Sunday, January 21, 2007

>> abit emo again *sigh*

I dunno why am i getting so emo today? i have been waiting for him to msn or message me whenever he is online and i am online at the same time.. but wat i've got is disappointment as usual.. but i dunno why i can still AHEM him for so long which i dunno how long it is already.. BUT whenever, he tend to take da initiative to msg me first i will be dead happy for dat reason.. I alwiz stare at his nick name in my msn list and waiting..... waiting..... and keep on waiting and hoping that there is a msg pop out .. yea, i knoe i am extremely stupid and dumb to do so but i cant help it.. Like is like and i cant explain.. I alwiz hope dat da feelings will fade lil by lil and i will automatically forgets him.. I am really pissed off with ppl dat i try to msg juz to chat a lil with , but wat i whine and wat i say will recieved an answer like for example an " o " or a "LOL" .. Eh, dun u think dis type of answer dat they gif shows dat they are like " DO.I.LOOK.LIKE.I.CARE.IF.U.ARE.BORED?" .. wahh !! dis can really pissed me off seriously.. If u are busy, u can juz tell dat u are busy to chat or something rite? Dun have to gif such look or something.. urghh !! *emo emo*

i juz came back from Genting today.. YES !! i went Genting again.. In dis yr 2007, i have already went to Genting for 2 times .. i aso dunno wat to say la.. but dis time i went there is to see da Wah Lai Toi drama awards.. keke.. so i got to see all da HK's actors, and actresses.. and the best part is, i went PEI !! hoho.. we bergiler-giler again, and yea ! she is back for GOOD i hope.. Okay, it was quite fun but SUPER TIRED !! i am dam exhausted now u knoe? After the show, me and pei and my sis went to the First World Starbucks and waited for TKB to come and yumcha with us.. Pei belanja-ed us drinks from there as she promised to.. lol ! guess wat? when she was bringing the drinks to me, she started complaining how much is my drink and all and i laughed like crazy.. her reaction was really superbly (a word from my dictionary *winks*) funny and i couldnt stop laughing.. So when TKB came, we started chatting for hourss and i almost freezed to death.. Trust me, i dunno why Genting is super cold nowadays.. Den my sis got sleepy, so all of us including TKB came over to my hotel room and talked until 5am.. kaka.. We chat from one topic to another..

from SEX --> his roommates --> my life --> pei's life --> back to his life --> back to SEX..

haha.. all the crapz and my sis was not listening i think? i dunno.. but if she is not smart enuff, i doubt she can understand wat are we actually talking about.. kaka.. well, after he left we went to bed and i TRIED TO sleep wei but it was GAWD DAMN COLD !! i did not dare to change position of da way i sleep so i juz mati mati stoned and slept da same position oni to keep my legs warm.. After our breakfast today, my parents wanted to go into da casino before we balik, but me and Pei was dam lazy to walk all the way to First World ( FYI i stayed in Genting Hotel ) so, it dam far to walk all da way to first world..but my sis was making noise and wanting to go there but we did not care ler.. So, we sat at dis yumcha place called Coffee Terrace.. and u knoe wat??? we ordered dis

dis 3 drinks cost me RM25.40 u knoeeee? and datz not enuff for my sis, cos her mouth got so itchy and she wanted a fruit tart and it cost me RM8.70 for dat tart okay? omg !! almost pengsan-ted.. haha but i cant do anything.. So we juz yumcha-ed until they are done with da casino la.. dam sienz.. and aso we camwhore alil too..

Trust me , we were really bored.. xD..

Monday, January 15, 2007

> > feeling sick

Hey i am back !! hoho.. i knoe i have abandoned dis bloggie for quite sometime and now itz time to update update abit la k?.keke..Well, i dun feel too well today.. My AUNTIE came and visit me dis morning and i am having a bad flu and my stomach is aching like noboday business man.. but not dat i wanna go saii those type of stomachache u knoe..i think my tummy cramp.. (issit how it spelled?) I have already started my college for a week now and now i am in da second week.. Trust me, i dun really like to go college but den dis sem as i am only taking like 3 subjects, so my classes are oni on Mon till Thurs and 3 of da days are 2 hrs class.. Dam syok rite? lol.. but da not syok part is, whenever i am back from college i tend to eat ALOT !! omg.. i seriously cant control, i eat without thinking wan man.. juz stuff all da food into my mouth without hesitating.. so, i am GROWING SIDEWAYS again.. =( how sad is dat wei..

