Wednesday, October 31, 2007

>>> =DDD

I MADE SUSHI DIS MORNING WEI.. haha.. bangga sia ^.^.. Actually it was pretty hard to make these sushis ler.. cos da rice is soo sticky and it sticked all over ur fingers .. So u have to wet ur hands and fingers before touching the rice.. And i dun have gloves to put on like those Sushi Sifu does.. kaka..

First: u row da rice with da bamboo thingie into long i dunno wat am i saying, but u can see la har

Second: u Letak da row-ed rice into da seaweed, and trust me, da rice over the bamboo thingie da rice will stick all over da bamboo thingie, so when u put da seaweed, the seaweed will be sticked with rice as well.. so use brains and *think*.. haha.. i used da other end of da bamboo thingie dat doesnt touch da rice at all and row and here's how it looked like

Third: u cut it into small small cubes and letak ur flavour on it..My flavour of da day is letak those red colour fish eggs.. wat is it called d ah? Ebikiko sashimi ah.. something liddat.. hehe.. let me show u

and TADA !!!

During the process it went pretty ugly.. Aiya, if i am pro in making sushis i wont be studyin already la.. i terus buka Jap restaurant and run business and i am a FU POH (millionaire lady) by now.. haha.. Den u think i still need to struggle from my financial problems every month after big shopping trips meh?lol.. BTW I NEED MONEYY.. got job , pls intro to me yea? i wanna work work work !! i wanna work for my CK handbag or Zara that's all =)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I just only found out that Jay Chou released his new song called Cai Hong *reads: Rainbow*.. it's a really nice song i must say.. and the chorus part is da same as the First Kiss in Secret OST , u knoe da OST that cd shops selling for RM99 and it comes in a golden colour booklet liddat wan.. yeah, u can actually download it from Limewire.. Well i downloaded it from there la.. =).. btw, let me share his new song with u =)


Friday, October 26, 2007

>>> =DDDDD...happieee

lol.. i dunno why i get so happie today.. i am wondering why why why.. =).. I just feel like bloggin today but i've actually nth to blog about..*swt*.. lol.. I went Cats Whiskers today again !! gawd.. i'm so in love with the bags there lor..=( i wanna get one of those bags soon.. perhaps tmr? but if i beli, my wallet will akan terus kering kongtang and my mom will definitely KILL me , skin me alive and slaughter me into 18 pieces and i am very very VERYYY sure about that.. Sooo, someone gimme some donations of da bags pls ^^.. I really love those bags there lor.. I REALLY DO !! *hint hint*lol.. I dunno who am i hinting to, as i aso dun have a boyfriend to hint him and get one for me.. hint to myself Seriously, if on my bday, u get me any handbags i will definitely be HAPPIE till i will hug u until u get KABOOM..=P..I seriously love bags more than anything in the world.. nice ones la of cos.. haha. especially those in Cats *cough* whiskers* and *cough* i *cough* want *cough* one *cough* of *cough those for *cough* MY BIRTHDAY ...LOL..was just joking ya.. but deep in my heart i really wan yeah.. haha..

Okay, i bought a frigging sunglasses there and one long necklace..wooott.. and my sis bought a very cute heart shape top there.. seriously dam cute.. But sadly my boobs were too SMALL.. so when i wore that top da gutters were as though like wanna burst Aiya, i'm fat in short and i cant fit in.. SOBSSS.. I wanted to look for those flat sandals there actually but i couldnt find any nice ones =((((.. so i ended up buying those 2 stuffs.. GAWD !! waste of money..

And i am wondering why on earth my DIGI line couldnt make calls out.. i reloaded friggin RM10 in there u knoe..=.=.. i need to go to the Digi Centre and ask wat happen to it jo.. aihz.. pls dun waste my 10 bucks just liddat =(... money is so important to me now as i even count 1 cent of anything..


