Saturday, September 27, 2008

1 week break !!

>>>> *breathe in and out* * Big smiley face *

I'm so freaking happy dat i will be having a week break from TODAY !!

*Blasting Jay Chou's Songs*

yayy!.. yesterday was our last day of college before i am off for a week break.. For the past few days, i was freaking busy with my assignments.. 3 pending assignments weii... hAHA.. alwiz dat last min, sori lah.. I dun care about my work till da nxt day i need to hand in, only i will burn midnite oil for it.. And ended up didnt get enough sleep.. I dun mind getting not enuff sleep if ONLY the class is not at 8 freaking am in the morning la..

U knoe, bcos of my assignment yesterday, i walked around the college from da media hub to da printing shop for dunno how million times okayyy? GRRR !! so freaking geram and was so tired + sleepy.. den rushed into the afternoon class, and YAYY !!! got another assignment to do one.. group assignment which need to CREATE A MAGAZINE. a freaking MAGAZINE WEI !!=.= , 20 freaking PAGES somemore ..-.- my gawd.. yesterday's printing of 8 pages already cost me RM12 + RM12 ( the first one, printed wrongly cos i susun da pages wrongly ).. Mother fucker !! rugi RM12 and i'm going to claim it back from my mum !!! I'm so freaking poor, as poor as a church mouse ok? T___T...

Hmm last week, my cousin came back to Msia !! woot.. I tell u, i go out everyday with her and i skipped almost the whole week of i skipped IDTP and only went for Moral class which i ended up kena con bcos the friggin lecturer asked us to watch the movie called " Pursuit to Happiness" ahhh.. the name is something liddat la.. Acted by Will Smith and his son, dunno wat name d.. STEPHY LAH !! She ffked me man.. geeshh.. Lebih Baik, i shud skip that class as well.. This semester, i often skip classes and alwiz go in late for class.. HAHAHA.. This is da akibat of mixing too much with STEPHY (i knoe she will kill me after reading dis)..lolol.. Btw, when my cousins were still here.. lol.. we go Pyramid almost everyday leh.. I love Pyramid so much ok? no where else that i can shop other than my beloved SUNWAY PYRAMID~ Weng See's neverending shopping journey ~~.. wtf !! why suddenly i made slogan out of it? okla.. pics time !!

We were in her Grandma's 90th Birthday dinner..

Hahaha !! fatt hao can? xD

I think she was trying to do something to me.. hahaha

Was in 1Utama da next day in Sushi Zanmai.. Sushis FTW !!
You're on Candid Camera ~~You knoe da tv show song?hahah..


Then thurs, i was on duty for the Beauty Expo..stood the whole day, my kaki wanna patah liao man.. The pain kenot describe one..u can try standing.. HAHA.. den u knoe da pain liao..

Sawadeeka ~~

Our team for that day..

- Okay, i must talk about dis scrub..*act like promoter*.Ahem~..This is a sugar scrub that exfoliate ur dead skin, it contains essential oil to leave ur skin delicate and moisture at all times.. ..okay, dun wan act promoter liao..but Really dam good wei dis scrub... i bought da trial pack.. and it was so good, dat my skin is as soft as toufu now !!.. oh eh !! u knoe hor, nowadays in the market got this toufu softtoy.. walao !!! so cutee.. beh tahan sia.. i show u 1 day.. hohohoo.. i wanna buy a bigger one already..

Went to Laundry yesterday nite, and got teased by BABI Ryan, Pooi Lum for going to old ppl pubs.. but the Long Island Tea ROCKS ok? I'm so addicted to Flaming nowadays.. haha.. We ordered one flaming as well.. SO syok !! i dam long din go places like this and drink already ok? Next week MOS ! yay.. so long din club on Thurs nite already..thanks to da Friday morning classes =.=.. makes me feel so miserable on Thurday nites..Had so much fun last nite .. i knoe u guys might think ( HUH??? LAUNDRY ALSO CAN HAVE FUN? ).. EH !! although the music SUCKS like crap.. but great accompanies willl make ur nite a memorable one okay? so dun jeles, cos i can have fun "ONLY LAUNDRY WHAT" .. kakakaka..


Hui Min a.ka. Meanie

Weng See a.k.a Vainc

Kenix a.k.a bibik ( means maid in Bahasa Indon ).. Huimin Named it !!!

Our Long Island Tea tower.. sooo gosu.. long island tea ftw (ftw = for the win, not fuck da way.. cos i tot fuck the way last time.. kena diu by fren)

we bought 20 nuggets masuk laundry.. HAHAHA

She was busy eating nuggets,

I was busy smsing.. haha

Flaming Lamboghini.. Kenix belanja.. muaks !!! but the stupid laundry guy dunno how to take pic..only take my ugly face while SUCKING da drink

Okla, this pic end our nite in Laundry ~~ more to come...

I'm going to Malacca on 1st day of Hari Raya for 1 day trip.. yay !! cant wait.. will update soon.. ^.^. when i am back !.. so who going there, come terserempak with me la.. LOL..


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dramatic Friday Nite =P

>>> sleepyyy =__=

Quite sleepy and tired now actually when i dun have classes today.. haha... Went to IDP today to enquire my degree courses in Australia.. Still deciding which Uni i shud go and all.. Oh well, letz just hope dat i wont suddenly decided not to go Australia yeah, cos i really wanna go !! Gonna hardcore study to get better results man, i need my CGPA to be at least 3.0 ! abit more to go..

Okla, proceed to my so called "DRAMATIC NIGHT" in Scarlet last friday.. It was Stephy's idea for this dramatic .. I dunno wat was the theme for but we didnt dressed dramatically btw.. HAHAHA.. cos i have no dramatic clothes lah ! She started sending sms invitations to us, and u knoe wat she added?