Well, recently started hanging out with Fern and Wormie back.. But there was a big problem ler which i dun wanna story so much about it.. keke.. but i guess it will be settled soon i HOPE !! I have been cut down on my shopping abit, HEY !! i nvr shop for quite sometime already u knoe? well, i will wait for the CNY shopping SPREE !! hoho.. i saw a very nice jacket in Padini Authentics.. Got fur fur wan.. LOL.. ok, i knoe itz stupid to buy fur jacket and i am living in MALAYSIA !! lol.. but i like it, soo SHHHHHHHh... dun psycho me so i wont buy it.. lol.. Now, i knoe Ikano has alot of clothes shops and i will definitely visit the flea market in The Curve as well juz to satisfy my shopping bulu.. Aiyo, i am so broke man these days.. i aso dunno how am i going to survive man.. T.T..

Okayla, tmr i will be going to Hartamas and celebrate Aya's 23rd bday !! haha..SHEZ OLD already.. Well, i am going to be a year older as well..T___T.. how i wish i am alwiz 18 yrs old.. haha.. but my 18 yrs old of my life hor, is a very EEEYERR year ok? i dun quite like it, bad things keep coming in my way.. blah !! okler, i will update pictures in Aya's bday tmr.. hoho.. nitezz !!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

>> bored

I am super duper bored now ... My msn abit sunyi cos Aya is not online for a few days already, even she was online da past 2 days, but she went offline very early cos she cant stand the keletihan of her perkerjaan.. haha.. Btw, i wanna say dat dun be suprised dat i will die of high blood pressure cos thanks to the Hean Sin's and Leo's words dat gik me until my blood boils.. haha.. no doubt it was funny chatting with them, but when they CHA you in a way.. I bet no one can ever stand it .. if i had a chance juz now when i was chattin with Hean Sin i feel like slapping his face man, i really can imagine how his annoying face will be like while saying those words by his mouth..

Btw, i went to see my face today in da Skin Specialist Clinic in SS15 today and Tan went and removed her mole.. it was gawd damn funny when u see her face changed to da face with her KETAKUTAN looks when she heard dat da doctor would be giving her an injection to make da place she wants to remove her mole numb.. haha.. but den, i aso sked of injections actually.. itz dam painful ok? but i didnt wanna remove mine because it was too expensive wei.. RM80 for a mole =.=.. abit too mahal rite? mayb i wanna ask my mom see whether she let me do it anot.. haha.. or shud i go to those Chinaman stalls ? Those, chinaman dat came from China with their mole removal cream and i dun even knoe dat am i suppose to remove my mole? cos i heard dat, some moles cant be simply remove or u will have bad luck or mayb ur face will ruin or something..

My class will be starting next MONDAY MAN !! omg .. i dun wanna go back to college laaaaa... i dun like facing those people in college, let me tell u why..First of all, most of them are kinda snobbish wan when u smile or look at them, they will nvr smile back or something.. Secondly, although Hui Min is one of my closest fren in college but i still feel dat something is missing in her dat i want as a fren.. Okla, i knoe i dam fussy in choosing frens but i dunnola, i really dun like to tok to much when i am with her or shud i say in college? Seriously, i dun talk alot in college wan man.. Last time, all i do is smsing all the time but of cos i do talk la juz dat i sms more.. But now T__T, no one to sms already.. So sad rite? Aya dahlah tarak handphone... T.T

Oh ya !! keke.. i might be having a BBQ party in my house to celebrate my bday.. and most probably it will JADI ler.. and i am not very sure who to invite yet..yea, i will invite my secondary school frens, Aya they all .. I am not sure whether the Cheras ppl would come all the way to Subang and celebrate my bday.. hor SHIRLEY??? =P.. well, i shud write down a guest list ler .. keke.. hopefully i wont left out anyone's name ler if nt i sure rasa dam guilty as u knoela, i am someone who is dam dam forgetful..Seriously, i can alwiz forget things wan.. so if i am having any of ur things, pls pls remind to return it back or it will stay with me for sometime.. haha.. oh well, i think datz all .. DAMMMMM SIENZ OK?


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

> > still exhausted

HaPpY New YeaR 2007 !! sowie ler, i knoe i am one day late but i was busy for da pass few days.. Lepak lepak until pokai and kaki patah.. xD.. So, a brand new year for me will filled with better hopes and hopefully better things will happen in me .. I got alot of wishes and things dat i hope it will happen dis yr .. Last year wasnt a really good for me but it was not dat bad as well lah.. cos there were really too many things happened to me and my surroundings .. Come let me recap wat happened last yr..