Yesterday me and Yoke Han went to Silva to yumcha.. And as usual, Yoke Han asked me to settle OUR bill.. lol.. okay not as usual la..den the bill was Rm6.90 and i gave him RM7 and i asked back for 10 cents =).. So kiam hor me? lol.. he does not wanna gif, so he asked us take 3 sweets from the counter there.. *SWTTTT*.. wanted to take one extra one but he dun he more kiam than me, thank u :-)..

Let me repeat, i feel so happie today and i dunno why.. Pls dun let anything spoil my mood today okay? or i will I dunno why my right shoulder is aching so badly lately... Seriously, nvr felt as pain b4..i even have to use YOKO YOKO to control the pain.. lol..

And guess wat? i called Shirley today to remind her to bring the Pot cover that i left at her hse months ago.. as in both of us exchanged the Pot cover accidently and she was like, and dis is how da conversation goes at 2PM:

Zon: Shirley, remember to bring the pot cover tmr wor..hehe

Shirley: i will bring ge lar.. wah, u remind me so early . Remind me later aso not too late geh..

Zon: Hmm.. nvmla, i will remind u again later..kakaka

Okayla, itz just a simple Actually, i purposely called her early geh.. Tot she will tell or ask me SOMETHING cos today is Friday and tmr is Saturday.. haha.. but no, she was busy eating.. So i put the phone down and i knew i called way too early and might forgotten about it later.. i mean she la.. lol.. I guess i will call her again later.. okla, i wanna repeat.. i feel happie today, dun spoil my mood pls and THANK YOU !! =)

Me, Last Time

and Me, now..sowie ah, i knoe i look dam noob here.. kaka..bear with my noob look ya.. after all i am EAT SKILL MANAGER IN

However i still miss my straight hair.. and i actually got something to rant/condemn about.. Mayb next post ba.. =)..


Thursday, October 25, 2007

>> feel grossed out=.=

I TELL U, I SWEAR I WILL NVR GO AND GET A NOSE JOB OKAY???? NOO... ITZ SOO GELI. okay, i dunno how to take da codes from youtube to display da video here.. but i can gif u da link, and u can go and watch how Xiaxue ( the s'pore famous blogger ) did her nose job and she actually video it down.. gosh !! i feel so grossed out jo..


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

>>> =D , Freezing cold

lol.. See how bored can i be? I just editted these pic just now .. I did it cos 3 of us changed our blog skin at da same So i tot of like, since three of us did it.. So i shall do something like putting our pictures together..
Now i realised dat there are bond between us 3.. We got close like really fast and now we are named as DO RE MI by our beloved dMw` CP founder.. Since there are only 3 of us girls when we are out for some gathering or anywhere we go as a group.. kakaka.. I will do another one of this when the group gets together and if we manage to take lots and lots of pics.. Hopefully dis Saturday? hehe.. SHIRLEY BRING UR CAMERA !! lol. okay, sowie for highlighting ur name so bright.. just wan u to notice it. kaka. i'll bring mine too and we will camwhore like some bitches around town.. Trust me, both of us camwhored in FTZ the other day and i notice ppl around us were like staring at us and thought we were some jakuns.. Dun bother muchie.. As long as we enjoyyy.. keke.. muaks ! to u girls... i love u both ALOT !!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

>> =) , =(

So annoyed with blogspot today la.. Blogspot is being a bitch since dis morning.. Made me feel so frustrated sia.. I kenot blog !! and finally, they allow me to blog when i dun have da blogging mood already..

Btw, like my new layout? kaka.. I took few hours to edit dis and dat, and waited for dis dumb thingie load.. LONG LIKE FUCK OKAY? it was testing my patience wei.. almost ter-kaboom cos of losing my patience to tunggu.. btw, about dis layout.. dun ask me why da words on da pic abit OUT .. I just find the pink tree is pretty interesting so i chose dis layout.. I took 3 different pink layouts out, and pick one of the 3.. kaka.. and i think dis is not bad since i wanted da background to be white.. so i chose dis lur.. =D the other two, i tried it looked like kanasai lah..

