Thursday, May 24, 2007

>> feeling hot T_T

First thing that popped out in my mind when i woke up this morning was SHOPPING ! i wanna go LittleBlackBook.. So without hesitation i smsed my neighbour to asked her whether she would be able to accompany me there to get my top that i wanted for so long.. She is the someone who reply my sms like real fast, but this morning i waited for quite long, say one hour or so? yea, den she called around 1.30pm.. She asked me whether have i go yet? i said no, and i was thinking not to go if she doesnt reply or she doesnt want to go.. So, she called me back and said letz go at 2pm.. So, i quickly take my shower and washed my hair.. changed and go.. I dunno shud i be happie or sad la.. I bought 2 TOPS !! lol.. and it cost me RM69.80.. well, i hope i wont regret.. I wanted to wait till next week to Sungei Wang to shop or i would not have enuff money..But, sigh..i just couldnt resist the top that i want like for so long that i saw it from their webbie.. And so..I went SHOPPING AGAIN !! =(..

I've been crazie of this coach sling bag nowadays.. i saw it in lowyat forum and it cost RM779 !! *tears hair* how? i'm so in love with it and yet i cant own it.. They said i could pay by installments.. well if by installment i can afford la.. but if i buy it, i would not have enuff money left to spend.. means locking myself up at home?? NURRRRRRRRRRRRRR !! =( i dun wan.. Unless, there are really no plans for the rest of the holiday.. but noooo !! i'll be going to Perhentian and Singapore next week.. Perhentian on da 18th June.. *sobs*nvm.. i shall juz admire the bag by looking the picture day and night.. *sniff sniff* i guess i can satisfy in this way too.. Tell me that i cann !!

Arent they the prettiest thing ever? *sniff sniff* And it is in PINK !! my favourite colourrrr.. Well, i shall end or i will non stop crying.. bye bye *sniff sniff*


Monday, May 21, 2007

>> sleepy and bored ( just woke up not long ago =D )

I'm pretty much a piggie though, as u dunno i sleep alot and sleeping is passion =D, so sue me !! ..

Seriously, i dunno how am i to keep dis blog alive man.. i am running out of things to talk about.. U knoe my life is pretty dull wan lah.. Nth to much to do wan.. i face da dam pc for 24/7 and i do nth much with it.. i wanna look for part time job, but all the timing doesnt seems to be right.. GO DIE ! i will nvr have a chance to work den..Okla, today leh... i wanna blog and post up some pics that who i hang out most lately and frequently..

Aya will alwiz be the first lah.. Since she is the one i alwiz hang out with.. Basically, i cant live without her man.. My life will be much more dull without her guess only i can call her a bitch, so others dun ever call her dat or she will slaughter u into 18 pieces to feed her dog..=P

And dis Girl will be da second one la.. Shirley !! haha.. we are getting along pretty well, i have already seen the other side of her.. which everyone will nvr and hasnt do so, other than those who she alwiz hang out with la.. So far, we have been to shopping once and i bet there will be more to in coming days,months, years alrite? /gg.. She is super caring towards me !! i alwiz feel the love from her ever since i knew her.. *kononnye*.. haha but yea, she only loves me alot.. dun be jealous alrite? =P

The third one will be this girl la.. Yeslah Tan Yoke Han.. haha.. my Original bestie man...This pic was taken in Sanctuary as she was drunk after drinking 4 diluted Beers *shakes head*...Btw Knew her since young.. kindergarten? yea first time seeing her, i remembered we were staring at each other with the stupid sarcasm looks and god knows wat we were thinking about each other in heart.. haha.. Good luck in ur AS babe.. u knoe i love u.. and cant wait to go Perhentian with u la..Bikinis?/gg.. i knoe where selling nice and cheaper ones den the Roxy..that cost RM239.90 =.=..