Last early of the year went thru normally as i got wat i want, such as new handphone and great bday celebration although is juz a normal one.. But i still remember how nice of my fren who made a cake for me as my bday because i didnt had a bday cake for a few years since form 3 .. hehe ^^.. Den around March, my college life starts in KDU.. I felt totally lost in that college as i oni face stangers and no one dat i knoe there.. I thought i was going to go thru my college life all alone and by myself.. But fortunately i had a few frens at first and had a KINDA close fren with me.. KDU's life wasnt that bad after i changed to Taylor's College and i would have to say the first day in that college on the 17th July wasnt bad and it was going well and fine till one of the month, i feel dat Taylor's College was a nitemare and i wasnt really happy with it.. But well, i have to go thru dis college life till my course ends.. ( dun wanna be emo now ) ..Den, i had so much fun with my frens * Aya and the gang* .. We had our saturday nite gatherings in Cheras, and dota session after dat.. I miss those days alot, like dota till 7 in the morning and yumcha.. but all these cant go on for long because everyone has their things to do and busy with but all those memories i will alwiz remember in my heart..

Den on August 14th, i thought i have found the one that would spend time with me and go through ups and downs with me .. We did not much things together but i had great time being with him for da 2 whole months of our relationship.. But after that, things changed and i do not know wat happen and we broke up.. Well, all i have to say is dat i cant think back of da sadness and the hurtful thoughts but to go and move on with my life.. BUT i will alwiz remember you deep inside my heart that u brought me joy and happiness that i couldnt forget.. Things wasnt really going well with me at first for the that, but i managed to handle it and move on with my life later on.. Den out of nowhere there is a guy K, muncul which is one of my *ahem* dat i been together b4 and i dunno why my feelings went back to him.. BLAHH !! now i have already given up on him.. ( i dunno wat am i talking xD).. dun wanna talk much about him.. Other than that, among our gang, many conflicts and things has been going around and hopefully everything will go back to normal sooner or later..

After my final exam in Taylors, i went to Bangkok for my vacation and Singapore as well.. I was sick like crazy when i came back then.. Den, my cousins came back to Malaysia for their holidays after 2 yrs not seeing them.. Well, it was good to see them after for so long.. As usual, we went shopping from day till nite and both of us spend money like crazy.. It was fun hanging out together again like before she has migrated to Australia ( well, i will be seeing her mayb mid or end of da yr though ).. Other than that, i've got DRUNK for the first time of my life.. As in talk alot of craps those type of drunk.. haha.. not pening pening those and walked lintang pukang.. keke.. I cant really remember much and describe in detail wat happened though.. but dis is da summary about my life in 2006 ..

So, this year 2007.. I wish my sad life of 2006 would not repeat although there are many scars left in my heart, but hopefully it will heal soon.. As for the happy memories, i will keep in my heart and hoping the memories will happen again dis year.. After i left high school, our ji muis ( pei, tan , me ) all went their seperate ways, as in me and tan went to different college and pei went to s'pore due to her financial condition .. but we were are still keeping in touch and aso hanging out together but Pei will be back soon ^^ i alwiz wan our jimuis to be back together and yes !! i guess we are no longer seperated from each other when she is back ..I aso wanna thanks Aya who alwiz be with me no matter wat situation i was facing in my life.. She is one of da great fren that i would alwiz appreciate and alwiz will.. We have been thru many things together although we oni kenal each other for 1 year plus.. really thanks a million for that AYA !! *huggies* love u alot and alwiz will..

Btw, photo time !! keke.. i nvr take pics on New Year's eve cos tak sempat..But i will wanna post some pics dat shows the appreciations dat i have them as my frens.. ^^

My Jimuis and alwiz will be !! Ji muis for life..hehe

Aya and me !! haha.. old pic but this da pic i can find dat we look close ..

TKB and me... hehe.. He alwiz been there for me no matter wat... and i miss him alot now cos he is in Genting..

Fern and me !! She is my Sorpoh Bestfren forever .. no matter wat happen between us.. hehe..

Shirley and ME !! Although we werent close and lost contact b4.. but thanks for being together back with us in the gang !! hehe.. letz sampat sampat together again one day !!

Leo and Me !! my koh dat i alwiz hang out and now oni i realised dat i dun have a proper picture with him see his side of da muka

Me and Hui Min !! my closest fren in college now.. hehe..

Nevertheless, my gang in CHERAS !! haha.. Old pic, but i like dis alot !! hang out with them the most last yr..

Well, jus let me add alil bit of my family pics .. haha.. dat we celebrated my grandma's bday last week in one utama..

and pic i took with my sis in Genting yesterday.. hehe ^^.. it was a boring trip though, cos that TKB went back to sleep after his training.. i was waiting for him though.. stupid fella man..

so, that's it !! well, Happy New Year 2007 again !! hehe..i wish to all my frens and family that u guys will a wonderful and everything will go smoothly dis yr !! .. LOVE YOU ALL !!

- E N D -