I like da white background and pinkie pics..keke.. Does anyone know how to make their own customize layout ah? can teach can?T__T.. Tau tau la.. i wanna be original instead of plagiarising ppl's layout..=P.. and dun ask my why the pictures got so faded as though there is one layer of very light transparent paper on top of it, as i am still figuring it out to remove it..

AND, why is it raining everyday and night these few days? da wheather is sooo COLD okay? Worst, it make the internet connection soo down and making everyone being so frust about it..and also my fingers are like freezing like hell.. as though i am in Genting now.. hohoo.. but i still prefer Genting's wheather, so much better there although da air is abit polluted but u aso need to knoe where to hirup da fresh air la.. dun la go to those spot that ada manyak kereta around ..

AND u knoe wat i got from a fren of mine from msn today?

"PETALING JAYA: Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, founder and honorary life president of Genting Group, passed away at 11.20am Tuesday at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre."

Uncle Lim mati dis morning in SJMC.. and being da evil side of me, i dun feel anything at all as he is not even related to me langsung.. =).. haha.. i knoe i dam bad la..

I’ve been at home for the whole day today.. U knoe why I didn’t go for class? Lol.. cos I woke up late !! I tot today is Wednesday u knoe? So when my alarm rang, I went back to sleep as I tot today no class.. den I dunno wat made me up, and I woke up and looked at the clock on my phone is already 7.57am !!! and think think again and realized today is just Tuesday.. So I smsed Hui Min and told her I wont be going for class today cos I dun wanna kena diu by my lecturer for going into the class late.. Cos dis PR lecturer alwiz diu the ones who alwiz came in late for class and I dun wanna be one of them, so I kiasu abit, stayed at home and continue my sleep.. I wondered why am I so sleepy and tired.. since I have enuff sleep for the past few days.. kaka..

okay, the connection is becoming to be a bitch again.. i shall go off..

P/S : I just love to stare at my msn list for no reason.. Dun ask me why, cos I dun even knoe myself =DDD


Sunday, October 21, 2007

>>> bored

Realise dat i blog only when i am bored? haha.. okla, i am BORED now ! yorr.. I shall update it dis blog aso la.. U knoe wat? all my assignments are done for this sem !! yay !! no more assignments but den when assignments are over means FINALS are coming .. T__T.. makes no difference i knoe..

Well, my prom sudah over last Friday.. Wat i did? Went to Sheraton Imperial early in the morning means around 9 plus i left my hse, go to college to hand one sample of programme book to Hui Min for our beloved Ms.Karam to have a look den headed down to Bangunan Yayasan to collect the snips voucher that they sponsored us.. Let me tell u, when i was paying my parking at the autopay machine, there was a guy infront of me, shud i say pak cik yg tak berapa tua.. He looked soo sohai and noob..=.=.. there wasnt any coin slot to letak coins to the machine and he tried putting coins in the slot where u masuk ur chip parking coin.. i was standing behind of him and laughed quietly while he was struggling to stuff da 50 cents coin in like a sohai.. already kenot masuk, stuff apa lagi la?=.=.. den he pinjam my 1 buck and return it back, and he looked so blur like a So bad la me.. why i suddenly suan him when he nvr even tuck jui me? haha..

Okay, after that i headed to Sheraton Imperial.. Helped out alil and went home around 1.20pm.. U knoe wat?? i got lost in KL again.. i dunno turn turn where, turned into some malay areas and as usual, i screamed in da car alone dis time and i tot already.. Luckily, with my blur-ness i managed to find da dam way out !! haha.. i had to go one freaking big round to get out of that area sia.. -.-..

