Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sick ~~

>>> Terrible headache and fever

I'm sweating like pig now, as i have fever with touches 38.8 degrees just then when i see doctor. I was feeling so giddy and my head was pain as though it was gonna burst. I tot i already kena the "beloved" swine flu. Seriously, why dis virus out of sudden spread around one? mother fucker.. I still got assignment due coming Monday and i will be off to Genting for a nite tmr.. and might go to my mom's hometown for a nite as well after Genting or after i get better..

But first.. Let me finish up my assignment first.. pretty sure i can finish it in time.. 1000 words only mar.. SO easy =.=.. (yeah right easy) i probably will stay awake on Sunday nite to finish it up.. but anyhow, i think i can simply crap something out till i get 1000 words.. Nth serious.. hoho.. i hope !! Wont be updating again anytime this week and probably next week.. cos assignment 1 havent finish, assignment 2 briefing is coming up !!.. Okay, itz so wordy already, i shall stop right here.. Tonite i will be going to watch Ricky and his kawans play futsal with Godash they all.. I will be meeting fern !! cant wait for all da catch ups and gossips awaiting !! hohoho..

toodless ~~~


Friday, August 14, 2009

hello weekends !!!

>>> heartbroken

LOL? my title and mood so not matching

DUN ASK WHY !!! I am just feeling super insecure.. urghh !!!

Actually was supposed to go to class at 8am but i skipped it.. dun ask why.. set my alarm at 7am, woke up and turned it off and saw a sms .. Opened it, read it, got shocked , replied her and couldnt go back to sleep.. Then Tan called, and i had to call Ricky to wake him up... omfg !!

Mountains of assignments waiting for me to do.. Last week, 1 by 1 lined up and said HI to me.. Each Hi's made me feel so nervous lar.. I dunno where to start fml fml fml !!!


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Perth, Aus, Week 1

>>> Sleeepyy !!

I woke up like 8 something, den slept back den 9 something Ricky called me again.. den i kenot sleep d cos TUN SMSED ME !! told me dat today suppose to attend class.. so i skipped class today..LOL.. omfg lor, i everyday also got class.. FRI ALSO GOT CLASS.. somemore class at 2pm to 4pm, somemore itz tutorial..T__T.. cant believe my class started already, and I attended yesterday's class.

Btw, as i promised although overdue long time d, AUSSIE post k? If u dunno, i was in Perth for 1 month from 14th June till 10th of July.. Shopped like mad there and eat like mad there and almost freeze to death there too..But it was a fun trip although i planned to go there out of sudden :).. Most of u knoe why suddenly i went there la..

camwhore while waiting for Darren to arrive.. I arrived in da morning on da same day as well, 14th June 2009

waitin for bus to go city for dinner.. So sad la, nvr sit bus in KL b4.. but the public transport there are quite convenient and effiecient la.. CLEAN somemore ! so itz ok

Took a bus to da train station somemore !! so we camwhored again while waitin for the train.. dam cold lor fml..

Duh ~ in da train le

Had dinner in Arirang, overpriced Korean restaurant, cos no more place to eat, and we dunno how to walk to Northbridge.. HAHAH!!

My cousin asked me why i wear sampai like go to work.. wtf? i need to keep myself warm.. dam cold ok? Huimin's outfit like going to the beach.. HAHAHA

Had cheap beers in Little Creatures in Fremantle.. and they have the BEsTEST FRIES ever ok? omfg..

Usual Girl's routine.. Camwhore in the toilet lar.. Den my cousin at the back there playing Peekaboo !! =.=

After, we had ice cream.. OMFG ! dam cold still makan ice cream.. but suddenly had the urge to eat, so we went lor.. see huimin's face ! hahaha

Then i dunno why we took pics here.. HAHAHA

Den two days later, we woke up like 6.30am !! cos we needed to get ready to go Margaret River !! wtf, 6.30am go toilet and wash up was not a very good idea during winter.. cbly cold leh !! suppose to leave at 7am, but as usual itu Princess Huimin arrived my cousin's hse late.. AHAHHA

around 2hrs ++ we reached dis place, dunno where d.. NOT Margaret River yet ok? itz like 1/4 of da journey only :(..We stopped by for a toilet break and went to Woolworth (their supermarket there) to get snacks.. HAHAH! suddenly i had da craving for Smith !!

