Saturday, January 07, 2012

The First Weekend of the Year :)

Hiii :).. How is year 2012 treating you? The year is OKAY only to me.. Gonna hit the club today.. yays ! after 10 thousand years, i wanna dance the night away again with all my dearest frens.. Not ALL.. hehehe..

Will update you again.. Meanwhile, I am super addicted to this song.. Yessss, Jay Chou again.. He is soo cute isnt it.. I know some of you will *PUHLEASE LAH*..

Those who loves him as much as I do, ENJOY.. LOVE HIS ANGEL Wings piano.. Gonna pick up playing the piano again soon.. :)..

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy 2012 :)

Hii :)

Christmas' just over and new year is coming.. What you guys did for Christmas? Mine was just another ordinary day.. hahaha.. Went to Genting on the eve and met up with Tan and her frens just to chill awhile and the babi balik awal :/

But I went to Spore on the 26th - 28th Dec.. I was all happy again for that moment, cos I kept spending money like crazyyy :).. but it I felt satisfaction.. yayy !

I bet everyone has a New Year resolution right. Well mine is just a simple one. I hope that everyone would be happy and healthy :).. Know I am abit ah ma now, but cant help it cos I am turning 24 soon !! :(.. *hinting to all my frens* hahaha..

Have a Good Year Ahead :)..

Friday, December 16, 2011

I want to be a HAPPY person again :(

It's been awhile since i blogged :)...

Just wanna get this feeling out of myself. I feel tortured with this feelings trapped in my heart for the past 2 months.. Can someone just go into my memories and erase what happened the past 3 years. I want to be a happy person again :(

It feels like my life has pushed a "restart" button and it feels like crap.. *sigh*
So it's gonna be the end of 2011, hopefully i feel much better at 2012 with my life.
So my 2012 goal is just ONE SIMPLE thing.

BE MYSELF and HAPPY all over again. Please grant me this simple wish :(

I want to also thank my frens who have been supporting me all this while. I know some of them do not mind spending their time with me just to make sure I will be okay and I know they are hoping that I will stand up and be the old Weng See. I promise that I will be fine soon. All I need is abit more time.

I will blog again soon ! :)


Monday, November 16, 2009

Clubbing post

>>> still tired la

hmm da title says it all.. I've been clubbing like 2 weeks once lately.. my badan rosak already i tell u.. everytime drink drink drink, got once drink in scarlet until ada hangover but kenot vomit.. apa ni? 3 jugs of beer and a flaming , me and Kenix were down.. how cha la we all? LOL.. kenot drink already.. sometimes i smell liquor, even now, i feel like vomiting..

Anywayss, last few months ago Me and Ricky was supposed to go Library to chill abit.. Den walked into the Library, turned to da bar place there, i saw like someone waving at me, den i look properly i saw Wilson.. haha.. Den ricky doesnt like the live band in Library, so 4 of us headed to sanctuary for second round, to open bottle 0__0.. minum 1 bottle and i see stars already..LOL.. nola, not so bad but abit high and nice to dance.. woot ^.^..

Me and Ricky

Kenix and Wilson

Dance the nite away.. it was a very fun nite i must say

dunno wat were they doing la..



Den like 1 month back? i went to Phuture LIKE FINALLY, but den it was freaking packed there lor.. Da dance floor also dam hard to walk over, itz like we need to push push push to go through.. yor.. i dunno how those ppl, kiss hug and dance there la.. i saw alot of like couples especially girls who went there for "fishing" as well as guys.. I saw a fren of mine earlier at the bar as well, den like around 1am, i saw him hugging a girl, and even da girl was like kissing him.. wth.. nvr seen him like dis b4.. so i laughed at him and he hit me.. wth? LOL

Our drinks and kenix's bag

They tot they are like some mafia ppl=.=..

ini org cam cam, gua susah susah pouring drinks..

us and Darren's frens

Overall Phuture's songs are nice and happening, but it was wayyy to pack, no table for us how sad? somemore, need to stand next to da road..


