Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 4

Our beloved chalet in Flora Bay Resort 2

Emo-ing as usuall


xD... my camwhore partner in this trip

the girls again

The sor poh who is so careless that is gonna be a doctor in the future

The place that i am gonna remember in my whole life

At last, the Groupie b4 leaving

Day 2

Before going into da van that is bringing us to Kuala Besut to catch a speedboat

B4 the boat jalan


The view

Baru sampai to our chalet

Ahhhh.. The sea.. look at the tone of colours



At the long beach in Perhentian Kecil

They were sitting banana boat

Before going to the dinner

Day 1

Waiting for the bus to bring us to the Airport

In the airport and going to check in

The view from the plane

Juz touched down in Kota Bharu airport

In the hotel room b4 going out for dinner

THe Am-pa-la-suan-mei that was orgasmic.. lol..

The laman Siti Khadijah which was Nabi Muhammad's wife, she even have a pasar selling sayur

>>> Sleepy ~_~ as usual

Lol.. I am here is to stop some ppl naggings and rushing that i havent been updated my blog since forever.. As i have promised that i will post up some pics from Perhentian.. Hey, for ur info i worked the day right after i came back from Pulau Perhentian okay? So this is why i am only updating my blog NOW !! ish.. Very tired wan ma working.. Somemore i was bored till death there but thank GoD i brought my sis's gameboy SP there to play SIMS.. lol.. Lame but i cant help it but can say i was kinda addicted to it, btw i was PAID TO SIT because there werent anyone passing the shop la.. Somemore it was blardee cold that i needed 2 jackets to keep me alive or i will jadi ICE CREAM POTONG already..

Poda Aya and Me

SO, i went to Perhentian like last Monday till Thurs.. and it was a fun !! i love the beach the sand, not the sun becos i am BROWN now and MISS YEONG doesnt like it..T___T.. yea, so we reached Kota Bharu around 2pm? After touching down, and the minute i on my phone back Wormie gave 11 miss calls and when i called him back and told him where was i, he didnt believe me i guess he took afew more seconds b4 believing my words? =P.. ok, so after claiming our baggages, we went to the airport taxi counter to book 2 taxis to our hotel.. I was thinking to rent a car and all, so we went to da car renting counter to ask whether is there any cars that can sit 7 arses in it and yes they have.. So after asking everything, he go and nicely tell us that the car is out and they only have one and only car that can fit 7 ppl.. I mean after all da asking, and checking and counting the price for the rental he go and tell us they have no car.. *smacks head*.. i totally went speechless and we walk off.. LOL.. No choice but we took the taxi from the airport to the hotel and the taxi driver was scary okay? he drove the car so fast and all, somemore the roads in Kota Bharu are very small and sempit.. Checked into the hotel, and first step we went into the hotel and the first breath we breathe inside the hotel room was a suffering.. lol.. we couldnt really get used to it until at nite.. After that, we went out for lunchie and look around the town.. Not i wanna say but Kota Bharu is kinda dead.. U can hardly see people around walking, and the Keropok Lekor there was orgasmic.. T.T.. It was so nice until i was so disappointed that b4 coming back to KL i didnt get to it.. Screw that as it is making me sad only.. *tearing*.. After our lunchie and all, we went back to the room and rest and chill awhile b4 going for our dinner.. We did nth much in Kota Bharu other than hunting for glorious food.. Their Nasi Kukus with Ayam Percik and their Am-Pa-La-Suan-Mei got me addicted.. Mayb i shall stop by in Kota Bharu the next time going there juz for these two? =P.. Mayb i shall..After, dinner we juz walk all da way back to our room by looking at the map that printed by Kian Chee and Su yi wanted to lead the way, so let her be.. lol.. It was kinda stupid that we go Kota Bharu and we are not allowed to wear shorts or something that bukak our aurat or watever is it or we are gonna end up in the police station which is simply ridiculous but not suprising after i saw this sign board at the town that said " Kota Bharu Bandaraya Islam".. Guess they do not wanna expose their one stren of hair so they wont be in hell for da next 10 thousand yrs? or 100 thousand yrs? like i care? =.=

The next day, woke up quite early and the hotel transfer took us to Kuala Besut Jetty to catch a speed boat to Pulau Perhentian.. I tell u, it was soooo nice man in da speed boat dat it went so fast till my hair almost flew away like some grandma that are wearing wigs.. Practically i looked like a monkey la.. Say around 30 mins ride in the speedboat to Pulau Perhentian, we reached our lovely FLORA BAY resort which is next to FAUNA resort..=.=.. SO LAME.. okay, so we checked into our chalet and i almost shouted bcos it was so DIRTY !!! the girls did not take out our slippers when we were in the room ALL THE TIME, even when we were bathing, and use ur common sense of cos we sleep sure got take out la.. if not how to sleep *shakes head*..So, we chilled at the beach and after lunchie, we went and took a water taxi to Perhentian Kecil which is also known as long beach..The others sat banana boat but i heard was a disappoinment and i was happy that i chose not to sit but lying down at the beach to take a nap and i tell u it was dammmmm nicee ok? i felt the calmness and i fell asleep.. haha.. too comfortable already.. =P.. Later on it started to rain and it was so heavy and the boat went so fast, the rain water was splashing at us like some hailstorm because it was super pain ok? at first Yoke han it was hailstorm.. Our boat luckily still got shield and i wonder how those french dudes at the next boat which was pretty small without the shield how la.. they probably flew off from the boat and now dimakan oleh those sharks already.. LOL..

