Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Layout !!!

>>> Pening @.@

Wah.. u knoe ah dis layout made me feel dam pening after doing it.. macam entah apa..=.=.. Btw, i did dis new layout because Aya asked me to do so..=.=.. why i so dgr her cakap macam dog? lol.. Nah buat dis new layout cos ur pc lag, kenot masuk..0__0.. I'm sick of playing with colours and doing my header.. ANY ideas that can throw me? about my background colour and font colours? I tarak sukak my background colour now la... i need to do something with it !! it look so plain and DULL.. sowiela, my left brain tak berapa fungsi .. dat is why my creativity comes out with a piece of shit ^.^..

Btw, i wonder why on earth is the time passing so SLOWWW?? omg lah ! i need to shop.. my exam not over yet .. Aiyo, it feels like i've been at home for ages already man.. I cant wait for this Saturday !! club club club... T___T... I warn u guys ah, dun let anyone knoe about my new blog address especially the person dat i mentioned for my last entry, or i PALING MUKA with u man.. Just ask me b4 letting anyone else knoe about it.. thank u ^.^.. if not i will change blog add again, which i really need to squeeze all my jus otak to think of one although my current sounds dam LAME.. i knoe i

Last time, b4 got once my blog address got one dam super long name..which i dunno wat already.. but some ppl asked me when i gave them my current blog address funny questions like ;

Some cacated joker : eh ur blog not dontfuckingstopmewheniwannatalk meh? or shutthefarkupwheniwannatalk

Me : i where got so rude la? *laughing*

so stupid, i nvr put stfu or dontfuckingstopme for my blog addresses b4 lor.. lol.. but the way he asked me, it was dam funny la.. which da blur emotion.. not face to face but can imagine how he reacted wan ma.. LOL.. okla, short entry first.. let me fix my colour and fonts colour la... Faster gimme a good combination of colours la.. DAT SUITS MY HEADER PLS.. tq.. i knoe i dam sien and uncreative la.. BEAR WITH ME LAH.. i dunno how to mix and match and decorate okay?

Btw hor, i wanna do my hair again lah !!! but i still cant decide to do wat on it yet.. T___T.. shud i wait longer, should i reperm it or straighten it balik?? HOW HOW HOW?? i like my curl hair cos at least got abit of style.. den if straightened jo my hair dam sleek and straight wan wor.. hmm.. how how how? or shud i grow long abit more?

if my straight hair rite, i will look like dis ; wah, i look dam cute man here.. kenot tahann. HAHAHA

den rite, curly hair pic kat sini pula look dam kao sweet and feminine.. LOLL..

i knoe u all wanna tumbuk me cos i dam perasan already.. but compare for me.. tq ^.^
- End -

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

>>> *smiles wide*

yesh !! once again i changed my blog address =D..

i'm so annoyed with da UGLY YEUNG SUI LEO that thought he would be very geng in kao-ing girls or he tot he very lengzai or smart and generous.. GET ALIFE !! Sowie i wont forgive him for wat he did.. i would not talk to him or watever.. think of his face, i feel like vomitting ... Already so fucking kuhon, wanna go clubbing with us.. Dunno why i nvr call him go clubbing meh? SEI SOHAI.. not like his frens very frenly and all.. kept asking me why on earth Yoke Chin and others not online for so long as well as nvr answer his calls.. Pls look at the mirror before flirting with my frens.. Obviously, they dun like u and feel disgusted after u start flirting with them.. Dun get me wrong, i am not jealous at all becos u flirt with them or wat.. i dun wish U would flirt with me as well, i sked u half way flirting with me i will run to the toilet and vomit all my saki baki makanan yg belum dicernakan from last year.. This is my blog, i like to write wat i wan.. i dun care.. he nvr knoe how fucking annoying he is, that he thought he is alwiz right.. alwiz memberi pengajaran kepada saya it seems.. PUIIII !! look at the mirror b4 saying me or draw a fucking dot on da wall and look at it till u meneliti diri sendiri.. i am rude, so? i like to swear so? non of his fucking business.. rude also rude to him .. not anyone else.. YEsh !!! i purposely dun wan call him club so? i dun wan call him go out so? waste of time for me to cover cover only.. For a 24 yr old man, FUCKING SENSITIVE.. nvr knoe how immature it is to do so.. alwiz wan me to call my frens to go club with him, den go pok mong them... Dun think i nvr see la, dun think they even like how the hell u pok mong them la.. call me to call my frens go club, just wanna pok mong them and gif them 10 fucking glass of pure liquors to make them drunk, so u can pok mong them?

