Saturday, May 23, 2009

Singapore here I come ~~

>>> Feeling excited

Hi ! Just before leaving to Spore with Aya. Let me just write something here ok

CB ! my self-esteem has gone down to the drain after interviewing in a company for the post of PR executive.. That interviewee was like so freaking scary ok? Like some woman menopausing.. T__T.. and i noticed that her nostrils are smaller than da tepi of her nose.. HAHA.. She was so scary that she made me talk like some girl just came out from kampung with oily hair and thick glasses as though she doesnt know what is contact lenses at all.. I mengagap leh when i talked :(.. how can she made me scared till this tahap !! even presentation in class also not as scared ok? I dun think i will be accepting this job.. =/.. They gave me an unexpected salary, dun ask.. disappointing..

Secondly, I was so happie that Kris Allen won the American Idol.. HAHA.. although i dun really like want him to win, i wanted Danny to win (because his wife died be4 he went for audition) =.=.. but i was quite sad that Adam lost as well, i think he must be very disappointed. Because he was very confident that he will win in the end.. :(.. Btw, i'm so addicted to Keith Urban's song named Kiss A Girl.. So NICE LEH =/.. shud go and download and listen..

I will definitely miss my dear when i am in Spore.. although i told Aya i wont miss him =/.. haha.. Alrite, i will update with lotsa pics when i am back plus i finally went to Zouk last week but not Phuture :(.. i swear i will go Phuture when i am back.. SO EXCITED TO SHOP.. woohoo !!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our 7th Month

>>>> blogging mood.. wtf

Okay, i knoe my mood dam tak sesuai with my title.. But yesterday was our 7th Months anniversary.. Wat was worst was dat, me and him argued yesterday morning b4 he went to work.. It was just some petty stuffs, but he scolded me for it, so i got really hurt and mad.. He tried calling me in peace to make it up to me in da afternoon after scolding me .. Den i was quite upset until he arrived.. He asked me to go to his car, i tot he wan to continue scold me in da car, cos not good rite if me and him argue infront of my parents.

Den i went out, went to his door there knocked on his window, to let him knoe i am out.. I was ready to kena fire so my face was quite sour and moody, but i was quite suprise dat he was like smiling like grinning evilly.. den he opened da door, and passed me dis



Honestly, it certainly put a smile on my face right that instant.. I was suprised and happy when i received it..

I LOVE YOU Dear.. *mwahss*

He said dat if possible, everymonth anniversary he will gif me a bouquet of flowers.. He did it once but not sure will there be another time? Perhaps only when our 1st yr anniversary together first only he gif FLOWERS again.. LOL

Kacau him when he was sleeping.. Okla, i knoe i dam mou liu.. =/.. but sometimes i rasa he is quite cute.. sometimes dam annoying =/..

I love u dear.. I wish that we will go through all da happiness and difficulties that we encounter in our life together..I will definitely walk the pathway together with you no matter what happens.. I love you <3
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Went to PJ to watch Ricky and his frens playing Futsal on Tuesday.. I tot i will be bored out of my life but i volunteer to go.. Suprisingly i find it quite exciting seeing them play.. hehehe.. I can say that, his colleagues can really run dam fast.. and quite good in tackling the ball though.. And Ricky jadi da goalkeeper, da ball hit his mouth, and his teeth went bleeding for abit.. I wanted to go in and gif him tissue and wipe it for him but i dun dare, cos i sked later let ppl

Guess wat is dat?.. itz da Chou TouFu , it is also known as the fremented toufu from Cheras pasar malam.. My first time trying it, although da smell was quite unpleasant (i like da smell, i dunno why) but it tasted dam good!! seriously.. I can whack afew more. i whacked 3 of them.. we bought 4 pieces, Ricky couldnt take it.. i mean he said itz nice but not his favourite.. I will definitely go there and eat again.. HAHAH..The queue was quite long ok.. and everytime i go there, itz sold out.. So i was quite excited yesterday..

2 posts today.. not bad rite me? i was quite excited to post today actually.. hehehe... Will be going out soon to get my hair chemical for rebonding and cod with da seller of Aya's skirt.. AYA I WAN STARBUCKS I DUN CARE xD... I will be rebonding my hair tmr, and my cousin is gonna do it for me ^.^.. yay yay !! straight hair again.. will be getting a curler just incase i miss my curly hair.. hahaha..

Dat's all for now.. till i update again ^.^..


HeLo Bali

>>> annoyed with my nose =/

So last week was my last exam ever !! woot.. no more exams in my life man.. i am so dam happy !! eh? no.. i still got piano exams waiting for me.. gawd !! nvm, at least no need to read and write so much anymore..

It was last Friday nite, my collegemate's bday in Helo Bali.. He sponsored 3 bottles of Glenmorangie.. Watever la ok? i dunno how to spell that liquor's name.. and then i bought a flaming lamboghini for him as a bday "present".. haha.. cos i wanted to drink also, dam long nvr drink already okay.. So my tummy got this burning sensation after drinking.. cos imagine 2 ppl drinking dat thing.. suck suck suck.. LOL

Basically almost everyone was abit pei including me !! dancing dancing alone basically.. LOL cos i tak kenal other ppl other than my bday fren and another girl and my bf's frens.. Patrick came as well, i kept giving him pure cos i wan him be get high.. LOL.. Overall Helo Bali is not a bad place, da bouncer was friendly and the waiters were helpful as well.. My fren tot i kenal the bouncer but actually that was my first time meeting him.. The first time i went there was with Ricky alone only.. and i hated dat place because they only let ladies in for free if u wear SUPER SHORT SKIRT AND SHORTS.. i was wearing dam short shorts already u knoe, and da bouncer said nto short enuff... wtf? I was so dam pissed off and told myself dat i would nvr wanna go there again.. But dis time my fren persuaded me to go, so i gave in and went.. and it turned out not bad !! hehe.. anyways pics time !!

Ricky and his Colleagues

Me and Him <3

Patrick's drunk face..LOL

Groupie with the ppl i knoe

The Bday Boi.. too bad there wasnt any shot when we were sucking da flaming

P/S: Maybe going Zouk this weekend !! yay yay..


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Childish and immature thinking people

>>> Tired

Am actually quite tired as i just got back from Pavilion... But i have the motivation to blog cos DUHH i am motivated, what's more motivated by PPL who is reading my blog FROM NEW ZEALAND? LOL? wat a joke? oops? mayb it isnt any joke but i just realised dat my blog got "famous" till there are some stupid New Zealanders from Aukland reading my post.. What's more? itz all da same person who commented on my blog but with DIFFERENT names? why dint that person have balls to admit who is dat? haha but i dun even knoe dat person anyways..=/ i guess my frens would just laugh it out loud with me when my frens when they read it.. yeah, i find it even hilarious for ppl who has childish thinkings in their minds who is just probably jealous of my life even though i am not pretty or what, but i found someone loves me. but how sad the person is because THE PERSON is just envy me.. Aww.. shud i cry or feel sad for that person? well, probably not even both i shud feel but i just feel sorry for him/her for being so lifeless and has nth to do ...

This entry isnt for me to sound dat person or scold dat person but is just to make me feel better for wat i have put in my heart and spill it here, afterall itz my blog anyway.. Shud i say, i gain alot of haters cos i have such a wonderful life with so many precious frens around me as well as da guy dat i love, unlike some lifeless people.. *tsk tsk*.. Shall remove my chatbox soon to avoid people spamming stupid msges there or maybe i shall block dat person from commenting.. ^.^