Actually i dam lazy wanna write so much about the trip la.. why not i juz post the pictures and u guys see? can ah? lol.. sowie la.. i am dam lazy to type.. so let the pics do the talking k? =P.. okay, i missed out da day 3 pics, i will post it another day.. da pics are still in my email and i dam lazy wanna upload one by one.. alot okay !!! hehe.. probably will blog after coming back from Singapore.. hehe.. urgh dis post supposed to be on top !!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

>> emo

OKay ! as u can see my mood now? yeah, i've been emo-ing since early of the week? u dun wanna knoe why, but all i can do now is juz like say everything out here.. sigh.. I juz wan my time be occupied by doing lotsa things, i dun care wat is it as long as it is OCCUPIED !! i dun care wat is it gonna be i juz wanna do something so i can get off my mind of things man.. Thank god i will be leaving KL on monday and i will be back on thursday. I really need a break man .. i knoe it sounds funny that i am having holiday now and u guys might be thinking why do i still need a break?.. Yea, juz to get my mind off from thinking lotsa things juz happened to me.. Sowie for da emo post again.. see my mood.. I"M EMO !! i seriously hate my blardee mood swing man.. I tend to get moody very fast nowadays.. Mayb is also partly becos my "aunt" came and visit me like few days ago..

OKay, so i will be going to Perhentian Island on monday and i will be back on Thurs, wokie? Dun miss me u knoe? i promiz to bring lotsa pretty pics back from there and post it here aite? keke..but i will be working the day after coming back from Perhentian means on Friday till Sunday agian !! i will be deadly exhausted man.. . btw, i will be going to Singapore again to continue my shopping spree on da following Thurs and hopefully i will enjoy myself there.. hehe..

My handphone is having some problems nowadays man..Itz so hard to call out.. when i press like a someone to call to it will sure have connection error.. and itz so hard to send out sms.. i need to resend many times.. i guess itz the hotlink problem after activating my 3G function.. Believe or not, i only got my 3G function after one year using this phone..haha.. Even the shop owner asked how long did i use da phone arleady.. i said one yr plus and he said " har? after one yr plus of using dis phone u activate 3G ah? *shakes head* " so mean rite? *shakes head*

Thursday, June 07, 2007

>> lazyyyyyy

My lazy veins popped out like few days ago.. damm lazy ok? but i guess i needed to update my blog or i will kumpul everything and write together, it will be super blardee long.. I did nth much today as i woke up at 1.30pm and went out to MCD to tapau something back and makan and watched DVD.. and now here i am !! =).. i was actually playing DOTA !! u knoe anot? T.T.. because of somebody is doing the stupid electricity thingie at my hse, so i terpaksa leave da game.. soo cham ok? T__T i syok syok playing den "pop" my whole hse's electric went out.. grr !!


Okay, as u guys dunno.. Last last Saturday i went to Jb and Singapore on Sunday.. Oh well, i had some fun there at least rather than staying at home doing nuthing over the weekends.. Sooo, i left my hse around 6am on the Saturday morning.. Stopped at Alor Gajah's Restaurant Jejantas to meet up with my aunties and had breakfast before continuing our journey.. Den, as we reached JB at my uncle's hse around 10am? As my uncle's wife means aso my auntie juz gave birth to a Baby Boy on 23th May 2007.. so i went and play with da baby ler.. SO DAM CUTEEEE... really dam cute , u knoe? but da kesakitan of giving birth to a baby, i think i can barely stand the pain ler.. haha.. So, had lunchie there and went to Tebrau City, one of the biggest shopping malls in JB..walked around there, didnt have the mood to shop because the next day i was going to Singapore to shop already.. So screw it, juz walked around and before going home.. Stopped by at some places to grab some dvds.. Reached home terus on one DVD and watch while waiting for my parents to bath ..FYI, i had dinner on that nite as it was my grandma's bday.. So yea, by the time my parents finish bathing.. they said we had to leave already !!! urghh.. means me and my sis didnt get to bath mannn... So, terpaksa change to our bajus and terpaksa spray alot of perfume =P and left fetched my grandma from my uncle's hse and headed to the restaurant =(..


So the next morning, woke up at freaking 8.30am !! actually i set my alarm to 8am so dat in the morning i can bath and wash my hair.. (FYI, i bathed the last nite after coming back from dinner okay? i'm not that dirty, just didnt wash my hair) den get ready to go to Singapore.. So we left for Singapore after having our breakfast at some kopitiam.. Reached Singapore around 11.30? Stopped by at my aunt's hse to parked our car and put some parking tickets in the car to avoid getting saman.. So, after that.. We took a cab straight to Orchard Road.. u knoe wat? we waited for a friggin taxi for like 30 mins? it was blardee hot and stuffy ok? i can barely breathe properly and i am sweating like pig *yucks*.. Then finally got a taxi and the taxi driver stopped us at the Orchard Parade Hotel, the hotel we stayed in Singapore.. While waiting for my parents to checked in the hotel, me and my sis went to the Starbucks which is juz next to the hotel to grab a drink.. kaka..

