Friday, November 14, 2008

>>> mother fucking dulan

reminder: this first paragraph will be filled with foul languages

I'm so mad now ok? mad until both of my ears gonna keluar asap already... What else? today i emo, and i dulan !!! fuck the day la.. MOTHER FUCKING ANGRY NOWWWWWWW... no one use money and gertak me one ok? NO ONE USE MONEY AND GERTAK ME !!! i repeated already.. I'm so mother fucking dulan now ok? dulan until headache already.. urghh !!!

Alot of things are really uncertain now to me.. i can honestly say that although i love him, but i do not trust him fully maybe not even half.. I dunno, i just had the feelings that there are something behind the scenes i might not know about it.. Hopefully, i'm not a toy to him or wat.. yes he did tried spending time with me as much as possible.. but yet i still feel there are something la.. am i thinking too much? well, as time goes by, it will prove him whether he is worth to be with or not..

Soo.. i went to Quattro again last Saturday, i can say, it was a blast.. was quite mad at HIM at first, den later on he came and looked for me.. we argued a little, and i realised i was in the wrong as well.. so we berdamai. hehe.. nth much to talk about so pictures time :-)

Our drinks for the nite.. Thanks Wilson ! (kenix's bf)


I love this shot alot ^.^.. so ngam we asked a real photographer helped us took dis shot.. hahaa

They already kena mistaken as sisters for 7 times

He came dat nite, was really happie although we did argued abit and i brokedown.. DUN LAUGH !

Realise dat i've posted up 3 of this type of pictures? HAHAHA.. minie editted it though.. she combined 3 of us like dis

So this picture ended our nites and this entry.. :-).. Sori, i'm not a very happening person.. i only go clubbing and do nth else.. Clubbing, and college and pyramid.. Dat's all i do.. *emo*.. Abit emo now.. i hope his hug is something real not wat i think now..Okla.. i dunno wat i talking.. ciao ! hope u enjoyed the pics