Went home wanted to take a nap, and got a sms from Stephy said she couldnt make it on time to reach Subang, so i ajak my sis to go salon with me to set my hair and had my make up done.. dun ask me how much is it, cos now my heart got one big piece of blardee meat chomped off bcos of da price.. gosh !! i swear i will learn how to make up so i would not waste anymore money on it.. The hair nvmla, the MAKE Up !!! Somemore she helped me make up so dam 7 slow, made me late already.. 5pm only finished somemore i need to go back to the next door salon there and chap my hair cos she pinned it up already.. Reached back Sheraton around 6.15pm and i speed there la.. it was so jam and i got so frustrated and worried dat i will kena diu if i am late..

Reached there and i was so suprised that i did not kena diu !! haha.. so happie, and i walked along da way to the ballroom with balloons surrounding me... Den i helped out abit , walked around as i have nth much to do actually ... Took some pics and waited for da 3 princesses to arrive (Aya, Sushibabi and Daphne).. They arrived and we started taking pics already.. LOL.. We were actually taking pics all the time la.. I wasnt busy dat nite at all.. cos i wasnt really incharge of anything as i was supposed to be the photographer but den I saw Alvin has already taking pics so i just kept my memory to take our pics la..

Btw, i wanna thank u Aya, Yoke Chin and Daphne who came and supported me.. Aya and Yoke Chin is 2 of the bestest frens and most supportive frens i've ever had man.. Especially Aya, i hate to say dis but i love u alot BIATCH !!! i knoe u were dam bored like wan die there plus ur headache striked..and u still came !!! *hugs tightly* Although u were dam annoying by showing ur ugly faces to me, but i still love u loads ya? kakakaka.. u knoe i will cry i didnt see u there.. =P.. To others, i love u guys too lah although u nvr come but i still love Aya and Yoke Chin more.. And Yoke Chin, THANKS ALOTTTTT for helping me out so muchie few days b4 the prom like trying really hard to find ppl to come although they nvr turn up and put ur assignments aside to help me stick da ribbons and buttons in ur hse.. lol.. i love ur hse, and u knoe dat =P..LOVE U GIRLS ALOT !! REALLY ALOT !

and thanks alot Shirley temaned me to Sg Wang for 2 whole days ( in different weeks la of cos ) .. LOL, sampai our kaki wanted to patah and we walked awhile and sit at the benches and Priceless memories man, we nvr laughed liddat b4 with our tired legs on !! thank u Shirley.. huggiesss i love u alot tooo !!! see ya next week in Subang.. *evil grins*.. cant wait to see u !! and remember our pot ~~

Okla, datz all for da updates for the tetiba no mood update already.. Smack me all u wan ..=P.. Aiyo, i suddenly teringat seseorang la.. dun kill me pls, i cant help it at all..i knoe i miss that someone but i do not wanna admit it at all and only know how to avoid the truth of it.. dun ask me who is dat, cos i wont tell.. =).. so, pictures time !!! kaka

The entrance to da reception counter..

Yummylicious desertsssss ~~

Dam nice kan da backdrop they did for us? i mean da hotel

Zon and Sushibabi


Monday, October 15, 2007

>>> bored + headache + stressed

I am currently addicted to F.I.R new song called Yue Ya Wan.. Go search it in Youtube or ask it from me if u wan it.. i will send it to u.. hehe.. This song really give me a very different feeling when i am listening to it.. As u knoe i am a banana girl, i dun really knoe wat does the song means but i really like it i must say.. Hey! although i am a banana girl but i do knoe how to speak mandarin wan okay? Dun see me wrong, my mandarin does not sound like a "da bian" which is also known as shit or tahi.. LOL.. I knoe how to speak mandarin wan wei, although i am not pro in it but i do understand when u talk bad about me in mandarin har.. dun pray pray !! =p..

