Monday, March 26, 2007

>> 0__0

I was pretty busy for da last whole week because of my assignments yg berlambak..=( u knoe how suffering anot? Rushing assignments, brainstorming and staying back in College juz to do those stuffs..Very tiring as well man.. kenot stand it.. lol.. i knoe i am a dam lazy person but wont be as lazy as YOKE HAN la.. she everyweek sure skip class at least once.. xD i bet she is gonna kill me when she read dis.. =P..

Btw, had dis interview with a lawyer with my groupmates for assignment last Friday in KLANG and it was gawd damn boring .. I almost fell asleep during the interview when i was listening to da lawyer talking about-dunno-what.. =P.. But i am not as terror as Wei Ching, she fell asleep as she was sitting behind of me during the interview, den she hided behind me and juz closed her eyes and sleep soundly, while others were suffering with the half-eyed-close listening and acted as though we were really into it but it was vice-versa unfortunately.. On our way back, we camwhore all the way till we arrived at our college.. xD..

Abit blur but better than nth rite? xD

On the Saturday, i was dead bored at home so me and my sis planned to go Pyramid to walk around, i still couldnt find any shoes dat i really like.. Although Vincci is having sales, i only saw one or two pairs of shoes i like but i am still wondering whether shud i get it, cos i sked that after buying it, i wouldnt wear it den it will be a waste rite? keke.. In the end, i ended up buying 2 hairbands.. i dunno why am i so INTO hairbands lately..but itz nice ^^..Btw, on that nite itself, i was supposed to go Murni with Tan but Leo msn and asked me whether still got yumcha going on and i said canceled cos da others couldnt make it, so he asked me whether i wanna go Sanctuary in The Curve.. So i asked Tan, and she said she dont mind going.. SO WE WENTT.. Drank afew mugs of beer, den tan bought me dis vodka in those tabung uji which i dunno wat it called, and Leo ordered a glass of Tequila for me.. OMG !! Let me tell u, at first i tot that tequila was those sweet sweet cocktail with a mini umbrella there, but NOOOOO.. it was those kneat liqour mixed with dunno wat.. but no choice i drank one shot.. I was already abit bei after drinking the vodka and beers.. NOW i added this tequila and i straight got dizzy and i guess i was abit drunk.. i didnt knew wat i did after dat.. Talked alot i knoe tan was way out, and vomitted by JUZ DRINKING BEER !! haha.. Then, Leo told me i cried in the car and called someone and aso blamed him that he was being so harsh in words to me.. GAWD !! i dunno wat i did.. den when i came home, i still managed to msn ppl in my list and login to RO and chatted with Anu awhile.. The next day, i didnt really had hang overs.. So, i was pretty fine.. xD still can go 1U and managed to get a pair of pants in Forever 21 somemore.. urgh !! i didnt knoe that i drank so much while i alwiz tell myself to control my drinking.. My dad gave me a lecture the next morning during brunch cos he knew i went to drinking the previous nite.. urghh.. Shall not go to these places too often already or i will first go broke and secondly, suffer if i ever get drunk again..

Me and tan In Sanctuary , The Curve

Leo and Me.. Look at my arms man >.<

Drinking the Tequila, dunno wat was the name

Tan and Gary, She was already drunk..=P

Gary and me.. kaka, i was semi-blur already actually

Dis two fellas look dam blur d rite? yes they were !! kaka.. see LEO.. dunno kap-ing which lui?*shakes head*

Btw, from the pictures, i looked dam fat already man.. Comparing to my last time's pic.. URGHH !! makan too much..So now, me and Tan is taking this effort of going to swimming every Tues.. WHY tues? cos after swimming, right behind the 3K building, there will be a PASAR MALAM !! after swim, go pasar malam eat.. so watz da point of going swimming rite? *smacks head*.. but i'm pretty excited to go swimming tmr ler.. =P.. i havent been getting my arse into the pool for ONE YEAR ALREADY !! Btw, itz dam late already.. i need to get going with my assignment informations and go to bed.. nights !!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

>> =( *shoulder paining*

Ahh.. In just a blink of an eye, and it has already reach the end of a week.. Time really flies !! Weee~!! 6 more weeks and my final exam is coming and i will be going to study and holidays is coming !! i really cant wait though.. =P.. Any plans for dis hols? not really sure yet.. Thought of going to Taiwan for a shopping spree, or juz go somewhere nearby or SHOPPING !! keke.. my shopping venture will nvr end in anytime.. xD.. Was busy for the whole week and at last i have some time to sit here till late nite and also to update my blog ! hehe.. i am trying really hard not to abandon dis bloggiee as u knoe i am a superbly lazy person to be..=)..

