Saturday, September 29, 2007

>>> =DDDD

Since everyone has updated their blogs like ages ago, i shouldnt slack my ass off from bloggin.. hehe.. Let me start off with wat i have done since my parents and bro left to Australia last Saturday nite.. LOL.. As u knoe me, i would want to miss out any chance to hit the clubs/pubs or yumcha during the weekends.. SOO me, yoke chin and TKB went Sanctuary last Saturday.. It was OKAYY , TKB was sick on dat day.. GOSH ! he only told me about it when i stepped into his car and i felt bad at that right instance .. AHHH but he did it willingly, so yeah.. dun wanna bother much about it..Sanctuary's song SUCKSSS !! gawd .. Seriously, i have no freaking idea wat on earth are they playing and the DJ sucks too since Yoke Chin requested for trance but they said they dun provide such services.. At first, me and gang had a table like in a secluded area in da place, den later on Alan called me and asked me to ask leo to ask Wormie to call Alan (it was Wormie's bday on the next day =D).. So i went outside and called Leo and suprisingly Leo was at Sanctuary too den later on we joined their table and drank their liqour without paying a cent =D.. Yes, i've got drunk and came home quite early dat nite bcos TKB wanted to leave already since he was sick.. So yeah, came back and i did not know wat've got into me that i went and message ppl and talking crapz to them.. and u knoe wat? i managed to DOTA , and i remembered using Zeus and ks-ed Aya 2 times.. kakaka.. she wanted to stranggle me on da spot.. xD

The next day which is on Sunday, i went down to Cheras to just celebrate Wormie's bday.. Reached Aya's hse at around 5.30pm? Waited for her and we headed to Queenspark Mall which gave me a very disappointment especially the MNG outlet there.. =(.. Things there were BLAH.. not nice at all and i couldnt find anything i want so we ended up empty handed.. Went to Pepito and take Wormie from work.. He asked us to go into his salon and makan CAKE !! hell, there were sooo many ppl okay? We were super shy laa.. but to gif face to the bday boy, we juz went in and i makan a few bites of the cake and i gave the rest to Aya to gao dim it.. Went Yakiniku for Jap BBQ dinner.. Wormie belanja-ed.. xDD thank uu.. kaka.. Den went second round yumcha when Bone, Chiak and Shinji arrived.. Went first station and ordered 2 buckets of beer.. I have no idea again wat went wrong in my, i couldnt drink muchie on dat nite, just took a few sips from the whole bottle.. kaka.. Wormie belanja again.. xDD.. Went gamebox after dat to dota one round and Wormie fell asleep.. 0__0..

I ponteng class the next day.. hohoho.. kenot tahan la, was dammm tired okay? i was lucky that the lecturer did not really lecture muchie on dat day.. So i stayed at home the whole time, and sleeeeppp ... den around 4 plus, we dota-ed till 9 something and i felt my eyes was like burning man !! but at least it was funnn.. kaka.. My mom wasnt at home for the whole entire week, so i can do watever i want to such as skipping class like dam frequent, dota the whole nite without worrying anything.. GAWDD !! i feel so bad after doing that, cos itz like wasting so much time and i havent even started my ICG assignment yet.. Not yet even taken any picture.. DIEEE !! nvm, shall start soon =)..

Went Murni on Thursday nite for dinner with PEI, yes she came back..Had like so much food.. Tell you la, i've been consuming carbs lately.. LOT OF IT !! i had chicken rice from AYAMAS yesterday afternoon okay??? den went to NEWAY nearby my hse.. wahh, i sang like a toad lor.. my voice macam mau pecah jo.. i can feel da cracked sound at my throat.. lol.. i cant even pull da sound already.. Even our all time favourite song SHAN HU HAI aso kenot sing already !!! we used to own da song okay? lol..

Went Ruums yesterday nite.. LOL.. it was a blast !! it was a girl's nite out.. had lots of fun there .. although i had to look after all of them.. Seriously, i had a hard time looking after them.. Perhaps next time i shall just let them be , to be anywhere they want, to be anyone they are with even they make love in the toilet.. haha.. den i shall enjoy myself as well.. But i had to control on my drinking since i drove yesterday leh... Let me tell u, TAN she was hugged by a Johor guy and he was kissing her neck as though he wants to make love liddat okay? and hugging her waist and all.. like ewww? Okay, but he was "sweet" that he did not cha her boobs.. lol.. and bought her a flower bear .. like a bear wrapped like how we wrapped flowers? haha.. dunno la.. there were like lots and lots of LALAs.. the crowd in Ruums and Maison is totally different but no doubt the songs and da dance floor in Ruums is so much better than Maison.. but but but they played those nice songs such as Carlifornia Dreaming and Satisfaction, Traffic towards the end which i couldnt even have a chance to dance with it =(.. We were lucky that we could get a table at downstairs right infront of the stage although we did not reserve any tables.. and GAWD !! i didnt knoe liqour price went up so much , RM333.50 for one bottle of Dewars.. 0__0 and it tasted bad but wat to do? we were broke, so we just opened the cheapest bottle.. xD..Me and Aya were sticking to each other all the time during that time.. and we went to dance floor together and all the guys were like.. already eyeing on us.. but we acted as though we were lesbians.. haha.. Got once, all of them went to the dance floor and left me and Aya on da table, sitting there and there was one guy approached us and tried hitting on us but he failed like badly .. because i remembered he asked " why are u here while ur frens are away? didnt u go and dance together with them?" den i said no and looked away and passed him to Aya.. haha.. and she shoo-ed him away.. and THAT WAS GAWD-DAM-FUNNY.. HA HA HA !!

