Thursday, February 26, 2009


>>> bored

Hi! I'm back to update my blog for a reason.. will tell u later and also my dearest BF ffk-ed me, as he was suppsoed to come over to my hse but i think he fell asleep.. So ever since forever i didnt update my blog is bcos i was too busy with alot of things.. *cough* pak *cough* tor.. hahaha.. nolaa.. was kinda busy 2 months back as my cousin came back from Aussie and it was CNY, before that, busy Holidaying in HK and all.. dun jerres (jealous) ya ^.^... Pretty sure most of u have been to HK before la ... i mean air tickets are now so much cheaper to travel when u are travelling with Air Asia.. WTF=.=.. advertising airasia out of sudden =/

Well well well.. So mayb i just write abit about how my brand new year, with new hopes and all k? Aiya, abit kolot that sentence but that is wat everyone write about mar.. plus i havent write my new year resolution yet and YES i knoe bulan March is arriving and now only i write about it.. =.=.. As i said i was MIA mar..

Okay, lets start from my HK trip.. My HK trip wasnt as good as i thought it would be.. Itz all because of my god-damn-auntie.. I dun wanna curse her here la.. she freaking spoilt my trip.. CB!! my mum also nvr complain i shop too much, she talk so freaking much for fucks meh?=.=.. Jerres rupanye.. Iri hati, dat my mum still buyin stuffs for me during holiday.. but den !!! since my mum is willing to buy for me cos we were on HOLIDAY ma !! waliao..u think my mum will anyhow buy me clothes during normal days ah? wait until my backside grow flowers also she wont buy lor.. i need to use my own money whenever i demand something.. Basically my HK trip was like 50% disaster and 50% fun when i went shopping without my AUNT and traveled without their family.. GEEZ !! who would wanna travel with them ever again? thanks god! end of dis yr, she is not following us to Australia.. or my trip will sure be ruined by her la.. CONFIRM !

Came back from HK, alot of things happen.. DRAMA especially during a "peaceful" public holiday , which was supposed to catch a movie with my bf.. den some biatch came and did some drama.. but after that, it was peaceful again.. I was at the back laughin at her immature acts , acted by a 25 yrs old biatch ! she was 25 on 2008 means she is now 26? *cough* OLD *cough* BIATCH *cough*.. SOOO if "I LOOK SO ............." i think however, the look is still much better than her.. in the sense of dressing and watsoever u see in me and her.. thank u.. not praising myself but only stating facts.. Pls be clear, when i hate someone alot.. i would not care of wat i say but it is just straight from my heart.. Plus i do not need anyone's judgements toward my looks or watsoever that u think its "so......" (quoted from da chatbox "stranger" it seems) ONLY noobs named themselves liddat and it made them sound so childish with a fucking childish thinking.. and 10am in da morning?? and during lunch time? with that freaking comment on da chatbox..must be that BIATCH.. SO mayb u should just fuck off and get a freaking life.. and NO, i am not mad or geram or mang or anything.. Just stating how i feel and wat i wanna say FROM MY HEART..xD

New Year's eve.. where i celebrated it in Scarlet again.. Dun ask me why, but after MOS on early January, i nvr club already.. my wallet dried up :-(.. any good pay part time jobs to recommend? xD..Den my cousin came back from Aussie.. den 1 month later.. they left including HUIMIN who left for Aussie !! T___T.. but b4 she left, we had a farewell dinner with her in PaletePallete and we went Luna bar for a drink, tetiba opened one bottle already.. after that, it was my first visit to the so called " FENG TAU CHEONG" which means those typical disco that ppl normally take ecstasy and shake their head while hugging the goddamnloudspeaker !! CHISIN .. Okay, after they were gone.. my life dam sien already.. nth to do other than going to school when i got school.. Jadi driver send my sis go school sometimes and to tuition as well... nth much to write about already... tetiba emo cos of listening to Yiruma's music.. =.=.. some pics to close this post..

Luna bar ~~

Aya's Bb Fullmoon dinner

Roses from my love

My 21st Bday party ~~
Aya's bday party..
-The End-