Wednesday, March 26, 2008

>>> confused

what is wrong with a person that when she knoes a particular guy might like her and keep telling me but in the end when i kinda like teased her, and she felt disgusted by his looks while she is not very hawt? get wat i mean? mayb i shud put it dis way;

there is this girl, M who just knew a guy L rite.. Den leh, apparently L likes M for some reason la.. i dun wanna mention wat is it la k? but i knew he likes M la.. Den i kinda like teased M for it la.. den she kept denying it and alwiz say ;

M : yerr.. nola, whenever i think of his face i wanna vomit..

Me : lol me also

*then 5 mins later*

M: let me sms him and see

yerr !!! dam weird la dis M.. mayb in another word say, HYPOCRITE !!! dun u think so? i dunno whether she is making me jealous or wat la.. but i knoe that i wont be jealous out of it.. but mayb u think i am dat is why i am whining like a pig here .. but no lor !! i'm not denying but i am mmg not JEALOUS hor?

btw, my monitor hangus jo.. and FYI if u dunno how i blog without monitor, i am using a laptop that pinjam from my mom's dam sad laa.. i dun like using laptop honestly.. So since i cant blog with pictures.. read my words.. see alot of words.. dun feel like reading, den GO AWAY.. ^o^.. just being honest ...

okla, if possible next post, i will talk about wat i do sampai i so busy until kenot update my blog and update with pictures la k?

- Ciao ~N~ nitess -


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

>>> 7.7

Was half way chatting happily with Aya, den later smsed her to ask her why she tetiba offline and she said da cc connection lost.. wth? dam potong steam sia.. Btw, i'm actually in da progress of doing my assignment ^.^.. dun ask me why am i blogging here now leh.. cos i mmg fann jin.. got assignment dun wanna do, but got mood to blog.. My brain is so pain lor.. u knoe sakit kat otak.. how to sakit kat otak also i dunno but den i can feel da kesakitan.. LOL

i'm blasting Jay chou songs while doing my assignment.. I really cant have enuff of Jay chou.. Btw, was suppose to go Cats whiskers with Aya dis Saturday den go over to Cheras to look for da gang.. and DANG !! itu Shirley yesterday told me that she is going to Batu Pahat cos Alan's cousin getting married.. Dam gao siu.. next week, u belanja minum la.. u sudah owe me alot of minuman okie? *shakes head* Satu titik of air also havent masuk into my mouth yet..

Did u guys watch da movie Secret? if u did, remember da song dat Jay suka .. Da lady singing in a slow motion macam my grandma's era when she was still in THONG SAN * her China kampung*.. Nice meh har? i'm actually listening to it lor.. and itz dam slow, and i dun understand wat the hell she singing also and he nicely said in da movie is his favourite song.. Dam gao siu.. beinig a setia Jay Fan, i shall memupuk da keminatan to like dis song too.. I shall keep repeating dis song and listen it till i muntah..

I've got da urge to go Chiong k leh...7.7... Hmm, stephy asked me to ajak da Ruums' gang pigi wor.. i told her and reminded her not to sing from 2pm till 9pm again pls.. i really cant take it already, i am too old to peruk in da K room for 7 gawd dam hours.. I kinda regreted not getting the pure black pantyhose in Sg wang the other day laaa.. DUMB FUCK !!! Shud have just beli it lor.. dam stupid sampai mau mampus.. afterall itz only cost RM15.90.. while Stephy bought it for Rm29.90 in Klang or Shah Alam or something la..

Went to Piano class today, hmm learned a new song.. I've now total of 4 songs to play for my diploma.. but i dunno whether i can manage finish those pieces..need the kerajinan to practice but suprisingly hor, after i decided to go over to my teacher's place to have my lessons, i have more semangat to play properly.. YAY !! YEONG WENG SEE has come back with her interest in playing the piano well like last time.. I swear after when i started working or got married or something la.. I wanna get a mini grand piano.. hohoo.. now just let me bear with my old hag piano aje ba.. Itz not dat bad anymore after spending RM850 for it.. sakit hati betulz.. although not my money.. but still.. 7.7..

eh, i need to continue my assignment if not 4am also kenot sleep .. ciao


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

>>> tired -.- and no mood for assignments

I'm currently blasting Jay Chou's song.. I dunno why but i wont have enough of his songs forever wan I just LOVE HIM.. T__T.. although i am kinda disappointed for his concert, but i missed da time being in his Btw, i decided to update now to memupuk my mood to start on my assignments la.. dam sien man i tell u.. I have like mountains of it to do, and i havent even start anything yet.. can die.. why my college liddat? we pay them to make ourselves to suffer.. LOL..