Our first stop it was.. The cheese factory, but i did not get any cheese there.. HAHAHA !!

Then we went to this winery for wine tasting.. we actually stopped by i think because the place was quite nice.. but i did not get any wine from here.. but Huimin did bought a white wine la..

EH !! i like the hse okay? LOLOL.. i wished it was mine..

Then 3rd stop, we went to this ice cream factory which apparently supposed to be good..SO we had ice cream.. :).. i prefer eating ice cream with da cone la, more worth it !! hahaha

Then, we went to the town for late lunchie.. Ma de !! the paling yucky fried rice i had there.. i forgotten wat i ordered, and it cost AUD$9.50.. hahaha.. OH OH teriyaki chicken. but i can cook better :)

Had lunch the next day in the City..

Then trained home to Huimin's place to cook dinner

After dinner, we went Burswood casino and lost AUD$40 !!! T__T..

Saturday or Friday i lupa, we went Freo for lunchie in the market.

Me and my cousin had crepes and Huimin & Darren had Jap noodles

Went home and too tired to go out

Then at nite, Huimin and Darren came to my cousin's hse for Chocolate Fondue.. LOLL.. AT NITE SOMEMORE OK? dam fat :(

Saturday, we went City for Japanese udon in Nao again.. with Jodie and Jason..

Mel din come but Ruby (her sister) came with us.. xD

Den b4 we went to get our car, we saw dis ice cream parlour called "Dippin Dots ice cream" .. We bought ice cream again.. cos it was so dam cute !! me and Ruby shared 3 scopess.. HAHAH !! so fat

It was Saturday nite, we trained to the city and walked to Northbridge, Pub hopping it seems.. made me walked till my leg almost break.. somemore with my heels.. somemore so dam cold

Den followed Mel and her fren crashed in HER fren's bday party.. den Her fren Ronald or Donald threw us 3 bottles of Corona beer.. walao, not nice to drink pun :(

We kenot tahan, so Me, Huimin and Darren trained back and take our car to Freo to CLUB in Metropolis..

Was queuing up to go in to da club.. IT WAS DAM FUCKING COLD OK..imagine da cold air blow to us every 1 mins. i almost jadi ice cream potong already...

Paid the covercharge already.. went in and bought 1 Jaggerbombs to drink for each of us.. Yeah their covercharge doesnt include any drinks.. so we need to get our own drinks :)

Dancing ~~ Dancing ~~

Camwhored again..:)..

We went to the club is bcos it was da last nite Darren there.. So Huimin wanted to bring him to club in Perth since we tak pernah club there :)..

It took me dunno how many hrs to update dis entry ok? and i almost uploaded the whole first week's album in this entry already, very sourceful hor? xD wtf? sourceful =.=.. dunno wat i writing also.. Sori la, i nvr edit pics cos my photoshop till now also not installed to my pc yet, cos itz dam FUCKING LAG LA, dota also i kenot play now :(.. sad lor.. i wan a LAPTOP T__T.. Not interesting la but yeah feel grateful pls !.. i dunno how to blog already.. bye !



>>> dam awake 0__0

Okay, i regretted drinking the nescafe latte, cos i am dam awake now man.. Kenot sleep.. and itz 1am already!! i need my beauty sleep lorr.. i tot i dam geng, drink coffee already still can sleep like a pig..:(.. Btw, for the past few weeks, I've been attending some primary/secondary skewl gatherings.. Wow, i havent been meeting them for quite sometime already and when i met them dat day, everyone did not change much though..And I dun have many pictures of the gatherings here, so here it is and when i get the others i will edit dis post and add them in la k? at the meanwhile, bear with these same picturess.. hoho