Friday, December 29, 2006

> > happy but SUPER BROKE !!

I rebonded my hair today.. woohoo !! now my hair is silky straight.. dam soft somemore !! i dam love my hair now man.. but u know wat??


I spent RM300 on dis hair man.. dam sam thong, my mom sponsored me RM100.. i asked her to sponsor RM150 but NOOOOO.. she gave me RM100 oni.. aihz, so i had to take out another RM200.. and now i am officially broke... i had fun time in the saloon today, u knoe why? * evil gins* one of da hairstylist kena teased by me kao kao.. MUAHAHA.. the satisfaction, but he aso got tease me.. U see ah, everytime i go there do my hair, he sure start the teasing topic first and i didnt even open my mouth !! =X * mouth zipped * Oh man ! i am spending money like water but i love my hair alot now =).. Seriously, i am gonna stop shopping for awhile till i can save back da money .. urghh !! and i am quite pissed now because i had to cancel the small BBQ party dat i am having and planning to do because she * my mom* left all the thingie dat cucuk the chicken wing wan, those besi thingies in my KAMPUNG !! wtf? Sooooooooooo i had to cancel it and mayb make it another time.. So much for da excitment dat i have been waiting for.. BOOHOO !! one word all da besi thingies nvvr bring back already made my heart broken into million pieces.. =(

*evil grins* datz me and my cousin !! =)

The other day i went to one utama to shop with TAN !! well, i didnt really shop though cause i juz bought a top from WH ..a basic simple sleeveless top cost me RM33 !! but it was nice is juz because the back there has some lacey lace on it and Tan bought a skirt that cost RM89 which i will nvr buy with my own money in my whole life..*kuhon* haha.. Too expensive la, people like me couldnt afford such an expensive skirt..*cries*.. Oh yea ! and we went to this Wong Kok Char Chan Teng makan the XO Sauce fried rice.. dam delicious man..i recommend u guys to go there and try dis dish and aso their XO sauce chee cheong fun !! it is really delicious, no doubt about it ..xD..Nevertheless, OF COS when our vainity strikes from nowhere we camwhore after our BRUNCH i got to say.. hehe so here it goes....

and dis when we were trying out our clothes.. kaka ^^

oh yea, got something dat i am still very upset about is dat i failed 2 subjects in College and i am oni allow to take 3 subjects !!! including the 2 subjects i failed and one new subject.. DAM IT !! hopefully, i will pass every single thingie .. OH MAN, i am seriously freaking out and all.. if i ever under probation again for da second time, means i oni allow to take 2 subjects and if i cant fulfill da requirement for da second time probation.. SAY BYE BYE TO TAYLOR'S College la, i am gonna get kicked out !! urghh.. but if i ever get kicked out do come and visit me in one of da Saloon dat i am gonna learn my hairstyling course in ya !! ^^ I am pretty mad at one of my auntie, when i told her 2 of my frens are taking hairstyling course and she acted weird.. as in show a weird face and she really pentingkan her hair..

SO i told her,

IF no hairstylist around, how are u gonna rebond ur hair? Think about it, do not ever look down on ppl who are not capable to take medicine or watsoever dat needs brains * such as nerds has * and also ppl dat doesnt have a wealthy family to support them in college and UNIVERSITIES.. Oh come on, itz not dat bad having a family member working in such field rite? At least, we have our own private hairdresser to do our hair for us.. and all these working and studying is all depends on da interest and capability we have in ourselves.. U cant force someone who doesnt like to study to go for something that they are not interested in rite? it will definitely wont work at all..



Monday, December 25, 2006

i am : happy ^^

first i wanna wish all of u MERRY CHRISTMAS !! I am pretty sure everyone had a blast Xmas eve night rite? hehe.. well, i do by the way.. Although me and Aya ended up being together as in celebrate together only but i guess we had a blast nite rite? blast my ipod in the car hor Aya? She go and on da music so loud in da car sampai my cermin bergegar because of da bass of da music cos we keep playing ATB songs and those rock songs, she dam comfortable la.. Holding da ipod scrolling and choosing songs to blast while i so penat driving and caught in da jam.. keke.. but well, we had a great laugh though..We went to THE CURVE at first.. haha it was fun when we started standing at one side which has lesser people to CAMWHORE !! our favourite thingie to do when no one is looking.. oh ya !! we camwhore in the toilet as well cos late already not much ppl going to pee pee ma.. well, i havent upload da pictures from my camera yet though oni from my phone.. kaka.. so sowie la, besides i dun look good in da pictures dat i took with my camera.. cos wrong angle la dunno wat angle is nice..

