Tuesday, October 13, 2009


>>> emo

Why do people would like to talk about things that people does not like to hear? It's okay if u are saying something that is very hard to absorb by someone's ears. But wat if the one who is saying those words is one of your family members? How hurtful would it be when u just tell someone in your family and ask him/her to quit studying and go get married and additionally said " get married and go out and suffer?" omg !! did these words processed in your brains be4 blabbing it out? Sometimes how i wish i could just start working and stop relying on my family financially.. Have they ever think that they might not get anything in return by saying all these out? Have they ever think that, whether when they said all these words to a person would appreciate it? The person who listens to it probably just kept quiet when they said that, and cries out in her heart instead.. Itz so hard to respect a person that doesnt really respect us.. Yes, we should be grateful with our lives now, for wat we are having, the way we are living.. dun wanna say anymore


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hello Weekends AGAIN !!

>>> Coughing

i seriously have no idea wat is wrong with my throat.. Itz sooo dam itchy since last thurs and it makes me coughing non stop.. and my computer is like aging already because it lags like crazy and everytime i click on something or open a webpage, it will sure lag for abit and freeze for 3 to 5 secs only it function again..It's dam annoying when i am halfway doing my assignments, and da screen froze=.=..

Btw, i shall update bout my life abit.. before my blog rots xD.. Last week was actually a pretty good weekend for me MINUS the accident (will talk about it later).. I've been hanging out alot with Kenix recently especially after classes and usually starts from Thurs.. So last thurs, after our class, we went to pyramid to walk around and yumcha, bought some baking ingredients to bake some cookies.. After all da baking and everything, we showered and headed over to Pyramid supposingly we were there for Starbucks BUT THEN, Ricky was working for da Miss Malaysia World 2009 event, and they were having rehearsal and all, me and kenix stopped by and stood there and watched da rehearsal and after awhile we realised Starbucks already closed.. SO we ended up in Republic for a jug of beer=.=.. blehh supposed to drink coffee but drank beer.. HOW UNHEALTHY MAN =.=..

Because of rehearsal, Kenix bugged me to go to see the Finals the following day, so we had dinner in Pasta Zanmai and we were late for 1 and half hours for the show.. NVMLAH :), so we watched and Darren called me and asked if i wanted to go Phuture, so i agreed and dragged Kenix along..

BUT we ended up in Velvet instead xD.. Phuture was dam packed , so we hanged out in Velvet which is better.. LESS PACK at least.. wasnt really in da mood to dance, I DUNNO why...but i still did dance and i din dare to drink so much to make myself high because of my throat and my voice.. :(.. I didnt have voice for 2 days in a row.. couldnt really talk , feel so sad for a person like me who likes to talk non stop =.=..

Den the next day was Mooncake Festival, Ricky came back from Kuantan and we had dinner at home..Around 10 plus, Kenix came over to play lantern and all till around 1am..it was a OKAY night for me.. haha.. nothing special though, but it wasnt that bad :)..

ehh, da blogspot is like pmsing with me..i dunno why i can add pictures to dis post =.=