Tuesday, April 28, 2009


>>> upset

I'm feeling quite upset right now.. There are 2 things that made me feel so.. First of all, i got backstabbed by a fren.. Where she says i'm becoming stingy to a fren of mine.. Well, Tan alwiz says i am stingy and all but i knoe she was just joking bcos she is one stingy ass as well. i mean Literally. ^.^.. But dis she asked my fren not to tell me.. I mean, do u ever need to say dat i am like dat? At this point of time, if u all knoe itz recession..Who does not want to save money? Plus my parents is not like very well to do like hers la.. My parents dun out of sudden throw few thousand for me to use.. If one day they happen to do dis to me, i will think it is a miracle happens...

The second bad thing happened today was when i was trying to call Ricky, a girl answer the phone.. now Girls , how would u react when a girl answer ur boyfriend's phone? of cos u stone lor rite? I STONED ! i looked at my phone again and double checked whether i called da right person.. and a girl answered his phone.. Actually dat girl was his sister.. Like wtf? his sister answer nvm u knoe.. When u get stoned, u sure will snap rite? and talked to them , in their way where they calls it rude.. mahai .. she fucking snobbed at me and said " can u speak politely ah?".. when i took a deep breath and speak better, she in return answered me rudely and just put down da dam phone..

In a way, it is very obvious dat she has a prejudice towards me as because she is my bf's ex gf's so called good fren and i am da affair and stole her brother from her good fren..yes, in future she will definitely show me faces dat i need to be patient with and might talk to me in a snobbish way where i would do so as well.. I just cant stand arogant and snobbish ( i think itz da same meaning ) like right infront of me showing fucked up and bitchy faces.. I might do it to her in return as well..say me cruel/kejam or watever, but i hope she will tumbuh bisul in her vagina one day.. i dun care whether i can built any good relationship with her even though she is my boyfriend's sister.. i dun care :)


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday ~~

>>> Bored

My latest camwhore picture.. my camera phone sucks okay.. Hence i look as shit as ever.. tq ^.^

Urghh !! i'm so bored and i'm feeling very panas now lorr, not a very productive Saturday too.. Mr.Ricky is now working in Le Meridian Hotel, and he wont be coming over tonight to teman me :( but instead he is coming tomorrow..probably, he will just come as late as he could.. So annoying leh, always also liddat...

Finals is in a week's time.. wow !! i felt that dis semester pass like quite fast lor.. My only concern is my Marketing Subject !! i am working quadruple hard for dis subject.. I got 1 more week of time to habiskan my studies b4 sitting for the exam.. Cant wait for FREEDOM!! although i've been bumping around at home lately..

Actually this is not the purpose of my post, talking about finals and how bored i am today.. I decided to blog today because I wanna rant about a guy fren of mine.. Well, he is not someone i knew recently but we seldom chat.. Like after a year or so for not chatting with him, he came and msged me in msn.. I tot which direction of wind would blow him towards me.. our conversation was like:

Me: wah... which direction of wind blow u to come and chat with me?

Him: nola.. i msg everyone in my msn list cos i am bored !!

Me: den ah, why are u bored? i cant help u also

Him: sure u can help me ! Intro me to some LENG LUIS .. hehehehe

Wtf? he has been bugging me to intro him to pretty girls.. he tot i am wat? Leng lui provider ah? gosh.. u knoe wat? actually not only him who asked me to intro girls to him.. Got other few guys too.. I did not wanna gif a shit out of their request la.. And does my forehead wrote "LENG LUIS PROVIDER".. i straight told him off dat, my frens are all taken and maybe you (he) shud just look at the mirror b4 he want leng luis as his GF !! he asked me whether got any frens alwiz argue dat like wanna break up anot? like wtf? liddat also can say

i cant stand shallow minded guys where they only wan leng luis as their gf.. Okaylaa.. i knoe itz normal for guys seeking pretty girls to be their other half.. and NOOO i am not jerres ok.. If u think u are Daniel Wu or Wang Lee Hom or Edison only u talk to me about leng luis la.. I think even if u ask me now, i would just answer "All my leng lui frens are taken.. u also knoe how to say leng lui, of cos itz not your turn to get her la.."

