-.. dam marah.. after awhile, we went off den we started shopping and i still cant find a freaking dress to wear on aya's WEDDING DINNER wei.. dam marahh.. nvm nvm when i free i will go walk around bangsar.. xD

Went Redbox with my cousin on Sunday to sing k. woot.. sing until my throat burst.. hahaha.. but it was okla, den after that i needed to send him back to Nilai for once.. So i didnt wanna go alone, i called Patrick to come and teman me..LOL.. after sending him back, went to Asia Cafe for dinner.. makan and chit chat awhile den ciao.. ma de, da Asia cafe dam smelly made my hair got da smoke and satay smell u knoe..-.-.. lol.. den of cos i dam bising la.. xD.. cos i just wash my hair maaaaa...

eh, nth already i need to cont work, at least i sudah update abit.. later i update more la xD


Monday, June 02, 2008

It's Monday Again * tears*

>>> Sleepy and tired

Itz monday again man.. dam fuck !! how long do i have to wait till friday again? aiyoo.. dam suffering that i have to face these arseholes in office.. Why do i name them as dat? Mother fucker, they are dam sarcastic man when i didnt even do anything wrong but just asked what can i do to help out in da office..I'm being more and more anti-social as days pass by.. Seriously ! i dun feel like talking at all in office u knoe.. Unless i terpaksa lor.. People here are kinda fucked up and filled with sarcasm.. they do not treat intern like humans liddat lor i feel.. dam mother fucker..Ask u do dis do dat.. that was one day da stupid GM was so sarcastic and lann diu that she said

" u wan work? sure got work to do wan.. Do filing la.. *with da annoying voice* " why her mother nvr teach her manners wan issit? PR , GM so wat? do i look like i care? she's just another woman who look like african lady and her hair macam so short and she looks like shez gonna be bald soon.. and last friday, i overheard dat she said she is going to do treatment on her hair.. i was thinking, her hair like sai also wanna waste money do treatment meh?.. I dun care whether i am mean now or not. but i dun like them at all ... furthermore, i am here to just finish up my internship not to make frens with anyone.. ^.^..

okayla, update on my weekends.. Hmm.. Last Friday i was very crazy that after my work, i went to bank and bank in my cheque den i tapao for my grandma , went home and bath den went over to sg long again..LOL...Reached Patrick's condo.. waited for them in my car for more than 10 MINS !! ciss.. nvm.. den drove to Setapak for DOTAAAAAA with shirley they all..LOL.. Then after 2 games of dota, we went to Steven's corner and i had my dinner there... Shirley and the gang sat there for awhile to yumcha, den when they ciao, i went to da pool centre nearby steven's corner to look for Kyan and Patrick and waited for them to play pool till 4am !!!! freaking 4am u knoe? dam suffering, wanna sleep but kenot sleep..why? cos it was too open.. haha.. SO they took turns to talk to me.. hahaa.. i realised that 3 different ppl, i talked 3 different topics with them.. oh well, good time alwiz pass very fast.. like seriously dam fast.. hehehe

I have been dotaing very frequent lately.. Like yesterday, i was playing from 12pm till 5pm.. No doubt all the games were fun.. Except for every game, Zicken goes lansi with all the opp b4 games start.. and kept calling them NOOBIES and stuff No doubt, he was very very very NOISY lor.. quite annoying at times la.. kenot tahan, whenever he writes something in chat, i can feel it like he scolding ppl real life liddat..LOL.. screaming and yelling while making fun of ppl's noob-ness.. hoho.. and he was called patt poh.. Another thing, i got suprised when my POTM's arrow kena the opp for afew times.. lol.. not bragging but u knoe i noob rite? so yeah.. hehee..

Oh 1 more !! i watched movie on Saturday nite.. hehee.. Orphanage.. gawd .. it was dam scary okie? i almost die of heart attack and i kept hiding behind my used my bag to cover my eyes la I almost grabbed the person's hand who sat beside me during those shocking scenes lor.. -.-... Went murni to yumcha after movies, den went home around 3am.. reached home, played dota den slept around 4.30am.. hoho

Dat's about it la.. my weekends..-.-.. it was quite normal but i had fun... hoho

okla, i shall stare at the pc till got ppl gimme work to do.. or if i can think of anything else to write.. hehee

byeee !!!