Le Theatre Fine Dining

>>> tired, sleepy and annoyed=.=

Firstly, i am dam tired thanks to my assignments yg berlambak.. Secondly, i am so sleepy cos i dun have enough of sleep and thirdly, I'm so FUCKING ANNOYED with ricky for not bringing his phone to work.. What is wrong with him la? MCB.. forget it la, ask him to go die better.. sometimes i feel having a bf is like not having a bf.. whatever..

okay, cut the crap and enough ranting.. hmm.. Few weeks back i think 2 weeks back, Masy (Aya's bro) was having this project/assignment where he and his group was supposed to like create a theme and cook or something liddat.. It reminds me alot of my Diploma days.. I had projects and events like these as well, just dat we dun cook la.. xD..

Me and Aya xD

Zicky and Joyee

Shirley and Alanz

I like this welcome drink :)

They also gave us flowers

My fish entree

I shud have ordered lamb.. *saliva dripping*

Da dessert xD..the ice cream melting already


And the group :)

I will update more about velvet and Phuture in the next post..


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Losing Patience

>>> kegeraman membara

OMFG !! i wanna rant la... HAR?? where got ppl like, like this stupid brainless lecturer one? SO WHAT if he is a former STAR reporter? his ass dam big meh? FUCK IT la... Nvr think of us, already dam FUCKING alot of assignments and all fucking due almost da same time la.. SIF he said will enjoy writing the fucking NEWS REPORT.. enjoy his ass ah? URGHHH !! if he so fucking geng, like can come out 20 questions for each primary sources on da fucking spot, JADI BALIK HIS THE STAR REPORTER LAH !!!!!!! OMFGGG...i feel like screaming laaa.. MAHAI


If he asked us to write a news report NVM,
ASK us to create our own sources, how many also NVM, CREATE lah !!
Ask us create an interview to interview da sources, NVM, create also lah !!!!
BUT every source need to ask them 20 FUCKING QUESTIONS???
OI !! enuff time to answer anot?? har? den ma need the whole fucking day?
u think da victim got enuff blood for them to flow away, if it was an accident to answer his fucking questions ah?
u think the person who is going to MAMPOS in peace, ENUFF TIME TO ANSWER HIS 20 FUCKING questions meh???



*Breathe in* *Breathe out* *breathe in* * breathe out*


Tuesday, November 03, 2009


>>> laughing

WTF MAN !! Huimin editted dis and sent this to me.. she asked me wat colour dress i wanted i said RED and she asked me for ricky's clearer pic.. and she send me this !!

What do u think dis pic looked like? WEDDING PIC LA.. she took her sister's wedding pics and put my face in it.. wth? HAHA.. something to laugh though



>>> Bored

I just realized i abandoned my bloggie for quite sometime. Actually it was becos after the last 2 posts, i couldnt upload any pics in my posts, i got fed up and show them that i merajuk, so they give in and let me upload pics..

Anyways, all my 4 subject's assignment 2 are over. and Assignment 3 is already here !! i have like 2 more weeks to finish all 4 of them and i havent even started 1 yet.. thank u..let me rest awhile first la.. dam tired ok? my brains and eyes are so exhausted and all..

Okay, need not to say more.. Let the pics do da talking.. past few weeks i went to Malacca for a few hr trip with my family.. Actually it was their business trip, i just tumpang only.. xD..

Den i think the previous week, Darren called to go Zouk while i was in Pyramid with Kenix watching itu Miss Malaysia World. So we went to Velvet.. it was okay dat nite, wasnt in a mood to club but i still went.. HAHAHA.. =.=..

Datz all for now.. got nth much to blog about.. other than ranting about my assignment !! I'm having dinner with Aya and others tonite.. yay.. hehe..


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


>>> emo

Why do people would like to talk about things that people does not like to hear? It's okay if u are saying something that is very hard to absorb by someone's ears. But wat if the one who is saying those words is one of your family members? How hurtful would it be when u just tell someone in your family and ask him/her to quit studying and go get married and additionally said " get married and go out and suffer?" omg !! did these words processed in your brains be4 blabbing it out? Sometimes how i wish i could just start working and stop relying on my family financially.. Have they ever think that they might not get anything in return by saying all these out? Have they ever think that, whether when they said all these words to a person would appreciate it? The person who listens to it probably just kept quiet when they said that, and cries out in her heart instead.. Itz so hard to respect a person that doesnt really respect us.. Yes, we should be grateful with our lives now, for wat we are having, the way we are living.. dun wanna say anymore