Okay, remember i said dat i couldnt download the RO (Ragnarok) thingie? keke..Masy and Anu came all the way from Cheras the other to bring his pendrive where he copied and paste the programme and brought it to my hse and i copy and paste in my PC !! Soooo, got any idea wat am i gonna say here? haha.. i knoe i am abit lame.. Well, so now i am pretty busy in leveling my char in RO.. lol.. not really busy though.. tot of hardcoring in leveling it till the morning, but i kenot stand till so late because i am tired OR either i have 8am class the next day, so the latest i can sleep is 2am.. only 4 gawd dam hours of sleep.. BUT, after coming back from college, i will straight head to my bedroom and PLAKK !! straight away i will sleep for another 4 hours straight till dinner time !! kaka.. which means, i have 8 hours sleep rite? =P.. juz dat i do it seperately everyday.. hehe.. Btw, on the day the came we went for Lok Lok.. At first we thought of going to the China Town Street to makan which is in SS15, but nooo it was closed.. So fine, we decided to go all the way to Sunway to makan.. *faints* i am so gonna go SIDEWAYS again.. lol.. Den the chili sauce was so dam spicy, and then the Seven Eleven was juz nearby and i tot of getting a cup of Slurpee but nooooooo when i went into the shop and tried filling up my cup with the slurpee, it came out Ribena water.. Den we asked the counter lady, they said IT IS OFF already !! urghh.. So i had to get a bottle of drink from the friggin fridge *emo*

Today is Friday, and i had piano class at 1Pm and after that, i went and get ready to go to Pyramid with my sister to do some shopping and she was complaining about the boredom at home for da past few days ( she is on holiday dis week ).. So fine, we went to Pyramid and i bought a new bag for college..LOL.. ANOTHER BAG !! *faints* my mom thought i am craziee already =P.. Tot of looking for a pair of heels to wear casually to everywhere such as College,Shopping or watever.. cos my current one is almost worn out already.. boohoo !! =(.. but, i couldnt find any nice ones dat i like.. So too bad, i guess i will wait for Tan to finish her exam and we will be going to Sg Wang to SHOPPP !! weeeee... need to save money already.. =P.. See, i told ya, my shopping venture will nvr end..

After that we came home and during dinner my mom brought us to makan some Korean BBQ food in Taipan.. Not the one i alwiz had, as in i went to another Korean BBQ restaurant nearby which i've forgotten wat the name is, actually not forgotten is that i didnt even bother to even look at the name of that restaurant.. haha... Who cares? i dun ..(duh) =P..Btw, the prices of the food really kills .. =.=

U see, this is the interior of the restaurant, no doubt it is juz beautifully furnished.. Bare with my photo taking skills pls.. kaka.. i dun take good photos as others do ..=P

See the beef soup we drank? lol.. it's really good !! =)

Okay, u see dis bowl of thingie here? wat do u think it looked like? Okay, let me tell u.. It is some drink that let us to digest our food faster BUT u knoe wat my sis thought? They thought it is for us to wash our hands.. *faints* WORST !! my mom asked the waiter whether is it a bowl of SOUP !!! *smacks forehead*.. Does it even looked like a soup to you? lol..Well, i looked at my mom in =.= kind of face ..LOL !!

okay, i guess it's enuff for today.. i shall go and continue on my RO now.. =P..Tara~~ and Nightz !!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

>> Frustrated =( and contented xD

After i've waited for 14 freaking long hrs and it already reached 90% of download of my RO (Ragnarok) programme and the friggin window explorer told me that the operation went timed out !!! omfgg.. u knoe how frustrated am i anot? i really felt like stranggling someone's neck at that very moment.. urghh !! i really do man.. I rasa i dam fucking unlucky lately u knoe? zzzZZzzzZZz.. and i do not know why man... omgg !! i miss RO so dam much, especially the background music in every town in the game.. Itz so memorable as it was the first ever MMORPG game dat i ever played in my life and once i played it, i fell in love with it in that instant..Needless to say, i made so many frens from that particular game and afew of them have already became my CLOSEST fren .. =)

Btw, i went and tried the new Japanese Restaurant in SS15 the other day called " Michiko ".. Dun ever let the outlook fool u man.. Although it looked "cheap" from outside, but when u go in and open da frigging menu the meals in there are FREAKING expensive man.. Dahlah on that day itself, i have already dyed my hair and spent RM180.. and den at nite, this yoke han went and bring me to such CHEAP restaurant for dinner.. LOL.. i guess she is gonna kill me by saying dis already..
Today, i went 1 Utama to get my eyeliner from Stila and aso my new handbag from Guess.. hoho.. i dam love my bag man, mayb some of u might think it isnt nice but i like it alot ^^.. i am actually quite broke already since i have spend so dam much lately.. i guess i have to save some money already butttttt the Carnival Sales seems to have started already because everywhere is on sales man.. How come everywhere non stop having sales? u knoe why i asked? becos of sales they will make me broke man.. urghh!! whenever i wanna try stop buying clothes or wat, and there is sure one day i will see something dat i likey and i will feel like buying it but i sure will umm sseh tuck at first but in the end i will go back to that shop and get it.. lol..dis is my weakness T.T i wish there is some ubat that can cure it.. Before i start crapping again.. i guess it's PICSS TIME.. hehe not alot of it though