KAKA.. nice pose anot?/gg.. well, we were posing all the way and joking and aso teasing ppl around us when they walked passed by us.. it was dam funny and everyone who can hear our laughter started staring at us.. *oops =X*.. After Aya collected her money from her sis, we went back to Subang for dinner.. and it was already 12am and we havent had our dinner yet, u knoe why? BECAUSE AYA WAS TOO PICKY ON THE RESTAURANT AND ENVIROMENT AROUND US.. haha.. okla, actually it was me cos i kept saying i dun wan dis restaurant , dun wan dat, in the end we went back to SS15 first station for our lunch + dinner .. After dinner, we went for one round of dota in gamesworld and we played blueserver.. Well, i dun wanna story about da games' procedure cos U KNOW LAHH.. xD

The day before Xmas eve, we went to Sg wang and Times Square to shop.. and OMG !! our legs almost patah because we were non stop walking from Times Square * where i parked my car* to Sg Wang and had our lunchie den walked across to Lot 10 to look for SHIRLEY !! waited for her to break and we went into LV in Starhill.. haha.. i swear i wont be going there ever again until i am planning to get a bag for myself there or something or dun ever ask me to step inside that shop.. unless they change the fella who open and close the door for us la.. Everything in there is nice but it is really EXPENSIVE man .. After dat, we went to the Lot 10 foodcourt to yumcha for awhile before Shirley went back to her work.. and of cos, we CAMWHORE !! kaka..

The few days before, I went to here and there and the here and there is Sunway Lagoon and Genting for one day trip..Went Sunway Lagoon and it was raining in the morning till the evening.. The sky was pretty cloudy for the whole entire day.. But lucky for me cos no sunburn ^^V.. Den two days later, we went to Genting.. ( the WE is me and my cousin and her frens ).. I called and met up with TKB on dat day and thanks to him who killed my boredom there.. We catched up with our thingies dat we havent been chatting for quite sometime since he left to work there.. and i didnt have da time to yumcha with him when he is around .. So we yumcha-ed in Genting instead.. hehe.. It was super COLD there and i almost die and freeze to death but i acted strong and dun wanna wear my jacket .. haha.. Well, TKB has no eyes to look at me because of i didnt wanna spoil my outfit look by wearing a jacket and acted strong although i was freezing.. haha dahlah having ICE BLENDED TOFFEE NUT FRAP.. can mati wei.. *fainted*.. We watched Eragon there too to kill our time because my bus from Genting to KL is at 8.30PM !! there werent anymore earlier bus tickets for us to come down earlier.. Was really tired when i came back from Genting, my kaki walauehh !! lenguh like giler..u can really feel da pain and feel da bones cracking inside ( okla, i am exeggerating again xD)

the pic me and TKB took in Genting while yumcha, i couldnt upload it.. but now i can already.. keke.. and i having dis headache again.. T.T

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

i am : tiredddddd again.. haha.. alwiz tired though

Well, went to Sunway Lagoon today with my cousins and her 2 frens.. Actually i wasnt planning to go but i wan tempted to go, so dis morning when i woke up and when i decided to go rite it RAINED !! urghh.. i tot it wont be a fun day or a good idea going to Sunway Lagoon in rainy day.. I tot i wanted to wear my new sunglasses dat i bought from the PETALING STREET !! haha.. i knoe i am some cheapo who buy a GUCCI sunglasses from Petaling Street but hey , itz nice ok? they imitated it until it really looks real ok?.. BLah !! i am out of topic again..


So, i went to Sunway Lagoon and it was still abit drizzling and we decided to go to the Wet Park first lo cos rite, since itz already raining might as well get wet first rite? Played afew rounds of da water slide and got soaking wet ! =) At first, i didnt wanna go to da wet park because i am having my AV ( not Adult Video ah ) haha.. *figure it out urself =P* but den i was tempted to go to the water park as well, so how? i went lorrr... luckily oni CLEAR water dripping from my pants after getting wet.. keke.. After afew rides in waterpark, we went to the dry park.. OMG!! there were so many LALA bengs.. there are leng chai ones and yeung sui ones as well la.. LOL.. observed ppl alot today , well i like observing ppl though.. AND not to say i perasan or wat la ok? i notice alot of ppl likes to staring at my fat flabby legs.. i wonder wat is that there man.. seriously, i have no idea they like to look from my head to toe man.. stared at the leg da longest.. well hello? itz juz a FAT FLABBY THIGHS AND LEGS RITE? really swt maximum u knoe..

