Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm back !! =)

>>> tired + malas

First of all, before i start blogging wat am i supposed to blog since last week, i wanna dedicate dis upper bit of space for my beloved Tan Yoke Han even though her bday was last 2 days la.. lol.. eh, nvmla okay? u knoe i dam busy wan.. btw,

Happy Belated Birthday TAN YOKE HAN !!!

We knew each other for 15 yrs already.. and i really appreciate our friendship.. we went through alot of hard and good times together.. We did uncountable things together although we are no longer studying in da same college/uni.. Everytime when i have problems u will alwiz be there to listen to me, no matter how much I whine, how much i complaint about dis and dat.. U will complaint together with me.. Whenever i emo, u sure think of stupid jokes to make me laugh.. U are my bestest laughing partner, we laughed all da way since standard 6 when we were in da bus coming back from Langkawi till now we are still laughing like some sorpoh at the street about Wen Jie's lamest jokes.. Besides that, u will nvr get mad at me when i scold u or scream at u , neither do i.. and i nvr get mad at u for ffk-ing me unless for da other day b4 going to Genting la.. :-p.. There are too much to be listed down..


Well, 2 weeks back, I spent quite alot of time with da UTAR gang, Aya, Shirley and Yoke Han.. What i did? Went to Jogoya for dinner with the Utar gang , den later on hit Maison after dinner.. Okay, Jogoya pics ;

Sorry but i dam lazy post so many pics from Jogoya la.. LOLL..


We went to Genting like 2 weeks back..lol.. on da 18th May and we had fun there.. but unfortunately, we were quite tired as we went to Bar-celona to club da night b4 as it was Tan's bday lor.. Since i am her bestie, sure must gif face abit.. So i went with the UTAR gang , Stephy and Shirley.. i got drunkie dat nite again ^.^.. Sowie no pics from clubs anymore since my camera got stolen once, and i wont take da risk anymore .. or elsee i mampus if i lose it one more time.. sure mampus... Okay, so here are da pics from Genting.. i brought a battery-less camera there.. LOL.. and Tan scolded me for my stupidity..lol.. and gave me da cock stare.. GUess wat? i sat da stupid Solero Shot in Genting Themepark.. GAWD ! dam scary dat i almost die of heart attack i tell u.. Scare the shit out of me, and i came down with my face turned green...-.-

Yup.. Huimin came and joined us da nite b4.. den we gamble in da room, went to Starbucks and yumcha.. den slept in da same room as us..lol.. it was FUNN !!! hehe.. Letz plan another trip together.. woot..


Hmm.. Have been dotaing alot lately during da weekends with Shirley and all but i am still suck at it.. haha.. She came over my place to sleepover for 2 weekends in a row.. We had so much fun although she alwiz took my blankie away.. T__T..Left my butt got froze by da aircond.. We had fun chit chatting da nite away..Hope there are more to come.. hoho..

It's alwiz liddat la... My female frens are all dam leng.. den when take pics with them, i look extremely ugly.. *smacks head*

Okla, dis post suppose to be very long time ago one.. but i am a Miss. Procrastinator... Tan, i knoe ur bday dam long ago, but now only post it.. but better than nth la. ish !! havent get ur present yet somemore.. letz go shopping !!! =)
P/S: i dunno how to blog already.. so i guess dis is a crappy post la.. dun wan read can go point ur mouse's cursor on da orange cross on ur top right of da page ^.^

Sunday, May 04, 2008


>>> tired

YAY !! my exam is finally over !! woot.. ended last Friday.. exam was okay, until da last paper.. haha.. i didnt have da mood to study anymore, and i only needed 2 more marks to pass, so i just simply do la.. i hope my SIMPLY do, can let me earn at least 2 marks !! if kenot rite, i really have no comment of my kebodohan liao...

Hmm.. Stephy wanted to club on dat nite itself.. So she asked me to go with her den she invited few of her frens., so we went to CCB (reads: Coco Banana).. den we joined table with some random guys but Stephy said dat guy is some breadman who sells bread in PASAR MALAM..LOL.. Friday nite, i tot Counnaught there got PASAR MALAM wan? how come he still got time to come? Perhaps that nite, the business was good? hahahaaa.. so mean rite me? i wanna be a MEANIE.. woot..mayb i am one already.. :-p Btw, the Utar gang came over to CCB to look for us after their movies in Midvalley.. Waited for da ending and went over to AC for yumcha session..and NOOO, i wasnt drunk dat nite =)

Went over to Sg Long to look for da gang yesterday.. LOL.. Went Kajang for Satay.. and laugh da nite away thanks to Lawrence's joke.. da funniest part was when they were in the car, Lawrence made a poem for Yoke Han, using her chinese name's pronounciation.. lol.. gawdd.. Only ppl like him can think of these.. need not to say more .. pictures will do the talking, no pics during clubbing but yesterday's nite..

I guess this is famous satay place where everyone talking about Kajang satay.. xD

Look very delicious rite?lol.. but beef dam tough..i feel dat my gigi sudah ubat kedudukan and become senget balik =P

*cough cough* Acting la he... =P

The "COUPLE" wearing the same tees.. lol..

The Guys, Kyan, Patrick and Lawrence

The girls ~~ Yoke Han, Stephy and Weng See..

lol... Patrick is gonna kill me for posting this, but we were supposed to sit on dat car to take pic, and supposed to act like a tourist and act like a jakun den, he went up and sat on da car already, waitin to take picture but den in the end we decided not to take, so he came down.. hahaha

But the girls get to snap a pic with it.. =P

Then we tot of sitting on those rides where i used to like it when i was 4 to 5 years old.. but we kenot masuk, cos takut tumbang and da lubang for us to put our leg dunno can even fit one of our legs anot.. so we decided just to post with it..

While waitin for Stephy (Kyan temaned her) to tapao satay home, we went into da car and waited for them.. den we main and camwhore abit..=P

try guessing wat were they doing.. hahaa.. yoke han was with her rocky stick as a ciggies

The dog's ear was ripped off by Yoke Han .. HAHAHHAA.. cos of their keganasan in the car.. ( i'm not describing da pic )

Lastly, the groupie.. Hmm.. A Saturday nite spend NOT in CLUBS, sounds weird to most of u..Especially when it apply it to us.. HAHA.. but it was fun although Sg Long wasnt a really good place to hangout although their KFC there ada balcony for ppl to star gazing LOLL.. but with great accompanies, great jokers made our Saturday nite feel worthy by laughing with their jokes as though we turned on to the comedy channel on the Television.. Thanks for the nite =)..