Went back to Cheras at 3am or 3 plus to yumcha.. As u knoe the both Yokes were drunk but they just dun wanna admit it.. let me tell u wat was their favourite words 1st by Yoke Han " Cmooi ( she calls me dat , i knoe itz yucky ) i am not drunk lor.. i sober already after vomit 2 times" actually she juz crap like shit in mamak.. 2nd by Yoke Chin with her favourite phrase " Actually, i am not drunk lo.. my alchohol tolerance went up like dam high already.. even leo says so" haha.. but the real thing is, i dun think she even knoe wat is she doing in MAMAK !! she go and speak cat language to the cat by saying "Meow meow meow meow meow" with one type of rhythm .. That was gawd dam funny too.. They kept asking Aya to fly Campy and gif da architecture guy a chance since he is rich, got chocolate on his body and all.. Basically we laughed till my stomach aso sakit already.. Even worst, they cant stop talking with they had dis combo drunk thingie, they will just keep talking and talking all the time in the car.. lol.. came home aso talk talk talk .. i guess they were already sober when they reached my hse.. we stayed awake till 7pm .. and i took like 30 mins nap? before going to the Airport and fetch my parents.. i tell u, i almost knock off while driving.. SOOOOO SAN FU okay? haha.. came home, take the 2 yokes home and terus went to bed.. wake up around 2 ate and sleep again.. till 4 something.. I didnt even wanna follow my sis to Pyramid man.. Pyramid 2 is now opened and i chose not to go but prefer kissing my pillows and bed.. and here i am now.. =)..

okay dun blame me for not uploading da pics .. cos blogspot have been pmsing on me since da previous post !! i've actually got lotsa pics to share.. but nvm.. xDD..


Saturday, September 15, 2007

>>> *jumps out* boo !!

hehe.. I'M BACK !! lol.. Sowie for my delay for updating my post.. I've been sooooo lazy to even enter dis side to update my entry.. However, how late aso, not as LATE AS SHIRLEY.. her blog has already tumbuh sarang labah labah.. hehe.. I've been busy la actually, busy going out, clubbing and GENTING !! woohoo..

Right after my last paper, last thurs, and on the nite itself i went down to Maison with fern and her bf, Aya, and TKB.. and me la of cos.. Reached there and realised that TKB wore his pasar malam RM10 for 3 slippers to masuk club.. and as common sense, KENOT MASUK LAH !! *smacks head* So we had to wait for fern's frens to arrive and bring an extra pair of shoes for him to enter.. Made us wait together till 12 PLUS !! before we can enter the club and started shaking our arses.. I kenot sabar wan ma, i wanna kap chais wan mar although "no chais will kap me" , quoted by Sakura da noob..=).. We didnt open bottle dat time in Maison.. LOL !! that's a really good idea aso lah.. no need to spend any money.. juz went in and shaked my arse and went home.. Dat was my first time hitting to clubs without drinking !! hehe..

The very next day, me and Aya went to GENTING !! woot ~~ sounds syok hor? hehe.. i had much fun there too.. On dat day, I went to Klang and took Aya and we headed home first due to da superly duperly heavy rain.. Den dry up ourselves and chit chatted abit.. Later on, we went to SS15 cos Aya wanted to go Cat Whiskers den we went to FTZ for one game.. LOL !! as usual, we got TAPAO-ed.. Gif confidence mar to others ma.. Datz why i am known as da CEO of dMw` for Subang branch.. kaka.. Feel dam proud and feel so lega hati to be a part of da crew to gif confidence to others so they wont have low self esteem.. LOL.. actually in other words, I'M NOOB datz why i got tapao-ed.. soo pity rite? i knew it myself =).. So after one game, we went to MCD and bought some drinks and fries and went home makan while waitin for TKB to come and fetch us to Genting.. GUESS WAT? he only arrived around 6PM !!! delayed 1 hr.. punctuality la darling.. so "PUNCTUAL"..

Reached Genting around 7 plus and headed to our SUPER DUPER NICE hotel room ^^.. Da view from the room was awesome.. me and Aya was soooo excited and she jumped like som sorpoh around the street.. Trust me, u wont see her doing dis when she is outside yumcha-ing in Silva or Dota-ing in FTZ and Enet.. I dunno whether she did dis last time, but during the genting trip, dat was the first time i saw her jumping liddat.. haha.. okay, if i say more about dis i think Aya will gonna kill me.. Basically, Genting was FUN FUN FUN..

As usual, had college like normal days .. Well, our PR team had dis food fair for da fund raising for our PROM on Wed 10am to 2pm.. Was a pretty tiring day i can say.. me and Hui Min jaga da stall that sells Ice Blended drinks.. Trust me, we will get panic when there are alot of orders and like made those customers waiting.. DAM PAISEH okay? *red face*..Dun believe u go try.. =).. Too bad, i didnt bother to snap any pics during the food fair.. hehe.. After the food fair, I was gawd-dam-sleepy during my Academic Writing class and almost felt asleep plus, we had dis small activity during class and i was asked questions and my brain couldnt even think other than having the picture of my bed and pillows in my head ... Hehe, so imagine how sleepy can i be?

Nth much i can say jo.. ^^ juz a short update though.. PICTURES TIMIEE =)..

=.=.. da blogspot PMS at me, so i cant upload any pics at the mean time.. owe u guys pics and will upload later when they finishes their pms already.. =) so pls be patience and wait ya ^^.. cheers