" Think twice b4 replying or u will have bad luck in love and friendship for 3 yrs !!"..

That nite was okay, i havent been dancing till my leg felt like breaking for a long time.. We reached there friggin early, like b4 11pm? lol.. Ordered 2 jugs of beers to start up.. Beers are nice when it is only chilled, or it just taste sucks... Another round of Flaming Lamboghini.. HAHA.. I think next time if i go clubbing with Huimin, Flaming Lambo is a must for us.. cos we are kinda addicted to already.. NICE LEH ! dis time da waiter did not break da glass bottle cos we went to SCARLET dis time mar..btw it was a all girls nite out and all at first, so the bouncer or manager belanja us another jug of huimin claimed dat da bouncer looked like the bad guy in the Aladdin movie, i couldnt agree more !! haha too bad i didnt have dis pic here or i will post it up.. I'm out of words,

Our beer.. We were in other words , TOO POOR TO OPEN BOTTLE, *shhhh*.. dun laugh la.. =.=..

Me !! hahaha

The Groupie ~~.. Yup ! all girls ^.^..

The girls in black, Me and Tan alwiz wear black one la.. lol..

Wanted to post before drinking the flaming..

The waiter was preparing da flaming..

Heating up the brandy..(i think)

Pouring da heated brandy,

and we SUCK SUCK SUCK..and the blardee straw got fired..LOL..

After the Flaming..

Stephy was making fun of everything and jokes dat nite..we kept laughing at the beginning

Was a candid snap by someone

Tan alwiz dun wanna take pictures. DUNNO WHY !

Me and Minie, i like da random-ness in us.. HAHAHA

That concluded the nite of Dramatic .. I'm actually quite lazy to blog cos i am having my monthly visit from my "AUNT" so tarak mood but it was requested by Aya.. So i did at least blog a little bit..

*warning* below will be my emo/angry entry.. Dun read if u dun wan to =)

I decided to write about it another day.. probably, by that time i wont be as emo already.. hahah.. so i might not write about it unless there are something else comes up dat makes me feel like dis again.. :) HAHAHA.. sori la.. i'm so out of words..dunno how to start my angry story..


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Updates updates !

>>> feeling cold

I'm back again.. I dunno why am i so lazy to update my blog.. why ah? u tell me why lor..I alwiz wanna update with pictures but the picture loading until very very long and den the gap between one pic and another pic dam besar, i need to backspace and arrange nicely all.. DAM BODOH !!

Last Friday i went Avril Lavigne's concert.. haha.. and it SUCKED !! i dunno la, i didnt like it and it lose to Jay Chou's one 10 timess .. Really lor, da sound system was so bad and and worst of all , the concert began at 9.15pm !!! wtf? da ticket wrote 8pm ok? delayed for 1 and half hours.. Stupid kao kao.. I tahan my kencing for so long, my bladder almost pecah already, i didnt dare to minum air langsung .. den rite, guess wat?? It was rained.. My gawd, i tot i will be soaking wet but they provided us with raincoats dat made from those plastic sampah and they cut holes to let us put our head and hands in.. haha.. and i only can see this small during her concert.. Btw there were booths dat selling the Avril Lavigne's The Best Damn Tour t shirts and it cost a freaking RM100 for 1 piece.. wtf?? my sis bising wan beli, but i tak bagi.. HAHA cos i dun wan pinjam her money and i cant fit.. HAHAHA.. so mean la me :-p

Before it rains

A nearer view to the stage

My sis and her kawan with da Avril poster that we got for free xD ( i tak ingin pun )

LOL..i knoe looked dam stupid in dis pic okayyy? but i wanna show u how i looked like with dat bloody plastic sampah raincoat

HAHHAA... everyone with raincoats and umbrellas
The stage.. PINK !! i like

Concert sudah over it was already 10.30pm..

Dun ask me why i was holding dat poster while taking picture la... I DUNNO WAT TO HOLD COS I DUN WAN TO TAKE PIC EMPTY HANDED.. feels weird one ok?

Semalam i went to Laundry and Sanctuary with Huimin and her fren Cai Lin.. i had my first flaming lambo la.. eh dun laugh ah, i knoe i dam outdated okay?lol.. That sohai waitress so bodoh i tell u, she go and break one of da bottle when she wanted to put da fire on da brandy to pour it on da bottle..and da bottle pecah.. u say she bodoh anot?=.=.. den da sepihan kaca masuk into my shoes=.=.. luckily tarak luka, if not i banned sanctuary forever... lolol.. alwiz say ban dis club, ban dat club, in the end also ada pigi laa..
Was in Laundry had dis drink called Mojito ...=.=.. Sounds like Mojo

I like taking pictures here..^.^

Blow Job =.=

Orgasm and slippery Nipple.. wtf? i bet the owner dam horny one datz why they kept naming all these names to their drinks.. Dam turn off lehh.. ^.^... Dun jeles .. TQ

The Smirnoff ice bar was behind of

Sucking da flaming ferrari .. not Lambo.. sori.. hahaha...

Actually i wanted to bitch about someone, but den i lazy la.. cos da story has been repeated alot of times already .. So i guess not la.. Well i am not gonna pair up with her to do my Moral Assignment, i rather go do da presentation alone than with her.. i dun wan share saliva with her also cos later she got STD or HIV, den i mampos...den i wont be updating dis blog forever if i mampos.. xD.. den u all will miss me ^.^. tak baik la kan?

Nth much to write liao, i sign off first and hope u guys enjoyed da pictures..My life very happening hor? :-p *i wish it was*.. Dun jeles.. HAHHAA..