( After dying my hair.. keke , can see wat colour is it? )

( waitin for my friggin meal in the Michiko Restaurant with my Drink )

(Tan was greedy, she wants the two drinks, but her drink was as slimy as sperms =P)

(my cute lil cousin, was having dinner in Teluk Gong juz now =P)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

>> bored

I am super duper bored now, although i knoe i have some work to do but i dun even bother to look at it.. i am getting lazy to practice my piano.. I shall naikkan my semangat of practicing piano again if not i will fail the exam one more time and i doubt my mom will let my continue learing already.. =( which is sad.. T.T

Last Wed, Thurs and Fri which was after my exam, I went shopping.. In fact i juz shop yesterday in pyramid with Aya before our dentist appointment and now my tooth is frigging pain i muz say.. Yea, on Wed i went to Cat Whiskers bcos i heard there is a sales going on.. BIG SALES !! haha.. but i managed to get a dress only.. But on dat Saturday itself, i bought another top and yesterday i bought another pair of heels.. See, i went there for 3 freaking times and i nvr tend to fail for NOT buying stuffs from there.. but i am happy with all my things dat i have bought..

Last Fri, i went to Bumbu Bali in Puchong for dinner with my frens.. It serves Balinese food.. but sad to say that i almost finish my meal only i remember that i havent take any pics for my food yet but i remembered to take pic of my drink ler =).. huhu.. Okay, the food there was SUPER expensive. Hmm, i ordered dis Nasi Campur Bumbu cost Rm28.50.. lol.. i knoe it almost took my life away after the meal..*faints*..After makaning, we went to Kian Chee's hse to gamble.. kaka.. and i lost like RM 12? dam unlucky, i tot i could win money.. nvm, at least we have fun.. keke..

( My drink yg tak berapa sedap xD )

(Us in BumBu BaLi)

( Having dinner in one of da Japanese Restaurant in Taman Desa )

Btw, my mom got dis parkson voucher that worth Rm1500 !! muahaha... Dat means more shopping dis weekend !! *peace* i cant wait.. i wanna get something that i alwiz kenot get mayb another new handbag? ^^V.. I'm still so obssessed in buying handbags.. kaka.. i wan all da bags in the world.. and i am planning to buy another pair of heels or sandals..

I am actually quite annoyed with some ppl..I do not wanna mention their names out.. Okay, this girl S is like acting as though she is frenly at one min and another min she acts like she doesnt knoe u at all.. This happened yesterday during one of my classes in the Morning.. Before this, we were like kinda close and all.. Then yesterday, when we were assigned into the same group to do some activities in class she like pretend or acted like as though me and my fren are invinsible to her.. She dun even wanna look or talk or even discuss how to complete the exercise together.. Sometimes, i really do not what is she thinking of.. U see ah, i am already feeling something fishy when i entered the class late and when i went into the class, she looked at me and i smiled at her, she like pretend that she nvr sees me liddat.. urgh !! I dunno why some ppl can have terrible mood swing wan lo.. *sweat* .. I am really speechless about it i shall not continue already.. xD

Goodnightz!! =)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

>> :-)

Do u realise that watching movies or dramas can make u feel better? especially touching and happy ending stories.. But i like sad endings too.. xD.. Dat is why i loveeeee watching dramas !! kaka.. I've just finished one set of drama dat i bought a week ago.. and i really love it.. yea i have been bragging about it since i bought it.. kaka..

I will be super free tomorrow and thurs.. hoho.. Hmm, i alwiz plan to go somewhere and shop alone.. but i went to Cat Whiskers today and also Pyramid.. and i find that i dun have anything to buy in Pyramid, so i guess if i ever wanna go shopping alone, i need to go somewhere else like Midvalley or One Utama.. I alwiz imagine walking alone holding shopping bags.. I might look lost or i might look like someone that is super blur in everything.. i really dunno.. Mayb i shall try one day.. keke.. datz if i have da courage to do so ler.. cos i am not use to buying clothes and trying it and NOT asking my-fren-dat-teman-me-shop's opinion.. hehe..

Actually nth much to blog today.. =D .. so good nite !!