Wan ur so-called-mui to drive to clubs somemore... u nvr PUIII to be my koh la !! tak tau malu langsung, somemore say disappointed cos i nvr include u in any other activities.. PLEASE LAH ! pls draw another dot on da wall and look at it b4 asking me dis and dat and saying urself disappointed in something lah.. I rather lose a fren like u than , having one like u.. No one likes u la, dunno da way u talk to ppl at times will menyinggung perasaan org lain, da acts that u do, and the way u dota..

Yay ! i am feeling relieved..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

>>> =DD

I finally get to see my "HUBBY"..LOL.. i knoe aya will say i dam miang.. but i dun care la.. btw my hubby is Jay Chou ah.. lol dun mistaken anyone else.. Aiyoh !! i was dam gan dung (terharu) sampai my eyes berair leh..when he sing those emo songs like Tui Hou, An Jing, Bu Nen Shuo De Mi Mi and also because i couldnt believe that he was just singing on da stage right infront and PLAYED THE PIANO !! .. sungguh yau yeng lorrr... lol..Me and Nara was also terharu with it say me sohai, say me giler.. but i was damm happie semalam .. hehe.. but den rite, i was quite disappointed also la.. cos they nvr sing those songs i SUPER SUKA.. like Wo bu Pei, Shan hu Hai.. MEI YOUUU !!! dun HAVE !!! dun have lehh.. aya bunuh aku aje.. i gif u after the concert, i was suppose to go over to Shirley hse because i didnt drive to da concert.. of cos i ask someone to fetch me there la.. den around 11pm liddat when da concert was over, she told me that Aya and the gang went to Enet for dota.. So while waitin for my parents to come down from Genting, i tot can go over to dota.. but in da end, i ended up yumcha with Jerry and Botak in Tsim Tung Restaurant in Pandan Indah.. Den when they arrived da Tesco Ampang there, Jerry took me there to meet up with my parents..

Btw, i am currently listening to Tui Hou.. and my heart feels macam tak betul. but dunno where tak betul..*@.@*.. I didnt really take pictures because i was too poor to get da tix dat i can sit nearest to da stage.. so rite, tarak pics la.. =DD

My midterm is TMR !! yay .. i havent study.. yay ! i am going to die.. Yay !!!! after midterm, *evil grins* as i promised the gang.. CLUBBINGG !!! and promised Aya to go SHOPPING !! lol.. Aya set a date, kita pigi lepak .. wokie? i promise i wont ffk ... =DDD... I love clubbing with my usual gang.. So ppl who thinks dat i nvr invite them or watever.. Sorry la, itz either i dun like clubbing with u guys or there are some other problem that i felt after clubbing with u all.. =D.. no offense, just saying wat i myself thinks and some other ppl ( NOT MY FRENS) .. i meant other ppl as in ppl who are not related to me also la ! xD

Okie, i might admit myself perasan at times.. but not during times dat when i am serious or ANNOYED.. =D.. and den when a word said by me, doesnt mean i am perasan either ESPECIALLY i am in a serious mode.. So dun ever put words into my mouth without thinking how the hell i feel or dun ever think that i will accept ur SORRY or watever.. and dun use some other ways to talk back to me by pretending to be someone else and thought it would be funny.. If u think that u hate ppl taking u for granted in any ways, neither do i.. any ways such as fren wise, family, or watever u think it would be..Siapa suka rite? I also dun like.. I am pretty much a person who accept da truth from ppl now.. So if u ever think dat u hate me since last time, or even now.. u can tell me straight to my face.. I dun really bother anymore of how ppl would feel and making myself feeling guilty for NOTHING.. =D..