After lagoon, we went to Pyramid to get my cousin's clutch bag.. and her nail polish in guardian rite.. Suddenly when i was talking to my cousin, got one girl asked me " CAN WE HELP U?" when i turned back itz da TAN YOKE HAN with her wide mouth laughter.. hahaha..That was funny, she came and kept begging me for food.. GILER PUNYER BUDAK.. where am i gonna get food for her la? shez alwiz very hungry wan la..i wonder when can her tummy stop asking for food..LOL.. all she wants is FOOD FOOD FOOD...i should ask her to open a food factory so dat she can manifacture her own food and stop asking ppl for food la.. haha..

okla, i think i stop here first.. Well, i am going to Genting on Thursday for one day trip.. ITz gonna be a tiring day againnnn T_____T.. soo till den..

- end -

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Got DRUNK !!!

i am : still feeling abit dizzy

Omfg ! i swear i wont consume ANYMORE alchohol in my life unless there is a valid reason that i wanna make myself drunk.. NOT EVEN BEERS !! soo, next time in pub or watever.. PLEASE order orange juice or soft drinks for me ya.. Cos i dun wanna get drunk anymore.. Hate dat feeling manzz somemore so dizzy and vomitted everything out after consuming it.. The worst thing is, i did not know wat words spilled out from my mouth.. i did not knoe wat the hell i talk and say man.. can anyone pls tell me? i guess it was such an embarrassment and i think i told out alot of things dat kept inside my heart for sometime den it came out when i was in da car yesterday nite.. i was lucky dat i wasnt drunk before going into the car... IF i was still in the club and i was already drunk, i guess many things could happen before i knoe.. haha.. THANKS GOD for dat .. If not i might probably end up in someone's elses bed without knowing or mayb in a hotel room with someone else..

Okayy... i knoe i said out someone's name out like very often and i was quite suprised dat i nvr say out V instead i kept saying K...aiyoo !! i didnt knoe i will say so many stupid things out of my mouth.. But at least better than Aya, she called Campy to come to fetch her and he didnt knoe where to go.. so he got mad at her or something.. Dat was pretty funny and i remembered she kept asking me whether has she called Campy yet and that is like for a few times..haha.. Dat was funny ok? but i think i was talking in some slang in the car and i didnt knoe wat the hell i was crapping about too..urghh !!! i dun wanna drink anymore... pls pls pls.. next time juz order orange juice for me.. hehe.. feel dam dizzy and juz vomitted.. i cant even consume any food ... Perhaps, i guess i dun wanna go clubbing so often or something.. i guess i am not even allow to go already la.. lol.. if wanna go mayb need to go quietly without them knowing or i will die..


i didnt drive yesterday or i will probably cause accident already..CHOII !!! i guess if i drive aso i wont be drinking so much .. as i will control myself.. how nice if i dun have any curfew? i can come home at anytime i wan.. but i dun think dat is possible cos my bro even he is 22 yrs old, my mom will still call him middle of da nite and shout on da phone to ask him to come home..haha.. Oh well , when i woke up in the morning my sis told me dat i was drunk yesterday nite and my mom slapped kao me for dunno wat.. i think i knoe about it but i ddint really bother much about it and straight went to sleep.. haha.. i knoe she laughed at my drunk cat face aso la..

OKAY, so let me make one last statement before i end dis blog..


- end -

Saturday, December 16, 2006

i am : headache-ing AGAIN !!

i am alwiz having dis headache thingie.. T.T.. I have no idea why do i update my blog so often.. haha mayb because i have nth to do.. and yea, i am so dam free now.. mayb later i will go down and watch a dvd or something AMERICAN PIEEEE.. woohoo!! i sapu-ed like 7 dvds dat day in Sg Wang and i feel like sapu-ing more of them...haha.. I bought Death Note cos i havent watch that movie b4 , and dat day i on it and it was talking in Japanese.. So nvmla, i on da subtitle.. omg, da English all broken into pieces ok? i dun understand wat the hell they wrote aso..=.=.. Okay, a new HATE.. hates bad english subtitles movies.. xD.. Trust me, the subtitle is even worst than da worst ppl who spoke English to me before.. Sowie for being straight foward here..hehe..and sowie if i ever hurt anyone with my words ya..keke cos i rasa sometimes even myself can not even speak or write proper english.. >.< tell ="P">

