Tuesday, August 19, 2008

>>> *big smiley face*

Hi ! i'm back.. lol.. I think itz almost a month that i last wrote an entry in here.. Itz like i do not know how to blog anymore because i didnt touch this site for 1 month already.. Well, my class has started 3 weeks ago..lol .. Dis week is the 3rd week of class already.. Actually i'm not really sure myself..HAHA.. u must be thinking wat kinda student i am? I dun even keep track of my classes.. Well, to tell the truth, i couldnt be bothered in doing so.

So in this 1 month dat i have been MIA, sadly to say that, there were not much things happened lor.. Other than going to classes, and go home and sleep.. Den weekends either go clubbing or stay home.. Alrite, so shall start from my first time clubbing of the month which is on da Aug 2nd and my first time going to SPACE.. Erm, Space is a club that i bet most of u girls that doesnt like house music wouldnt go.. HAHAHA.. Because they only spin house music all year long i guess? Aug 2nd was Huimin's Bf's (Darren) bday.. So as he invited me to attend his bday bash.. So i went lor, and i got wasted ..lol.. yup ! the more i think , the more i will drink.. How stupid can i be hor? will not talk much about it, piccies time !!

It was kinda bored at first, den later...

Pei already..

Super pei...

Dis was when we were waitin for our car to arrive.. DAM KAO PEI, almost vomitted in the car

The week after that was Shirley's bday, 8th August .. Dat was the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic as well. hehe.. Did not knoe wat to get for her, and i ended up buyin 3 items for her.. i share both with Fern and Tan and the 3rd one i bought myself cos i tot the dress would needed something to match with.. So yeah.. I guess, i needed things to be perfect.. =).. So on the 8th i went down to Cheras by myself to celebrate Shirley's bday with her.. and we ended up in Look Out Point.. If anyone of u do not know where is it, i guess it is situated somewhere in Ampang? i am not very sure myself as i was only sitting in the car and all i saw outside the windows were traffic lights, shop lots and cars.. xD... and the way up to the hill .. It is also known as the Mini Genting though.. Itz very chilly up there.. The wind were quite strong and itz very relaxing if there werent so many ppl.. The scenery from the hill to downtown were spectecular, aiya.. counted as quite good already la har.. Chilled awhile, and we went home around 12am? That nite ended quite early though.. i expected 2am or 3am? HAHAHA.. oh well

Pretty sure that u guys have seen the pics of her bday already though, i curi from her friendster cos i have been waitin for ages jo .. lol.. so i gif up and curi ^.^

Went to Space last Saturday again, it was quite a sudden decision .. As Darren (huimin's bf) called me out of sudden and asked me whether i would want to go clubbing.. I was desperate to go to club though as i skipped one week which was da previous week , cos no kaki la.. So sad my life =(.. Sheaumun joined too btw..Space as i told u, House Music not as good as R&B.. And i do not shuffle other than shaking my butt.. So yeah, it was kinda bored la.. 2am, me and Sheaumun went over to Maison scout..LOL.. well mayb not.. haha.. Just got too bored of House Music already.. So went over to Maison to dance for 30 mins on da podium with R&B music.. Maison was dam empty last Saturday.. Mayb they mmg tak laku on Saturdays, other than Thurs?

*bling bling*

I'm so farking fat already dat i need to sit liddat to make my arms look smaller although it doesnt make much difference ^.^

Nooo.. i wasnt pei that nite ^.^.

den dam broke also.. I dunno why ppl save money , save until so rich, i save until so poor.. my financial quite tight everymonth actually, as u knoe i'm quite a big spender.. I dunno i spend on wat also, only eat in college and yumcha sometimes.. On the day i got my allowance from dad , i spent like RM60 already~!.. and i did not purchase anything other than food ok?

I think i am getting the hang out of it already.. WOOT ~~ gambateh !! haha.. I knoe i can do it although i still do miss the good old times with THEM.. Perhaps things wont be the same again? yes, i guess things wouldnt be in my way though.. However life goes on ~~ Really envy ppl who are alwiz happy and they tend to not have any worries.. Well mayb they do la, just that they are good in hiding it.. okla, dun wanna think so much.. keke..

I have been going to Snips Salon for like almost everyweek lor.. Today i went there again, cos teman stephy cut hair.. Previous weeks , i went there teman Huimin cos i was so FREE until i have nth to do.. Den went there with my mum , cos she wanted to do her hair.. den i cut my fringe and washed hair..lol.. mum paid, so nvmla..

After doing treatment in Snips ^.^.

Ya, i love myself so much i keep camwhoring.. haha

I told u i dam love myself ^.^..

Nth much already.. will update SOON, i hope.. Might go over to Aya's hse dis week again.. go there play Gimrami and catch up abit with Aya.. Hopefully Shirley is going over.. hehehe.. Wanted to write something emo-ish.. But dun wan la.. Later u all say i alwiz emo..but i am mar !! i dunno emo wat, just feeling emo.. =(

Bye bye !