The Fourth one will be Hui Min.. She is one who i alwiz drag along when i wanna go shopping after classes in college.. Yea i do have urge to go shopping after classes, so sue me man.. She is also one of my gossip kaki in college to talk about ppl in college.. *evil Grins*.. This pic was taken in Galaxy during her Bday celebration.. Nah Aya, told u i wore the butterfly necklace B4..and i lurveee it <3>

Well, so far these are the four ppl dat i love hanging out with, and yea four of them are girls..SO can anot?..*evil grins*

Here comes the pics with my college mates, i do go clubbing with them and aso shopping at times.. Itz kinda fun hanging out with them, no doubt about it but i still cant adapt my life with them yet.. i will try my best too okie ppl? i knoe they are good companions and i love them and wanting they feels the same too :-)

This is wat we alwiz do in class when we are bored listening to lectures.. Oh yea !! u knoe wat? i seldom feel cold now in class compared to da previous sems.. Mayb i've added a layer of fats under my skin AGAIN.. Slimming Spree on the way.. *evil grins*

We were so bored in class listening to lectures so we did dis ..muahahaha..itz 8AM in the morning and we are learning history? GG la.. go sleep better..

Well, talking about skewl.. I miss my high school days alot lor.. T.T.. i miss hanging out with the craziest ppl on earth..

I often tell my mom that i miss wearing my Baju Kurung and she asked me to wear that to COLLEGE !! hell no.. lol..Yea and i looked like dis when i was in Form 5.. *faints* i didnt knew i look so much different back den..Without my braces.. The second pic was in our skewl canteen waiting for our bus to arrive as we were going to visit da old folks home..

Well Fern was my fren since Standard One.. and i only knew that she was juz staying down da street when i saw her first time walking her dogs and passed by my hse.. She waved at me and i said hi to her.. Afterall, she is aso one of my bestest fren.. My gossip and shopping kaki but i seldom hang out with her though..

okay one more before i finish this

Okay, make it two den.. haha.. I dunno wat the hell am i doing in this pic but i hated the quality of my phone's front camera.. So blurr.. and these pictures were taken during my Bday nite with pei and da second one was da same nite but after coming back from a yumcha session with Aya in Station One in Subang..I brought a camera without battery dat nite, so i terpaksa guna my phone la. =P

Okla, u knoe uploading pictures in this blog is really taking out alot of time.. i shall continue bloggin another time.. and i wanna start this habit of taking pictures everytime i go out no matter where and with who.. JUST to keep this bloggie alive.. if not sure mati katak.. TARA ~~


Saturday, May 19, 2007

>> bored mann

Okay.. Today is a Saturday nite, and so i am at HOME !! ROTTING !! so, i decided to blog..sometimes i rasa i dam no life.. haha alwiz online , sleep and dun have any other things to do other than these few things.. So NO LIFE rite? i knoe dat.. =P. Been kinda busy lately la, not really aso..

okay, so the Emrys Gathering held at Shirley's hse in Bandar Sri Permaisuri,Cheras/KL? okay, i think itz in Cheras, cos itz near to Jusco Maluri and Maluri is in Cheras.. and Cheras is located in KL..*crappin again*.. And so, it was quite fun la, at least it didnt really screwed up with FFKERs..Afew of them ffk-ed man.. but luckily there werent MANY of them.. Sianee,Zicky,Grolz and his fren couldnt make it .. well, I guess, we might have another gathering when everyone will be having their holiday so at least that time it will really be a GATHERING !.. well, will only plan later on because dun wanna think about it first.. STRESS like shit when organizing something..