My words are not heading to anyone.. but if u think it is, den up to u to think whether it is anot..

Btw, dis semester i have another project againn.. T__T.. kawan kawan i, akan menyokong i rite, AYA??? haha..i mention ur name cos u sudah tau =DD.. but no worries others i am gonna farn u guys .. *evil grins*

okie, dis project is a charity project for children.. As in my frens and i in a team would like to raise funds to publish a book for child abduction... U knoe, nowadays got alot of penculikan around.. So we are here to write a book, and publish it to children in kindergarten areas for da 5 selected kindergartens yg kita selected la to educate them like for example:

"Do not talk to strangers on da road"

" Do not accept anything such as sweets from strangers"

U knoe, kids when they see sweets, they will terus accept and makan happily without knowing what is going to happen to them after eating it rite? So yeah itz something liddat.. So publishing a book need money, so we need to raise funds for it.. AND u guys are gonna help me hor hor hor?? xD.. okla, for more info.. Mayb u can visit;

I shall end here.. sowie abit sien dis entry.. =DD.. no picturess.. lately nvr camwhore.. cos kemalasan.. xD


Sunday, February 17, 2008

>>> *-.-*

ALOHA ~! another post after MIA for quite sometime.. Sowie la, i was really lazy and kinda busy with college cos mountain of assignments were waitin for me to complete.. So

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !! =) may the year of rat will bring u guys a prosperous year ahead... I knoe la, i am abit too late ma in wishing HAPPIE CNY.. xD.. My CNY celebration didnt have any difference compare to da previous years la.. exact same visitors came on da first day on CNY, den second day went to my mum's hometown den came back and rot till class starts...U knoe ah, i didnt win money dis yr sia.. T___T.. lost alot instead.. aihzz..

Went over to Stephy's Fren's fren hse to berjudi, and lost RM30 plus.. Guess how much they place for one bet? Rm10 at the start and when they lose until they couldnt get back their modal, they started betting RM50 lorr !!! the banker were too "ONG" i must say.. Almost every round she makan our money by DOUBLE u knoe?? DOUBLE !! Then stephy's fren said the day before the banker's bf lost RM400 and da previous days their frens won RM1.7k just playing cards at HOME !! I wonder where on earth they got so much money from? LOL.. I thought i put Rm5 as my bet was already alot.. mana tau, ada org letak 10 freaking TIMES more than mine..xD.. I knoela, i dam jakun nvr seen ppl putting RM50 for one bet.. =DD.. i am from kampung mia ^.^..Btw, me and Tan were laughin our ass of yesterday while playing cards with a bunch of ppl we hardly knew.. Wanna knoe why? Stay tune in Yoke Han's blog.. She will ceritakan.. xD cos i dunno how to explain..

ahh, we skip dat la.. So wat did u guys do on valentine's day? lol.. at least this year i spent my Valentines Day with Yoke han and Yoke Chin in Jogoya !! keke.. i knoela, i've been eating like a babi hutan lately and i gain weight like theres no tmr .. U put a pau beside my face u wont see any differences cos they both just look da same.. hahaha.. Eh, where was i? oh yeahhh.. Jogoya ! haha.. we had alot alot of fun man that nite.. laughing our nite away because Yoke Chin was so funny in everything she talked about.. like DAM FUNNY u knoe? After Jogoya, went to Starbucks opposite KL plaza to yumcha eh, i think enuff of typing la hor? see pics la.. xD.. Oh yeah, the dodgy Jogoya on the other nite rite only limit for 2 hours dinner.. and there were only 2 different 2 Hours for us to choose which is from

