Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Btw, I'm like 10 times more in loved with JAY CHOU i tell u.. He caught my heart like badly.. Sobs ! i love his talent and his coolness in his face when he is not smiling *love love* He recently acted in dis movie called Secret and i have mentioned that i watched it for twice already.. and the third time will be coming soon.. kaka.. I juz cant stop watching that movie.. When da dvd is out with a clear version, i will be getting it and masak dat movie again.. kaka..

I went to a shop in SS15 that sells evening gown today.. i'm so in love with one of da Cheongsam dress.. SOOO SEXY !! but da price is kiling me dat freaking dress is RM680 =D.. Not planning to get it though .. Aihz such exp dress, how to get la? as if my mom will sponsor me.. even if she wants to, i aso dun wan la.. Cos i bet i will only wear once and IF there are any other proms, i would not wear it again .. SO it will be a waste kan? see, i am so considerate.. (as alwiz) =P..

Yesterday, dota till 6am and i slept at 6.30am.. and woke up at 9.30am.. how nice? i was like a dead zombie dis morning.. i came home and slept for 5 hrs straight because i was too tired.. I have been sleeping very late lately.. can die.. i'm too old to tahan already..lol.. cos when itz getting late, my eyes will kabur and my shoulder will sakit.. macam old lady... i knoe.. =P

I've been doing dis entry since like 12am? and now it is already 4am.. kaka.. more than 3 hrs and i havent finish dis entry.. and i dunno wat am i craping already.. so i shall go off now .. Nitez

I took dis pic (above) in the new Jap restaurant in Pyramid.. The food there were pretty good i muz admit.. I love their sashimis till i lapp one whole plate of raw fishes *yummy*.. Their Sukiyaki tasted sooooo well too.. How tenderly da beef can be.. haha.. Just one blur pathetic pic i can crap so much about it .. 0__0..


Thursday, August 23, 2007

>>> my eyes are 0__0 <<<>

Itz actually 4.18 am now.. and i am still wide awake but i am having a terrible headache right now. and why am i awake is becos, i am actually chatting with da Sakura yg bodo that keep saying me dat i look like some dead fish and he said something and made me laugh and here i am blogging with my wide-opened- eyes or i will be asleep by now and now dat barger dump me and watch his dota replays... Gawd, why am i talking as though he owes me in my previous life till i need to pijak him like dis?.. kaka, screw it !!. i will be having class at 1pm later.. lol.. I'm so freaking bored of attending classes nowadays. All my assignments are done for the mean time except for my ICG one.. i only need to hand that in after my hols.. so yea, i wont be touching it until next week.. =).. datz how lazy i am.. I need a break.. huhu.. i wanna stay at home and sleep the whole entire day for 24 hrs as though i am in coma.. xD..

Today, after handing in my blardy research paper, me and Hui Min lepak around college and after that, sat infront of Media Hub and chit chat with Yoke Chin under the hot and stuffy weather that i almost got melted , thanks to it.. =).. Came back around 5.30pm and came online den slept for awhile.. Bath and had dinner then i was off to pyramid to watch movie with Yoke Chin.. kaka.. Watched Secret for the second time and the third time will be coming.. I dun mind watching it for the forth time.. I nvr been such a die hard fan of any idol till i met my Jay Chou since Spice Girls disbanded like ages ago.. I tell u, i was super giler about Spice Girls until i have all the collection of their things except the dolls la.. i only had Emma.. lol.. too exp ler.. RM49 for a doll and now i duno sepak it to entah ke mana already..Dunno sudah berkulat or basi already anot..

Gawd.. i so wanna go clubbing tmr actually, but i super duperly afraid to ask my mom.. why am i having such moms ah? Sometimes, i dun feel freedom at all and HELLO I'M 19 already? i'm so envy my frens have all the freedom in the world and i am still under my mom's armpit smelling it.. EW? nvr been to clubs for almost a month already.. the last visit to clubs was at Qbar in Pyramid and that i kenot drink alot bcos i was on a strict diet but in the end i did drank.. Anyhow, i AM still on diet right now.. kaka.. but i had mihun and popcorn today.. grrrrrrrr !! shall cut it off completely for the next few months .. if i can.. =D

Went visit Aya in Cineleisure last Friday, had some camwhoring sessions and chit chat.. A good girl talk.. We were alwiz so sked dat ppl will look at us when we started taking out da camera phone and start snapping muka hiao of us.. kaka.. but we enjoyed it !!!