Okay, letz talk back about the gathering.. I reached Shirley's place at 3pm.. went and cooked da rice and aso started preparing stuffs for da gathering.. and also start chit chatting with her and all.. U shud look at her AT HOME punyer She looked alot diff than when we meet her outside.. Seriously, but still as pretty la.. Juz that she had her hair tied up like a chicken.. haha.. Jk ya shirley.. =P.. Den around 6 something, Aya they all arrived and we set up all da tables and chairs while waitin for others to come.. As usual, u knoe Malaysians are alwiz late wan.. yea, so they came like quite late around 8 something? i think because it was pretty jam aso la.. So all arrived.. and yea stupid Bone was teasing my spaghetti, i knew it was abit too soft lar !! ishh.. didnt had time to make da fragrant oil to put it in to make it not sticky.. yea, so practically got teased by Bone and Tamago the whole nite la .. So kesian ok? T.T.. they both are dam mean, but all i could do was laughin while they teased me.. BECAUSE OF DA SPAGHETTI PUNYER NOODLE WHICH I DUNNO WAT IT CALLED =D!! Basically, the gathering is fun la.. i tot i will get bored there but NOOOO, i got tease all da time and i was pretty sticky and hot that time.. and do u knoe da BBQ thingie took such a long time to light up? da guys were having a hard time doing so.. haha.. i am thinking not to do BBQ already, cos itz very memafankannnn.. and the cleaning up part was super sanfu ok? i had a hard time doing it with shirley and not all of them helped us..huhu.. itu keling Aya go and patt around there..*shakes head*.. Well, so here are the pictures of da gathering.. Enjoy =)

These are da food we are gonna BBQ.. SO much rite? now i see aso wanna eat cos i'm kinda hungry,regretted that i nvr eat much JITT TOH already.. =P

These are da drinks, and it werent enuff

Tiramisu that made by Masy and Anu.. Their specialty and it was superbly delicious

So the place is like dis.. kaka.. we were getting ready the place

Anu was trying to light up da pit.. lol.. unfortunately it took like hours to light up =.=

The Emrys Returns ! <3>

I guess Bone has Aids datz why Aya stood so far from him ..LOL

The guys.. but got more la, juz dat they left earlier..haha.. not the only guyss =P

Lastly, the only 3 girls from the Guild.. actually still got Sianee but the budak FFKED us.

btw, i juz washed my hair and itz already 3.05 am xD..


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

>>> bored

Alrite, i knoe i've been pretty lazy to blog even though my exams are over like 1 week ago? haha.. yep !! i'm on holiday now.. woohoo !! xD well, last week after my exam i straight went home and slept for like 4 hrs straight? i was gawd dam tired okay? imagine keep studying before that and stress like shiats *smacks head* ..So now itz time for me to take some rest..Well, i dunno how have i done in the exams, anyhow it has already over.. i cant do anything other than worrying about the results and at the same time slack around.. My mom asked me to look for a part time to work but den i'll be having my piano exam next month !! JUNE 14TH .. Omg ! i knoe itz so soon and i hope i will at least PASSSS i juz need 100 marks, datz all nth more than that.. cos i wanna passsssss...

Last Wed, i went Midvalley with Yoke Chin (she still have papers going the next day).. ANYWAY, we went to Topshop and spend most of our time there trying clothes.. And she was looking for her shorts.. In the end, i juz bought a basic top and she bought nth from there.. haha.. oh well, den we headed to Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins.. Actually these 3 shops are alliances, so 3 of them are having sales but nth really caught my eye.. Den we headed to MNG, bought a top from there and i LOVEEE that top alot altho it cost me Rm65 *faints*.. i seldom buy such Expensive TOP !! u knoe TOP only.. However i love it alot so yea.. juz bought it.. Den Yoke Chin went to Bobbi Brown to get her eyeshadow den, i guess that's all and we decided to go to the Salon.. As usual, i will go follow up my treatment and aso Yoke Chin did her hair as well.. At first, she was only planning to get a hair cut den after all the advices and suggestions from da hairstylist, she decided to perm her hair.. haha.. Once she sat on da chair she started talking and warning the hairstylist dun make her looked like a ghost i guess? haha.. but it ended up very nice, as in i like the hair she has now .. i was laughing all da time in the Salon because of her as in the way she talked to the hairstylist .. lol