I get annoyed easily to guys dat alwiz ask me to intro girls to them.. Why not they just go out social more and meet more girl friends la.. What if i intro my girl frens to them, den the guy tackle them, my frens confirm scold me..Leng luis for sure got high expectations towards guys lar.. geez =.=.. dun think they want ppl like him leh.. And they nvr sedar that how they look like but alwiz like to praise themselves as SUPER DUPER lengzai liddat.. wtf? they will alwiz go "i so handsome, they also dun wan ah?".. All i have to say is just "can u pls look at the mirror before judging yourself?"

Sorry, dat i get annoyed easily.. but he has been bugging for years to intro him to LENG LUIs ( pretty girls ) and has been praising himself very good looking and stuff.. warafak !

Okay, enuff ranting.. xD...

- End -

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


>>> Big wide smile

Happy anot? i'm back to the blogging world, although not very active but still at least i do update ok? i dun have much inspiration to blog la.. i tarak benda blog cos my life is not happening already..wtf..

Having dinner in Italianese is something happening to me now..:(.. I havent had exp food for quite sometime already !! i'm craving for TGIF and Japanese food now.. Economy bad , family kenot afford exp food jor.. so sad rite?

Btw i had fun in Italianese with Aya and Fern the other nite.. We chat for so long and laughed like crazy.. The way Fern talks was really funny.. We were busy talking and didnt get to camwhore much.. While waiting for Fern's arrival , we reached pyramid quite early, so we decided to walk around.. and Aya couldnt control but shop like crazy again.. but i like dat COSMETIC BAG.. so cuteeeee.. !! i think i wanna get one too.. but da smaller version to make it as a clutch liddat.. hehehe..

We ordered too much of food and we couldnt finish.. LOL.. i tot we were pretty much a big eater but unfortunately we were not any of them :(.. i tot my boyfriend can eat alot, but i guess he wasnt feeling too well to eat.. normally he eat like crazy okay?

I wished my life is abit more happening than like dis now bleh =/... Everyday sit at home, read book, or chat online.. SO SIEN LOR !! my class gonna finish soon, and i'm gonna mampos kebosanan.. i wanna find a part time job !! any to intro? xD.. maybe i shall apply to event companies.. but i wonder they would wanna hire me?=/..

My beloved serving us ..lol

The quite delicious pizza.. but da crust was abit hard =/

I cant wait to go Penang and Singapore ! but it is gonna happen only on June !! so long more.. T__T.. It has been a long time since i had my last holiday.. Like dec? i really need a break !! i've been reading blogs where those ppl keep going so many places while i am stuck here at home dreaming everyday.. I love shopping in Spore, i dunno why sporeans like to shop in Msia.. i knoe itz cheaper here but lesser varieties.. Even branded goods also release dam slow in Msia leh.. so outdated =/.. but my main motive for going Singapore is something else.. hohoho.. i shall keep it as a something to be reveal after i return.. hoho..
Itz late now, i dunno when will be my next entry.. No inspiration to blog !! if u dun mind my rantings, den i will blog .. hehehe.. good nite :)..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mist ~~

>>>feeling depressed with da big fat pimple on my face

Was at Mist last Saturday for da second time and we were late as usual.. Ricky's colleagues were mostly there already..When we were on da way there, his head called and kinda like rushed us.. thanks to AYA !! she's alwiz da latest, even fern also got ready earlier and asked us wat time are we going cos it was already 10.30pm !! next time i will tell her 9.30pm reach my hse.. hahaha.. upon reaching, his another colleague called and asked us why all indians geh.. hahaha.. i guess they werent aware dat Bangsar is mmg manyak indians hangout.. but overall i rasa it wasnt dat bad la.. I like da music and dancefloor there..

Opened 3 bottles, actually 1 bottle was da extra bottle dat we couldnt finish last time.. I didnt knoe JD + green tea taste so good !! and i absolutely cant take Black Label anymore because it tasted like fuck..=.=.. i still have 1 bottle of black label at home i wonder how am i gonna telan it.. now i knoe why black label so cheap liao =/.. But basically all liquors taste like fuck one lor.. i shud cut down on drinking... Drank quite alot last week but wasnt drunk but ABIT high.. Ricky as usual was the first one who went down.. he cannot drink one la ><.. geez =/..

I was actually busy drinking, laughing, camwhoring with Aya and Fern, den we went to da dancefloor.. out of sudden he came and hugged me from da back because as i knoe he wanted to escape from his frens.. His frens are crazy leh..=/.. keep pouring and pouring.. but they are actually quite funny when they are drunk (not in Mist but in Supperclub last yr during Ricky's bday, their reaction were priceless !!).. den me Aya and Fern went back to our tables and continue drinking and camwhoring.. da next min i saw Ricky already sitting down there after vomiting..