Went to gym yesterday, and my whole badan sakit like giler after not going to gym for a long time.. sini sakit, sana sakit.. macam org tua yg tunggu ajal dtg only.. xD.. Was at the gym from 4.30pm till 7pm liddat.. Den went for dinner with stephy and waited for Derek to come, cos Stephy wanted to watch movie but i didnt wan to, so i just teman her wait den i ciao and balik rumah.. Changed and slept open eyes, morning liao.. hoho.. GO class, was like a dead fish liddat, eyes kenot open and keep think of going home and wanna sleep liddat..

Oh yeah ! i went to have a massage just now only.. hoho.. quite relaxing cos u knoe my shoulder is alwiz in pain, so after massaging it felt better abit.. and did da Ear Candling thingie also.. dunno la, apparently it suck out all my dirt from the inside of my ear.. and itz not dat bad la, just dat they also use oil and massage my neck and head, so my hair got quite oily after that thing lor.. came home and washed my hair.. 0__0.. kenot tahan da keminyakan.. like dipping my head into da bakul minyak only..

Went to Ruums on last Friday nite, and had fun la i can say.. Knew some new ppl over there, as in Stephy's frens.. Hmm, one guy that we kenal that nite told me in msn ( and yes, we are keeping in contact in msn ) that he said he saw us b4 in Maison.. Dat round, i went was when during Aya's bday.. Meaning got Me, Aya, Shirley , Yoke Chin and Stephy.. He told me that he and his bunch of frens were very suprised dat on da Ruums nite, we showed up.. -.-.. He said we were their unexpected girls who showed up because when we were in Maison, they said they saw us and wanted to dance with us, but we kinda rejected them.. HA HA HA =).. That was wat he told me in Msn.. So i was kinda paiseh la, cos he asked why we didnt wanna mix around and all.. i didnt knoe wat to answer him but wat i did said dat we were SHY la.. haiyo !! Me got very low self esteem wan lor, need to boost boost but boost lei boost hui boost umm dou.. ^.^.. cos at least i sedar diri dat i am not pretty la.. dis is not a bad thing wat.. sedar awal ^.^..

Btw, i am telling our gang dat guy i am keeping contact with looks like Sakura to me.. and i think he really does look like Sakura when he smiles but without dat da dimples la.. so yeah, looking at him reminds me of da SUXKURA aka SAKURA.. but definitely dis Ruum guy, okla his name is Patrick, is much more polite than SUXKURA la ... in anyways also better than SUXKURA.. =D..

omg omg !! the other in Sushi King, i tot i saw Hoosan a.k.a Kinex.. I tot it was him man, cos from da side looked like him alot.. even Pei pei said so u knoe.. lol..but thanks god it wasnt him ^.^.. cos i dun feel like seeing his lansi face ... Cos got once in Genting, i saw him and his GF.. wtf? passed by me, glanced through den hor they PATAH BALIK wanna see my face clearer.. Luckily i dam yau yeng holding my N70 and listening to MP3 and dress like dam happie liddat.. hoho.. padahal his gf, dressed like one auntie and her dress macam sewed by her auntie/mum with old cloth but she anggap it as a dinner dress.. lol.. with her thick glasses and mulut besar with her eyes slanting looking at me.. WTF? insulted me in Art stream last time, padahal after her secondary skewl in SCIENCE STREAM , so go JADI GURU.. lol. she ada muka GURU.. tak pe.. bagi dia.. i like condemning my ex and his gf la.. i find it very song ^.^..

okla, enuff stories la.. not entertaining also.. tengok gambar better ^.^ cos i wanna start my assignment already although da semangat havent dipupuk.. lol..

Groupiesss... xD

Yaya and me lor.. lama sudah tak bergambar together

I wish i am as tall as tan and as slim as stephy.. *dreaming*

Stephy macam tamparing Tan.. hahahaa