Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween !!!

>>> BORED !!!

Itz Halloween.. every clubs outside is having all these halloween party special and everyone is out CLUBBING tonite except for me blogging here.. so sad leh =(.. I'm bored and sleepy to death.. I think i'm gonna sleep soon.. So just update abit since i;ve abandoned dis blog for quite sometime..

My finals is around da corner, and i havent study yet.. HAHAHA.. i think i wont be hitting to the clubs till my exam ends.. if i going also, dis week will be my last week before i stopped for da finals..

I dun wanna say so much liao.. ^.^.. btw, nahh.. aya, the picture u demanded for.. hehehe.. Enjoy =).. However, this is not da best shot so far... i wanna take nicer ones.. this will be the start ok? hehehe.. more to come.. DUN LAUGH :-p

Yup ! I went to Club Quattro already.. itz not bad.. been there for 2 weeks in a row.. hehe.. Supposed to go tonite, but the guy in my first picture i posted hasnt return my call yet.. aiyoo.. but i guess itz canceled.. SO SAD =(

We very giler one la.. We were supposed to go Laundry da next day after Quattro.. but den, i duno why we ended up in but before scarlet, we were already starving like shit, so we went dinner in The Curve first.. hehee..

Weng See

Hui Min


Hello ~~

Flaming Again.. Had 2 dat nite.. LOLOL

The gang next table.. dunno why suddenly jadi so fren and the white colour shirt guy belanja us another jug of beer

I looked like an cat alien here for some reason.. hehehe..
Dat's all ppl.. Good nite =)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Malacca trip (Day 2)

(Day 1's post is at the bottom)

I cant stand la drag my pictures all da way down at the first post.. so i splitted the day 1 and day 2 pls say dis entry ABIT interesting ah, although itz not very... babi !! do until very tired okayyyy... appreciate it abit ah.. ABIT LAH at least..

So we woke up around 9++ da next morning and get ready to go for dimsum.. Apparently it was quite good but it turned out to be disappointing cos da dim sum still kenot fight with KL la.. SAKURA, ur MALACCA go sao pei la..keep skin abit ^.^...

Auntie spotted.. hahaha

u knoe watz da story behind dis kain buruk on da floor? BABI KENIX.. she picked it up and told Huimin, " EHH.. Weng see wanna buy dis cloth !!.." she actually holded it.. yerrr... why she so dirty one?=.=..

Our yummy but not very yummy cendol..hahah

Weng See ~

Hui Min ~

Kenix ~

Mini Coopers

and here, we ended our Malacca trip... This was our last stop before heading back to KL... A very memorable trip with my 2 sampats to Malacca.. The whole laughing and tiring journey really gave us a very precious picture dat we can keep in our mind... I really enjoyed dis trip and i knew i was gonna make da right decision for going to Malacca with this 2 girls.. hehehe.. However, i wish that there are more trips to come in the future... I really enjoyed going out with them.. As we can really click well in everything.. I'm sure compromises between each other will be something that make everything goes well not only in holiday trips but also in every other expect...

THANKS MY LOVE-s very this memorable trip before 3 of us will be seperated to different places to further our studies...


Monday, October 13, 2008

Malacca Trip on Raya 08' (Day 1)

>>> *blasting Jay chou Songs*

Forgive me .. I love Jay Chou so much dat not even a day without listening his songs would keep me living happily everyday.. ^.^

Hi.. sorry for delaying my Malacca post because i had a pretty busy week last week though... Rushing my assignment again.. HAHA.. rushed liao lecturer said no need passup..=.=.. Why he liddat one? 0__0... Screw Assignments k? Last Saturday was our Launch.. it was a success lor.. yay !! why we so geng? HAHHA.. and and.. my potato salad kena puji until i can fly up to sky d.. haha.. will continue about da launch at the next post k? let me do write bout my Malacca post first..

It was Hari Raya eve, Kenix and Minie came over my place to stayover b4 we headed to Malacca for a day trip.. They came, and we went to yumcha at Little Bally.. Came home, NO ELECTRICITY.. Kill me pls T___T... Almost died of heat.. but thank God, it came back no longer.. we dilly dally, and i was so sleepy and almost fall asleep while talking.. at last, we managed to sleep for 3 hrs plus only.. or less than that.. Woke up dam early in the morning, get ready and off we go !!!

Drove my white toufu (Myvi) there.. while blasting music on the way...then,

We stopped by at Seremban pasar for our beef noodle breakfast.. The food was just OKAY ! not so nice..Mayb i am not used to eat beef noodles that are served with thick sauce.. Apparently that place is very famous.. So we just went and try it out, not our liking but it was worth trying something different.. hehe..