We needed a break, so we went out of the club and decided to ciao after 15 to 20 mins sitting there because Ricky was suffering ler..=.=.. so i had to drive..and we went home after dat.. Tot of going to Mamak but didnt go as Ricky was too drunk =/... dam teruk la !! alwiz see him terlantar on da floor whenever go clubbing with him.. sien.. okler, since i said we camwhore alot.. i shall post some pics here :-)

I didnt knoe Ah Jun ( da guy next to Fern ) is so tall =/.. and aya asked me " eh he very cold ah?"..LOL

Fern also dam drunk !!.. hahahha

You see how drunk was he!!!

-The End-

Monday, April 13, 2009

To you

>>> feeling grateful

Though u wont be reading this, but i will still write abit about it

Just wanna say thx for loving me although we always argue about silly things.. making my heart melt from the way u sayang me back even though my whole body is burning hot due to anger.. and thanks for being so patience towards me and also spending most of your time with me whenever i say i wanna meet you.. I knew u would not disappoint me by showing urself up , although u ffk me which made me angry (yes i am very bad tempered) but u did come the very next day and make it up to me eventhough u finish ur work dam late.. Thanks for being so patient and waited for 2 hours after ur work for me to finish my movie so we can go home together.. and also travelling all the way from Cheras to Subang almost everyday just because i said i wanna see you..

It has been 6 months since we got together, in this 6 months, i had my happiest time and also saddest time of my life.. We faced situations that i nvr face b4 but i was happy that u protected me no matter wat it is.. Had my first time for almost everything with u, be it to the casino, every clubs dat i havent been into, my very first bouquet of flowers to following u to watch some illegal racing and some extreme night shows in Bukit Jalil.. You know that i dislike driving, and u always insist to drive eventhough i offer to drive because i know u are tired cos of the late night out..

Time really flies like a bumble bee (wtf? bumble bee =.=).. I wish there are more 6 months coming and better off 6 months till forever.. i just couldnt imagine my life without you now, and i was pretty sure u just feel da same from da argument dat almost made us breakup last Saturday.. Just wanna let u knoe dat I LOVE YOU like i nvr love anyone like dis before.. Your appearance in my life filled in the empty space in my heart and that space will nvr be empty again till the end of our lives ...

-The End-

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

>>> sad and disappointed

Didnt know that after another long break between dis post and da previous post , i'm going to write in a disappointed feeling.. Yes i am very disappointed .. Not gonna mention who but i think u pretty much can guess who is it.. Oh well, he ffked for the 3rd time already.. I waited for him like some idiot, just dat i am smart enuff not to dress and get ready while waitin for him.. Well, u can say i might be controlling in some ways till he cant breathe.. but as for wat he has done in da past although he wasnt together with me yet, i cant put 100% trust on him yet.. We are already almost 6 months .. i dun really like ego guys dat will not put down his pride infront of his gf..

Sometimes i feel myself playing the guy role in da relationship rather than a girl.. I feel that i am not important at all to him.. i dunno why i am the one who is waitin for him to look for me, and in the end he did not turn up.. I was rather sad than mad when he did this to me again.. i have so much tears to flow but sometimes i just wouldnt there to let it out because i do not want to be questioned about the tears.. I feel a little bit suffering because i couldnt get his attention all the time..

Let me tell u something funny... I dare not call him all da time already.. because he said some words already hurt me and something dat i wouldnt forget.. Everyone is asking me, why am i treating him so good? sometimes i questioned myself liddat too but then again, i do not get repay back.. I knoe we shudnt expect anything back from wat u have done or sacrifice but at least make me feel dat i am someone important to him rather than making me feel like and idiot who is waiting for his calls and waitin for his arrival? I feel like giving up in dis relationship, but i do not dare to know the outcome after saying it out.. i can tell u dat, my feelings has fade towards him.. i feel stupid for loving him so much and not being loved as much as i feel for him.. what can i do? telling him how i feel isnt working because we will definitely end up arguing.. even though i let my feelings out, he will definitely defend himself either..

I do not wanna say more about it.. Sorri for da boring and emo post of mine today.. I wished my life would be happier but sadly i think itz not getting any better than wat am i feeling now..