Friday, December 15, 2006

i am : feeling uneasy

Aiyo !! i feel so dam uneasy nowadays la.. walk and sit aso is not da thing dat i wanna do.. u knoe when u feel something not nice, u sit in dis position u dun feel comfortable, sit dat position aso not comfortable.. Welll, yea i am feeling liddat.. URGHH !! my headache strikes again, i tell u one day i will die because of headache every single day la and i dunno why when i feel like sleeping, okla i went to bed listen to my mp3 for a while den i will fall asleep.. but den rite, i dunno why lately i cant sleeeepp !! omg.. whenever i cant sleep, i will come back to da computer and kacau someone in msn but mostly i kacau is Leo, cos he is da one who is alwiz on9 for me to kacau middle of the nite or i will juz browse somewhere and looksie looksie abit till i feel sleepy again, DEN i will go to sleep..

I am kinda excited to go to Ruums for Leo's bday..and i dunno WHY !! usually, i dun feel anything or something when there is a plan going on da next day.. i will just feel like, "oh going there ah?okla.. anything aso can wan" .. but itz like tmr =.=.. dunnola, i feel kinda lazy at the same time, AIYO !! i can help it la.. as i told u i feel dam uneasy.. i feel like doing something dat makes me hyper abit la.. Like today, i laze and bump around at home doing nuthin.. Just wake up and makan , watch abit tv, went out and collect Aya's skirt beli Rojak and makan sampai my tummy aso bloated, came on9 and chat for awhile den went back to sleep till 6 PM !! den came on9 again, had dinner den watch tv and going to bath soon.. datz my life today lah !! i dunno how to survive for da rest of da nite..

Seldom dota lately, but sometimes i did go to the cc with my cousin's 2 frens to play for awhile.. but i dun have da feeling for dota there and i really duno why.. Usually when ppl invite me to dota, i will like " OKOKOK !! i wanna go !! i am so bored at home" and i will go super hyper and get ready and all.. but now, =.= i dunno how i feel, mayb bcos going with them makes me feel *blahh !!* i dunno aso la.. i wanna go shopping suddenly, or do somethinggggggggggggg... *pulls hair out*

Oh ya !! i failed 2 fucking subjects in college.. DAM IT TO DA MAX!! i almost pass for one subject, i've got a big fat C- for CTR (Communication Theory and Research) and i have to fucking repeat dat bloody subject.. urghh !! and another one is Media History Law.. HISTORY AND LAW ??? it doesnt sounds interesting at all huh.. my mood hasnt really recovered yet actually, i keep thinking i have to attend all da boring lectures and do all da stupid essays and assignments all over again !!! and to think back, if i am still in KDU.. i wouldnt have fail any subject at all, dis is because the subjects there are way much easier , seriously the subjects there are more to practical type u knoe.. wat Photo Ethnics thingie? take photos la.. dam nice rite? urghh.. kinda regret changing to Taylor's sometimes.. somemore ppl there has more attitude problem wan cos most of them are rich kid and i usually dun really dress up to college because, wat is da point to dress up to college? dam lazy la.. =.=.. Itz not like ppl will notice my existence aso.. so I-DUN-WANNA-CARE.. and for ur info, i wear to slippers to college sometimes and i saw students wearing those nice shoes like heels with dresses to college.. I even thought of wearing shorts and normal tees to attend lectures, but somehow something asked me not to do so.. haha.. okay, i wanna bath already.. might blog later if i have something to write about.. toodles !!

- end -

Thursday, December 14, 2006

i am : exhausted and feeling discomfort because of my tooth =(

I juz came back from pyramid and i am dead tired.. Somemore itu Aya asked me to update, so i update cos i promised to update dis blog as soon as possible as i said rite?..hehe =).. Alrite, so i bought a Rm20 top from MNG and i saw dis sling bag in MNG is soooooo dam nice and i almost bought it but sadly da sling string is too short la !! i look abit retarded sling-ing dat bag but i was so in love with da shape and colour of the bag ok? oh well, i am still thinking about it and mayb i will buy i guess if i havent find any other nicer sling bags la, because i am searching for a bags dat similar like da one i saw in MNG .. i am soo dead ok? and i bought 2 liquid eye liners today, and i feel dat i am abit wasting money as in buying 2 liquid eye liners at da same time, somemore same colour..oh well, i hope i wont regret buying those because i seldom buy make ups and all and i guess it shud be ok ler.. hehe.. i am quite satisfied with the things i bought today as i nvr spend more than RM150 for buying so many things ...