Me and my sis in Starbucks Singapore, it was a super duper hot and stuffy day man T.T

Den after that, went back to da hotel room and rest a little while before we started our shopping spree !! We walked around Orchard Road and i bought a roxy purse for Yoke Han that shared by Pei as well.. Den went Esprit to get some tops bcos is superb cheap and aso to G2000.. NTh much i bought from there.. After walking for like 4 to 5 hrs? my legs were already aching like mad, and i bising-ed to go back to hotel.. i cant stand it already..It has been a long time since i walked as much as this man..So, after bathing and everything.. We went to WISMA ATRIA for our dinner in this restaurant called " DIN TAI FUNG" i tell u, their Xiao Long Baoz are so much better as in tasted so much better than dragon-i's.. well, while makaning waited for Pei to come.. And as she arrived, wah my mouth non stop talking to her.. There were too many things to catch up.. i nvr stop my mouth from saying anything.. lol.. After dinner, we walked along Orchard Road it was stuffy and all la.. but me and Pei juz talked non stop la.. lol didnt even bother wat is happening around us other than concentrating on our conversations.. Later on, we went to Starbucks to yumcha, as in me and Pei only .. chat till around 12am den my mom called and asked me to balik to sleep already.. T.T.. So she had to go also.. now i am missing her alreadyy.. huhu T.T ... Hopefully she said she will be coming back on July and she mean it ler.. i really hope she do..

So the next day, we went to Paragon for breakfast and back to Isetan to get our slippers =.=.. lol.. after that, headed back to our hotel and pack our things and catch a taxi back to my aunt's hse.. It was raining like godzillas and gorillas man that day.. i was soaking wet when i ran to the shade from the taxi.. Dried up ourselves in my aunt's hse and headed to Causeway Point for our lunchie and our last chance to shop..

Me and Pei in Orchard Road..Met her for dinner xD

I juz love the nite life in Singapore man ..

Went back to JB after that, so we went home and bath rest awhile went over to my uncle's hse and see da BABY !! he's so cute.. too cute T__T.. make me aso wanna give birth to one baby already but sked pain la .. lol.. i knoe i am a chicken can? haha.. sue me lor.. =P.. well later, went out to makan in some foodcourt in Johor Jaya it something like Ming Tien in Taman Megah/ Mayang? entah manalah.. in PJ wan.. but there ada some old woman stood on da stage and sang some CHINESE oldiess !! so kacau u knoe? wear like some LALA..auntie wear LALA =P.. Later on, tapau grill fish and lin chee kang den pigi rumah another auntie saya.. kaka.. makan and chit chatted with her den balik rumah and tido..

well, Last friday, i went to Sungei Wang with Aya !! but towards the end of da shopping spree, we werent in da mood to jalan anymore, cos Aya couldnt find anything tops she likes, and i got pissed off with those SA in sungei wang.. they werent helpful and FRENLY because they tuck jui me, dun ask wat.. i juz hated the way they layaned customers..but in the end i aso bought a sling bag * lovelove* love it so dam much, den an off shoulder top and a pair of sandals ... After that, we left Sungei Wang and went back to Time Square to take our car and balik to Aya's place there.. FIRST STATION !! haha.. we forgotten to camwhore there la.. =.="..btw, we were like debating about which one sounds more harsh? "FUCK YOU" or " TIU LEI".. we were talking so gawd dam loud until other tables even da waiters and waitresses aso looking at us.. =.=.. oh well.. lol.. juz too chi kik about it..

Me driving..lol..

Me and Aya camwhoring lor.. as usual, and the lorry guy was looking at us.. 7_7

FYI !! this thursday is my PIANO exam okay? T___T i'm so doom la.. wish me luck and pray for me ok anot? T.T.. i will shiver when i go there.. huhuhu..

Oh u knoe wat? i am working part time in Cineleisure now.. Selling shoes man.. i knoe it sounds pathetic abit la.. but itz da PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN shoes okay? haha.. not cheap u knoe? and i am in loved with two designs and i think i wont buy cos itz too exp..lol.. earning money is aint easy man.. i shall not spend so much from now on but yet i still cant control my spending.. kaka..

Alrite, i am dam emo nowadays man.. and sometimes i dun really like to even open my mouth and talk much, so dis shows dat i am dam emo rite? Even i get very mang very fast dis morning, till i almost like shouted loudly to phone calls while i was sleeping in the MORNING !! omg.. my dad called juz to ask me to help him to recieve his fax..0__0.. Almost blowed..lol..

okay, i think nth much already.. and for ur info, dis post was supposed to post it like 2 days ago but i kept delaying due to some things la.. like yesterday half way blogging den go and fix the Zion thingie that took me so many frigging hours.. T__T got very mang as well..