I nvr knoe in this world, there are so many ppl that likes to use ppl in terms of academic and loves hinting ppl to fetch her home when she knoes dat she lives far away from where i live.. gawd ! yes, i am saying some ppl from my college.. i realise that now i have boost my courage to say NO to something that i dun wanna do.. such as, ppl asking me to fetch her home from college not ask la, juz hinting and she is living in Shah Alam.. No way !!! from subang go shah alam and back to subang.. I cant believe that, she has already break up with her EX bf and still using him as her transportation source.. and yet, he is so stupid to promise her like everything or anywhere she wants to go.. AND there is another girl dat does not know how to be independant and finish her gawd-dam-work-and-assignments by her own and keep depending on her frens to get sources to research on and hoping her frens to even DO her work for her.. while she happily dating and spending time with her bf during the weekends.. *smacks head* i alwiz wonder how can human's mentality be liddat ah? so thick face man.. dun even know how to spell da word SHY. gawd ! wan me to teach her anot? come let me teach her " ASsS= S hetch= H whyyy= Y ==>> SHY = YOU !! * to the girls dat i am talking about*

One more ! i dun like ppl that lovesssss to talk about their life when my turn to talk about it, she act as though shez not interested in listening it.. and i have to lissten to hers.. GAWD ! i am a human and i have feelings too u knoe? i need ears for my words as well not only u.. And stop telling me things or ppl i dun even knoe and doesnt affect my life at all.. I dun gif a dam about it at all.. too bad la, i can be mean when u are mean to me .. xD.. Nvr been hearing from TKB for such a long time.. SUCH A GOOD FREN HE IS.. i dare him not to contact me ever again or i will blast him kao kao.. dun even feel like chatting with him or even seeing him aso.. like hell he cares for wat i think and same goes to me.. =D just being disappointed to have such frens..

I realise my topics in dis blog jumps from one to another that doesnt even link.. well, dis is wat i learn in Academic Writing lecture and dis is call free writing.. i juz feel like writing watever it is in my mind .. and i enjoy writing like dis.. i dun have to think much and brainstorm to blog.. lol, blog aso need to do brainstorming.. pathetic huh? =P okla, datz all for now xD.. itz already like 5.03 am !! i didt knoe time flies like a bumblebee, although i dunno how fast does bumblebee flies.. =P.. as i said FREE WRITING.. =D.. it has been already in the 7th week since college starts.. wah, itz like yesterday i was ranting about my gawd dam college is starting and now i am in da mid term already.. okay, dis time imma really gonna go.. xD nitez


Thursday, August 09, 2007

>>> bored to death

I've actually got lotsa assignments to do but den, i am juz plain lazy to touch any of them.. God ! how la howww?? i'm still figuring out how to replace my pic into one of those movie posters using adobe photoshop.. wait ! i havent even snap a photo of my face to put it in da posters with da pose.. grr !! well, i guess i need my sis to help me with da snaps.. Assignments are killing me badly =(.. Midterm exam is coming and dis prom thingie is making me out of my mind.. I totally disagree with da venue they suggested.. Have u heard of a place called SALOMA? tell u, itz a restaurant and bistro.. like hell, who would wanna come and organize proms in such places? so freaking waii okay? who the hell would wanna pay da amount of money and go dat type of place and eat? ... Seriously, have no idea wat the hell is da project leader thinking man.. she's only thinking to get cheap menus with an ugly enviroment with NO-PROM-FEEL.. i tell u, this project is soo dam bodoh overall.. *farn* now, i'm trying hard to find hotels.. i dun wan dis to be in the miserable SALOMA..

okla screw that thing.. I went Shirley's bday party on Tuesday and i had so much fun laughing with jokes made.. I just couldnt stand it but LAUGH !! they are really jokers man.. they can make joke out of everything.. Especially in the card game we played.. I had great laugh during the game as well.. Nth much to say about it.. I kena cake on my hair and it smelled like chocolate that made me wanted to puke.. altho kena sikit but still rasa mau muntah.. dunno why.. not insulting the cake or anything, juz felt like puking.. Well, as usual i had to leave early cos my controlling parents.. dun wanna story about it, sick of going out at nite sometimes cos i alwiz need to worry the time and all.. and i hate it when my hp rings and it shows da name " Mummy".. grrr...really spoils my mood greatly.. okayy.. nth much to say so piccies time =)

oh yea.. i had my role play presentation yesterday.. lol.. i alwiz god damn freaked out ok? lol.. even my fren can hear my voice shaking when my turn to talk.. sooooooo sked weii !! smr i cant remember the script.. gawdd !!! but i dun think it screwed up bcos of me gua.. HOPEFULLY NOT ! =(.. okay, after presentation we had camwhoring sessions..

that's all =)