Why am i stressed? my assignment is due dis Thursday and as u knoe, i am still lazing around and will rush for it last minute again.. but i am very sure i wont be DAT rush.. cos i am already half way through tracing myself..kaka.. Another stress thing is dat, the PROM IS ON THIS FRIDAY !! and the tickets are not all out yet.. i dunno wat else can i do.. i have already ask everyone dat i can to buy the tickets .. i have one table to sell u knoe? i think i am going to buy one ticket for myself, so i can at least makan the delicious food there la.. International Buffet leh.. dun pray pray and i might stand a chance to win the lucky draw and i will get goodie bagss.. woohoo !! so song hor? kaka.. Well, if anyone that are interested in joining me to get the goodie bag and might stand a chance to win da lucky draw prizes, DO NOT hesitate to PM/MSN/SMS or anything that can get me to get the tickets. It's still on sale now alrite? plus, wats more? u can see me in formal attire leh.. u think u guys so easy to see me in formal attire meh?Somemore i bought the dress for RM259.90 leh.. u think cheap ah? it cost me a bomb lah !! let me correct it, it cost my mom a bomb.. kaka.. although i knoe i will post some pics here after the prom.. but isnt it good to see me in REAL LIFE? haha.. dun wan see me aso come and support my event mar.. u think easy to organize meh? lol.. u all mia support is in need mar.. Somemore hor, the ticket geh design aso dam nice leh.. The programme book leh.. very unique wan, got ribbon wan leh.. i got take part in doing the ribbons aso gar.. although i dunno how to tie it but i somehow did something to the ribbon la.. TRUST ME !! although i alwiz lie .. but not this.. Wait ! do i alwiz lie? NOO, i am truthful wan la..*evil grins*

Okla, cut the crap.. Guess wat? I went clubbing last Friday again.. LOL !! u might be thinking, where the hell Weng See get her money from to go clubbing EVERYWEEK !! sowie la, i aso dunno how i got the money.. u knoe anot? i just take out RM50, and another RM50 just liddat to pay to go clubbing while i myself go shopping, see a top cost around that price aso need to touch touch har, or press press har.. den in the end, put it back to the rack and i HMM SEH TUCK BUY IT OKAY??? I aso dunno wat am i doing la.. lol.. Btw, if anyone wants to join me to club and sott sott with me, let me knoe la.. lol.. i guess the next round will be in Mardi Gras or something la.. although it sucked there but yeah, i still wanna TRY !! alwiz aso Maison maison maison or ruums ruums ruums.. I go until sien liao.. Btw, Friday i had fun in RUUMS.. First time i no need to care and worry bout my poda frens la.. Instead, i got abit high dis time.. haha.. and i loveeeeee the feelings soo muchie !! more pls more pls =DDD... I told my mom, i sleeping over at Yoke Chin's place but in the end i went home around 5 plus.. LOL ! i thank god no one kidnap me when i walk from my car into my hse la.. And i was glad dat my mom did not wake up and screw me up.. lol.. I wore a normal shorts and t shirt to my fren's hse.. den went there and do some transformation such as, making myself looking like a panda and showing off my "PRETTY" thighs.. kaka.. Cont back the RUUMS.. After dancing for like several hours, we went out the club and take a breath.. As usual, Yoke Chin was drunkie.. And something happened.. Believe me, i was dam pissed after knowing the truth of a person..

I mean "Wat the fuck la?" spoilt his matt 7 image? his gigi jongkang? or his big gapped teeth? dun make me suan him more hor.. or he will not worth even a single cent la.. u aso knoe i suan siao ppl i wont gif face wan la.. i dun care about wat ppl would think of myself but i still jiu suan him kao kao la.. btw, "SUAN SIAO/SUAN" is curse in mandarin or hokkien la.. lol.. Dgr too much dunno who said dat to me, so i just learn from him/her not really sure myself.. Okay, after that... We went to Jalan Alor mamak to yumcha .. I dunno how to go, i just followed some stranger's car and go.. pusing pusing .. reach one mamak already.. Strangers from MMU btw.. Cute but Lansi =).. Dun wish to club with him/them again.. Then, took Aya home and went back to sunway to drop Yoke Chin and Sam.. Den took my things and dropped Yoke Han home and i went home.. Online till 6.30am liddat .. terus mampus on my bed.. with my smokey hair.. SOOO SMelly !! now i have to terbalikkan my pillow and sleep on da other side of it.. if not it will ruin my nice smell hair .. kaka..