Den on Friday, we went to Maison with yoke han,leo and the others...At first, when we reached the entrance, i was like wow !! i didnt knew Maison's bouncers are so strict and all.. Seriously, i juz forgotten to add in my Ic number when i filled in list the man asked for my IC and go and say sampai umm song type of tone of voice.. i dunno how to decribe but i got quite annoyed with wat he said la.. omg !! feel like slapping him.. Den while we are standing outside of the club before entering (tot of waiting for the others to arrive), den there is this girl asked us to help her in a survey so we helped and the club's bouncer shouted at her and said "I GIVE U 2 SECONDS TO COLLECT ALL UR THINGS AND LEAVE NOW !!YOU ARE NOT RESPECTING THE CLUB BY DOING THIS" den we faster faster fill in, before she got kicked off den the bouncer said once again "AM I TALKING TO THE WALL OR WAT?" wow! very garang man.den the girl said sorry and left..OKAY basically i dunno half of the ppl who went there.. haha..So i juz hang out with my bunch of frens who got drunk pretty fast.. omg !! den they got craziee and danced even got molested by the ppl there.. Erm, one of my fren got her boobs touched(cha) but some random guy.. omg !! seriously, i dunno wat the hell man.. so yoke han and yoke chin the two yokes went drunk in juz like 1 hr later? they juz gulp a few glasses of Dewars den sudah kenot tahan..*shakes head*.. Btw, i met my fren there as in my senior.. LOL !! she was like " lei hou yeh!! come maison aso nvr tell" .. i didnt knew she will be there.. Anywayz, had a great time there though but will have greater one if Aya and the rest came along as well, but she was sick so she couldnt make it..

Me and Ryan

Yoke han, Me and Gary

Me and Subbie ( yea he joined us ! )

I did not took alot of pictures, because i dunno why.. everyone was like, dun wanna takela.. POTONG STEAM BETUL !!

Guess wat are these?

okay, enuff.. so? wat was ur guess? let me tell u guys.. they are CUPCAKES !! called cuppacakes.. omg !! i so want all these.. T.T... I'm dying to get one box of these, they are soooo cuteee ! So anyone get me these Cuppacakes for me pweeasee *puppy eyes looking at u*.. For more info *evil grins* go here

Cya *winks*

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

>> confused and abit of kemarahan cos of dota juz now >(

Your results:
You are Hulk

Green Lantern
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
The Flash
You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

lol.. i dun really get it.. but u can try it tho.. got it from Yoke Han's bloggie

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

>> =) ( Blog when i was in Genting )

Ahh !! Itz has already in the third day of a brand new week and my finals are just several dats away. I have been studying, playing, bumping, yumcha-ing and shopping while i bet others are facing the books and notes preparing for their exams. As i am only taking like 3 subjects, so I do not know that what i have studies workds during the exam.. LIKE DUH-H !! i am very stress and worried that the papers are gonna be super tough and i might not able to answer the questions correctly *sniff sniff*

( Me waiting for my Parents.. love my top?=P.. i love it !! )

I actually manually (as in writing) wrote this entry in Genting on a blardee piece of paper that my tutorials didnt finish using in college.. xD and Yes i brought my notes up to Genting to study. ( How rajin am i to do that?) I am not like this all the time as u knoe =P.. You guys must be wondering where did i get time to write dis rite? I was WAITING for my parents to get out from the CASINO !! I knoe there are many things to do in Genting but not for me because i alwiz came here, so things around here such as theme parks, and all are basiccaly has already lead me to this word called BORING !! =( Even i am happen to shop around here aso i have dun have the cash with me because i am dam lazy to withdraw money from da bank and i would not want to take it out until the shopping spree, clubbing and many things that i am going to do after the GAWD-DAMN-FINALS end.. So i am basically "SAVING".. =P i knoe this word is really hard for me to fullfill?(I suddenly cant think of that word to replace it, so screw it la)

Basically I did nuthing much in Genting other than the usual thing i do whenever i go there which are catching a movie on the first night and going back to hotel to sleep and here I am now sitting at the coffee shop," BLOGGING". Oh ya !! i was really grateful to head that our gathering can really make it and also being grateful that KJ all the way from JB *hopefully* can take leave to attend it..*puppy tears flowing*. i am really excited for that gathering to come.. Woohoo !! Hopefully it will turn out fine *fingers crossed*.. Okay, my page has been filled with my ink already which I dun even do this during exam for essay writing...Imagine, those entries i wrote that was superbly long filled in how many papers and pages..*faint*. Till then .. Toodles ~~=)