After breakfast, Huimin took over the second half of da journey.. and u knoe how fast she drives one la.. lol.. tiong ppl until i also sked=.=... no longer later...we reached Malacca *excited*

Yay !! we've reached Malacca *semakin excited*

The small Tan Kim Hock, where they sell their local delicacies, such as coconut biscuits and candies..and bla bla bla :-p

Welcome To Malacca.. i got semakin excited.. we spent the whole day was really tired..

Alot of cars man that day, maklumlah.. Hari Raya.. hehe.. but we were lucky enough that we found a parking quite fast.. hehe...

So we parked at this street called BaBa and Nyonya street.. Why is it named liddat? becos the houses there was those Baba and Nyonya hses.. Itz very nice to see houses liddat when u havent seen one b4.. haha.. sori i dam kampung one... saw my white toufu behind there? haha.. datz where we parked..

As we walked along the street, we saw this Restaurant Peranakan, den we peep inside.. Woot ! we saw so nice furnitures and all.. That we've nvr seen before, so without hesitations, we straight go in and take picturess. haha !

Jonker Street ! lol.. da babi fella rite, took so long to help us take dis shot.. den Huimin mumbled and said "Why so long one? dun take my camera away man.."

We were in this clothes shop.. eh i rasa quite nice da dresses there, very " Summery".. haha.. but we din buy anything la, cos too exp.. NO MONEY AH..T__T

We curi curi wore this cowboy hat and take pictures one.. HAHA..

I like the pouch i was holding there.. hehe..

The infamous FAMOSA chicken rice ball.. Kena con wei !! ma de.. not nice one=.=... Actually we lazy wanna line up at the opposite stall because very long queue la.. and we were starving liao !!

We were waiting for our table lor !!! i was looking at the person to order their food, the food arrived, saw them eat until finish den clear table, only our turn to sit down.. we dam bad cos got some random ppl wanna share table with us, but we dun wan cos i kenot stand eating with strangers la.. yerr

Oh oh ! btw.. saw the bags we were holding? hahaha... everyone actually stared at our bags.. because itz so nice ya !! Blek !!

Only the beansprout and chicken taste good.. da chicken rice ball SUCKS !! shud have ordered normal rice..

Actually, we went into the shop to get some aircon only.. dam freaking hot leh.. melting already.. and felt so dam sticky lor..=.=

Kenix's bf was doing some drama shooting at that that street is known as "toufu street" "taufu kai" in canto..

We must keep quiet when they were shooting the drama.. it was some local drama though..

As we walked, we saw this flowery trishaw... So we took pics with it lorr.. xD

Took dis pic when Kenix was talking on da phone with her bf.. hahaha..

Huimin : Eh faster faster take, got ppl inside leh..

Hahaha !!

Camwhore !! kena stare by those lao ahpek and they were smiling scarily there lor..

Groupie take 1#

Groupie take 2#

Groupie take 3#..

haha.. kenot tahan d, self timer it seems... we straight asked an uncle or auntie or dunno who helped us take.. We were in some Tea Shop btw.. hehe

HAHAH !! was trying to act cute and all with da thing i was holding.. i malu la.. so turned out like dis..

Dunno wat Well was dat..


Minie, thinking apa ni? dun emo emo la.. *hugs*

Infront of the Tea House entrance

Our cendols !! haha.. i ordered Durian Cendols.. was ok ok only.. i heard the indian man's cendol tastes better.. hehe

We were in the this drinking shop called "Geography".. We ordered a bucket of tiger and it was only 6pm ! and we started drinking already.. Beer anytime, anywhere.. And that time, we decided to put a nite in Malacca.. We stayed over at one of our KDU fren's hse.. didnt had any clothes, so we went to Dataran Pahlawan Malacca, to do some shopping for clubbing later at nite and also some tees for me to wear in fren's hse to

Minie tension because we saw SOMEONE in Malacca wei !!

We later shifted outside abit to sit.. because da bar very uncomfortable

Our Satay Celup !!! soo sedap wei.. i wanna eat again... Why KL dun have one ah?=.=... and it was so cheap 50 cents a stick only wor.. regretted dat didnt take more of it.. haha.. btw Thanks to huimin's cousin who belanja us for our dinner...

Me and Kenix were kinda like fighting over something.. SHE LAH !! ma de !!.. dunno wat she scolding me.. obviously she was scolding me.. hahaha.. see her stupid face expression also u knoe laa...

In PURE BAR !!! Salute us pls.. we go until Malacca also go clubbing.. HAHAHA...Pure bar sucks la !! Stupid Sakura said very cun somemore..=.=.. stupid.. not nice also..

Btw, the short hair girl was da fren who bagi kita stayed at her house for a nite..

Beers againnnn....

That two strangers dunnno masuk for wat.. asked them to take picture for us, they came in.. so bodoh lor. !!