Sometimes, alot of things.. I dun wanna knoe the truth about it.. But when the time comes that the truth must be told , i knoe it will eventually hurts.. Aiya, not that i knoe any truth that hurts me now la.. but i really dun wish to knoe the truth of something.. PLS DUN TELL ME okay? i really dun wanna knoe.. Unless, i kenot tahan den i will ask around about it.. =)

okay, no one will knoe wat am i talking about in da last paragraph.. so dun ask me also.. cos i dun wanna answer ur question.. so pictures time !!!

That's all =)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

>> =)

At last, i can upload pics to my blog already... So, dis will be a photo entry okie? hehe.. I will upload pics dat i have taken for da past few weeks which i cant upload them during my previous entries..Enjoy ^^

These are the pics that we took in Sanctuary, on the night after i send my parents and bro off to airport.. When parents are not around, wat we do? we PARTY dat's wat we LOVEEEE

My Chiq, Yoke Chin.. My clubbing kaki, and my shopping kaki that hunts for branded stuffs till we go extremely broke.. kaka..

Not forgetting TKB, he started clubbing and teman-ed me even he was sicked.. THANKS !!! hehe.. u knoe i love u..

In Maison, right after my mid term paper.. with my Dota chiqs except for Shirley..=( wished she was there with us too den our girl dota clan will be complete..

Later on, went Genting with Aya..

Missing the Genting moment with her.. MY BITCH !! kaka

Later on, Pics that we took when Pei was back from Singapore.. !! First thing we did was hitting down to SS2 Murni to yumcha and makan dinner..

Will see her again end of this year again i hope..=/.. I just realised i dun have pic with TAN !! .. nooo =(.. sowie ya tan.. haha.. u knoe i love u..muaks !!

Well next, Maison again with the gang, gang? i think few gangs, but i tak kenal most of them.. kaka

Lastly, the pics i took with Shirley when i went to Sungei Wang and Times Square last week to get my prom dress..

Shirley: My turn my turn !! .. LOL.. she wanted to wear the sunglasses and take pic instead..=P

The French manicure we did in Times Square..

Lastly, having dinner in Food Tea House ah..dunno wat is da name of the restaurant already.. That's all


Monday, October 01, 2007


WARNING: dis post is filled with foul languages and anger

When i am moody and pissed i MEAN IT okay?.. Seriously, sometimes i really dunno wat the fuck is wrong with some ppl who does not knoe how to judge themselves before judging others.. I mean if u ever wanna say something bad about ppl or laugh at ppl of how they wear bcos they are just simply jealous of wat other ppl can afford to buy and have better sense of fashion than themselves, JUST DUN DO IT SO FUCKING OBVIOUS OKAY? Come on, i really dun need u to judge of my clothings and laughed at it and instead,and u dun even know/dare or watever shits that u wanting to bcos one of u does not have da fucking boobs and another one does not have da sense of fashion to mix and match.. I dun fucking need to see ur laughter or watever type of shits infront of me and let me knoe dat u started laughing at ppl and started stepping on wat they wears okay?

