Thursday, July 23, 2009

I wished I had theseee

>>> *stoned face*

I wished that i have so many things that i wanted. But.. I am broke :(.. nvm, let me just list down, and mind you i am not indicating u all to get for me ^.^.. I will get it all by myself , when i feel rich xD.. perhaps my imaginary bf would buy for me in my dream *blink blink*

1) Longchamp Le Pliage®Handbag in RED

2) Nokia E71 , I like it in white !! omg.. i dunno why out of sudden, i like dis phone T__T.. maybe cos i see Huimin's one is like SO NICE ^.^

3)LG Ice Cream in Pink ( i dunno why i wan so many phones for =.=), This is the cutest phone i've ever seen, i dun mind like having this one also, although it doesnt have functions =/..

4)Babyliss hair curler, I alwiz wanted a hair curler after getting my extensions.. But i dunno how to curl my hair by myself properly.. xD

5)Skin79 Triple Function BB Balm Hot Pink,

I dun mind the Skin79 Triple Function BB Balm VIP Gold (Gold Edition), LOOK AT THE PACKAGING T__T.. itz so nice and glittery and all, i dun care, i must get it anyhow, BOTH OF THEM :)

OMG, i'm so sick of my Itunes songs already.. Do you guys actually any new RNB or CHINESE songs that are nice? FYI, my itunes very sad one, only got 183 songs in the playlist.. haha..

Btw, i have been joining gatherings organized by my fren lately.. Will make a post out of it when i get the pictures from them :)..


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rainy Day

>>> feeling sleepy and bengang

OMG i am trying to do my online application for my PTPTN loan.. Itz some government study loan la.. but then i have no idea why i register everything with all da freaking pin codes already , i cant login to my account lor !! omg dam geram leh.. i knoe lar, i get fire up very fast but i tried to control my emotions d.. itz da hormones :( blame the hormones..

I tot of blogging abit of my trip in Aussie today. but guess not? i think i wanna go get ready and go and cut my fringe and i am going ALONE :).. cos Ms.Tan Yoke Han was supposed to accompany me there , but since she said tonite we are going out already, so afternoon she wont be going out.. wtf? got liddat one meh? Itz raining now, actually since dis morning b4 i woke up..

alright, just a short one here actually..GTG


Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Over ~

>>> Feeling lazy

Omg, I am feeling so lazy to update my blog, AYA LAH !! everyday chase me to update my blog, omg dahlah da freaking blogger got problem with me uploading pictures in it.. I wished i did not started the blog at the first place. HAHA.. okay i did not say that, even if i did i don't mean it okay? Well, all sadness and everything that i have gone through is over.. Well it still haunts me once in awhile though, but I still can manage to face it cos i am I was off to Australia last month on da 14th June and just came back on da 10th July.. Yup ! a very long trip, although still emo there and all.. but as promised i will update my trip in Singapore first b4 i continue with my Aussie trip.. :)

Singapore was lotsa fun ! Actually our main intention was to get our hair extensions done in Milly's.. At the mean time, we shopped as well.. Duh ~ how can we not shop in Singapore man especially in Bugis !! Crashed Pei Pei's place for 3 nights and felt unwelcomed by her mom the night b4 we ciao-ed.. oh well, nvm.. I love my hair now and I love spending time with Aya and Pei at anytime.. Came back broke.. LIKE SERIOUSLY .. OMG ! i am so godlike that i used up almost SGD600 in just 3 days :).. Last day b4 naik bus also I bought another top.. I am so in loved with Cotton On.. Let me post up some pics, to enlighten ur day.. wtf =.=

Before the bus jalan, we took pics and thought wanted to sleep but in the end, we chatted all da way there.. omg=.=..

The is the next day, and we were all set to go Bugis for shopping ! hoho

Everyone was busy fighting in the it was dam panas, sticky, stuffy and packed there ok?

At nite, after bugis, we went home and bath and changed becos we were toooooo exhausted, like seriously our legs ached like mad man.. :(

ok, this picture suppose to be above , but i letak salah, dun care la.. but this is only half of our shopping bags Pei was carrying.. me and Aya still got our hands full with it.. xD even the shop girl asked us "omg.. things here are so cheap meh? u all really bought so many things" then pei said " ohh not me, all these bags are theirs." oops*

LOL.. Kacau her take money..

The day when we are going out to get our extensions. OMG i nvr in my life thought i would get hair extensions but itz too tempting after seeing Jessica's long hair.. becos itz sooo nice ! so we went there and do.. AYA SUGGESTED IT OKAY? =.=..

She was doing her hair, and i was sitting beside doing mine too :)

*hmmph* dun jeles my long hair.. hoho
300 over strands !!! wtf? my head's diameter so big.. haha.. Actually da guy counted wrongly, so he just charged me 290 strands'

Camwhore session after hairdo in the TOILET :)

and again

and again.. okay i knoe u dam annoyed with my ugly face already

After sitting down in Delifrance in Paragon while waitin for Pei, be4 we headed to Ngee Ann City entrance where da fountain place, we went to Paragon Marketplace becos i had to get some chocs for ppl.. with da amount money i left, i still buy choc.. HOW GOOD CAN I BE?

Choosing chocs for Elson..

While waitin for Pei arrive to babysit us back home.. wtf.. lol.. we saw alot of ppl walking carrying Chanel and LV handbags.. *jeles*

oh uh =X.. I din see properly before i uploaded dis pic , see Pei's face.. HAAHHA.. i dun think she reads my blog gua

Us Girls..

View from Esplanade to Fullerton hotel.. my wish is to stay there for 1 week and shop all i can in SPORE>. HAHAH.. =/ nvr will come true la

Met up with Fongie

I like da walkway so i asked Aya to take with me.. LOL

Kena halau out from da rumah early in da morning.. LOLOL..

Aya camwhoring while i was trying out my baju in Cotton On

Tak cukup duit beli dis dress.. HAHAHA..

Met Up with Fongie again to yumcha since it was his offday, yumcha at dunno where =/

U like da tent i was sittin in? :-D


OMG.. i took freaking 1 hr to update dis post..

There were lotsa things happened after i came back from Singapore, but i am glad it is all over now, hence the title of the blog :).. Oh well, hope things will be better in the future.. wtf? speak as though i am gonna die liddat.. alrite, i will update again SOON if i can :).. tata