5pm to 7pm,

10pm to 12am

u knoe we all, cant make it on time for da 5pm session.. So we went for da 10pm session instead.. and so we had a really late dinner and almost die of hunger bcos we didnt eat any for lunch as we wanted to saved our stomach to stuff RM102 worth of Jap food in it.. xD.. and i ate lots and LOTS of sashimis.. those Raw salmon taste so heavenly.. T__T *tear of joy*

Tan were wearing dress.. *fuweet fuweet*.. hahahaa

were outside Pavilion..cos we reached early before our dinner.. kaka!! pregnant lady spotted *faints*

Dun look at my fats yg terpicit keluar. *shy*

me and tan kena tipu by da colour of da thought it would be nice but turned out to be some very yucky alchoholic drink..

Dunno why she took dis solo pic since she didnt like da oysters..CHEH.. =P

Lastly, the groupie ^.^
P/S: i dunno when will be the next entry.. hahaa
P/P/S: to the Cheras gang, i dun care ah.. one saturday i wanna go someone's hse and gamble ..T__T... i dun care whether it is CNY OR NOT ..=DDD.. i knoe i dam LANN DOU

Monday, February 04, 2008

>>> annoyed

Yes my first blog after MIA (missing in action) for so long.. and i am ANNOYED.. God Knows Why am i annoyed now at this very moment lor.. yes, i'm annoyed with 2 person.. and i dun even knoe wat have i done wrong to deserve such treatments from them.. I decided not to care already.. i might rant abit here, but i wont put it in my heart already.. i mean, wat is there to care of? i decided to be a little meaner than i am.. i dun care watever ppl say about me, either i am bias or watever.. i dun feel i am bias either, i treat equally the same..
Okla, so i had already celebrated my bday.. and i had a bday party last Saturday.. which was on da 26th of January.. Had a pretty good yet an awful time.. good cos we played the game and had lotsa fun out of it.. but the aftermath of drinking the liqour, gave me a REALLY bad hangover.. even when i went for breakfast, i terus headed to the toilet to vomit till nth to be vomit out.. see how teruk my condition was... haha.. and the whole night, Aya was there to look after me and Anubis.. cos me and him, mmg teruk.. she waited for so many hours for us to wake up.. and i think she camwhored with my phone cos da next day, i saw her face in my phone gallery..=P..

Yesterday went to Sunshine.. at first, we wanted to go for Jay chou but we knew we cant make it because it was too early.. and my cousin needed to do some last minute shopping before she goes back to Australia.. so Jay Chou was in Ruums, instead of Ruums, Poppy was our next and second destination to go.. But guess wat? u knoe we are too young and underage to go in Poppy, so we ended up going to Asian Heritage row.. Wanted to go to Baroque, which is a club right opposite Maison and guess wat? That two clubs does not have electricity.. HA HA HA.. gao siu to da max.. Sunshine was alright only la.. da songs are okay but not da dance floor though.. lotsa malays.. However, i still Prefer Ruums.. =).. okla, i shall not write more.. pictures time..

oh ! btw, i finally went to Jogoya already..Dat is because my cousin wanted to go there.. So my mum decided to bring us all there for our dinner.. Actually we went for their Supper time, cos da dinner time has already fully book.. So yeah, and it was not bad.. Had LOTS AND LOTS of sashimis *lve lve*..

Had dinner on my bday nite with Fern and Aya in Secret Recipe, Pyramid.. had a great time catching up with her and Aya.. kaka.. and went for CNY shopping after dat.. ^.^

was in Starhill before going into the Jogoya

Yummy Sashimis and sushis ^.^


keke.. That's all.. ^.^ .. Btw, thanks for ur present and Presence on my Bday party and all the bday Wishes too !!.. love u guys alot lot lotttttt ^.^