Come on, u urself dun even know how to dress, as one does not even have a FUCKING PAIR OF NORMAL BOOBS DAT CAN BE SEEN VISIBLE-LY with normal clothes.. Hello? dun u know how to fucking buy a pushed-up bra? to push ur fucking flat boobs juz to make it abit visible instead? dun fucking jeles i have bigger boobs than u .. Dun need me to fucking teach u how to buy a pushed up bra and if there are any empty spaces in ur bra, dun tell me u dun even know how to stuff tissue papers in it? oh yea !! i've forgotten that da bra makes ur boobs too airy so ur flat chest can breathe or it will die and it wont grow bigger =)... i knoe u dun even have anything on ur fucking flat chest other than ur small lil tiny tits and i really pity ur NEVER-WILL-HAVE-A-FUTURE-BOYFRIEND when he is having sex with u and he cant even lick ur breast becos u just have a fucking tiny tits dat i dun think it can be seen.. (okay, i knoe i dam disgusting here).. and stop wearing such tight clothings when u dun even have something that girls shud have on theirs chest. well at least i am fat, i have BOOBS unlike u that u have nth to show... i feel so embarassed for u, i really do..AND Pls aceept the fact that i have higher marks than u in Academic Writing bcos u really shud read more books and u shud have paid attention in class during ur high school days to learn how to use ur grammar and pronounciation properly before comparing my essays with ur fucked up english sentences.. and bcos of it, u just fucking umm song me and prejudice to me for no fucking reason.. face da mirror and read more.. u cant be jealous dat i dun read books and i at least have better english than u bcos u just fucking brought up in a typical chinese that does not have any class surroundings.. All these words are for u as u cursed me in class before i arrived to college slightly late today.. and i dun fucking care how u look at me bcos u are just NOT anyone to me not even a tiny ant or dust..mayb just another bitch that does not have BOOBS?

And another one of u, pls go and buy some new clothes and dress up like a normal girl rather than wearing some baggy 3/4 but not 3/4 pants from pasar malam okay? it look so fucking abnormal in u with ur fat legs.. and pls mirror urself as wat u wear first for almost every presentations like a perfume promoter in those isolated shopping malls.. u really do look like one, and pls throw ur fucking ugly brown blazer away dat even my mom would dress way better than u.. gawd !!! and u wore dat ugly buttoned shirt to presentation the other day? the shirt u wore, i'm sorry i dun find dat fucking button up shirt is nice at all and worth da money u bought it.. and u dun have to said it loud it cost RM79.90 as we dun fucking care how much is it.. Another thing, can u juz stop fucking manja-ing with ppl by saying those annoying words just to get something from da female fren?? JUST TO GRAB ATTENTION?? GET a fucking life bitch.. u both are already dam fucking desperate for guys by even sitting at the mamak for discussion and both of ur fucking eyes just started staring at guys that would not even eye on u at all.. And if u wanna look at a guy, dun fucking make it so obvious till dat guy knoe dat u are staring at him and even though he knoes, dun ever think dat he will even look back at u, cos i can feel dat he felt disgusted with ur acts and i personally thinks dat u are fucking desperate for getting a boyfriend and perhaps wanting and waitin for guys to fuck you just to satisfy their sex drive or mayb like just any whore that would u want to have sex with any uncles, or uglies in da street as long as they are JUST GUYSSS with a fucking dick to just insert into ur fucking hole.. I alwiz wondering why u 2 girls have no boyfriends b4? and now i really know why, cos ppl like u guys.. keep flirting with any guys in the street that nvr thinks dat u girls are even HAWT.. perhaps, u are not even close to da H of the HAWT word okay?bare in mind, i am not saying myself hawt either..

I just wish u guys can juz fucking leave me alone ... I do not wanna confront u all and start fucking u guys up with words.. I dun do immature acts like u guys have.. I just do not want to start saying u guys dressing like selling vegetables aunties in da market and pinning up ur hairs like some fucked up chicken in da street... Cos u guys looked really fucked up in class by making up and drawing eyes like as if ppl does not know about it and it looks fucking ugly on u. =)...

I am feeling much better now that i would really wanna confront them if i ever hear anything from their mouth again =).. sowie but i wont gif face and i will straight confront them to their faces for being a bitch and for me being such a patient girl in them.. Better still, let them read dis post and see wat type of fucking bitches u are instead of me wasting my breathe to confront u guys..=)