Ok, let me confess something.. i really hate guys dat judge girls mostly on their looks and body before looking at the mirror and judge himself first.. Guys like dat really can juz go and get a life ok? well excuse me, if u think u are leng chai enuff or something to get a pretty gf but no heart one, well go ahead then.. I am not pointing dis to anyone but just telling u guys about it because i am very annoyed with guys liddat ok?

Let me tell u a story, there is one of my fren, K.. and HER fren L wanted to intro a guy, which is called P to her.. Well, P at first was dam eager to meet my fren ok?P kept asking L to faster ask K to go out and meet up as he wants to meet K so dam much...It's like, he kept bugging L to ask K out to see K. Den rite one day L told P dat K is abit plump-ish type of girl, he went and show different type of reaction and wasnt really eager to see K anymore.. Ok, i heard P is not very leng chai because he was involve in a car accident and his lips got some scars or something, i dunno how to describe it la ok.. and when K heard about it, she didnt even give any reaction like " eh why P liddat wan? i dunn wanna meet him la.. he is so ugly" den how can P be so mean to K? i mean K wasnt like desperate to meet him either la, cos i mean meet takkan sudah mau jadi couples rite? i mean wat the hell? get a life la P.. but L wanted to them to couple so much when K asked her " why do u wan us to meet so much?" den L answered " Because i cant wait to see both of you pak toh !!" .. GROW UP PLSS !! u are going to be 22 yrs old next yr ok?

okla, i abit geram for my fren now xD.. so my reaction and emotion is abit exeggerating la.. so dun mind me la k? alrite, i need to get some sleep now because later i will be going to Petaling Street for dinner !! and Aya, i tak suka di-pok mong !! cos i dun like da feeling dat a hamsap guy put his fingers underneath my skirt ok? itz dam disgusting.. ewwwwww !!! till then..


New BLOGGIE !! =)

i am = headache-ing =(

woohoo !! at last my new bloggie is done and i guess i have to blogg more often cos dis Aya is barking like a bitch dat i am not blogging as often as her.. lol.. Okay, i guess she is gonna kick my ass when she sees me dis Saturday.. Oh ya !! dis Saturday i am going to RUUMS !! yay !! *waves my hand up in the air*.. well, i go aso bcos i bagi muka to Leo cos as he said i am his ONE and ONLY KAI MUI.. yea rite !! he has another kai mui actually but he said he and dat girl already berpaling muka or something la.. haha.. oh well, i wish i wont berpaling muka with anyone.. hehe.. but oh well, at the mean time i am quite annoyed and umm song someone..and u will nvr wanna knoe who.. i guess u guys will be super suprise when u knoe about it..keke so i better not tell la.. cos as u knoe i am dam good in backstabbing ppl and condemning ppl and i dun wanna spoilt my nice goodie angelic image infront of everyone unless i have to.. haha..

Well, i have been shopping like crazy lately.. and i have been to pyramid 3 times in juz afew days and i am going tmr again.. Such a pyramid lover i am.. but suprisingly, i cant really shop when i go to 1 Utama or Midvalley and i dunno why.. mayb because i dun have da mood there.. haha.. but i can really shop alot in pyramid .. oh well, u tell me why cos i really dunno wat problem is having in me i am crazy.. oh ya !! i am kinda high and getting crazy these days and i really dunno why either.. i keep irritates my lil cousin and she alwiz get irritated and asked me to shut my mouth up but i really cant.. Hey !! imagine me, shutting my mouth up.. dun be suprise dat i will in da future ok? haha.. cos i am those really noisy kinda ppl infront of u guys.. and once i shut my mouth, i bet u guys would probably sked something goes wrong in me rite rite rite??? tell me u at least i feel cared by u guyss..... =(

Oh yea, my cousins are back from Perth, Australia for vacation last week.. so dis is why i kept going to pyramid la.. Other than that, she came back with two of her guy frens and one of them is wayyyyyyy too annoying, i would probably tell him off one day if he ever annoys me ever again.. i really feel like confronting him lor, omg !! he kept saying stuffs dat is against me liddat.. at first, he was like dam quiet and kinda nice and after knowing him better... ewww !!! wat a jerk he is.. omfg !! i have a long story about him .. oh well, i dun wanna backstabbed ppl so much as i say, cos i believe in karma.. haha !! how if something called balasan happens to me? har har har?? okla, my head really is gonna crack soon and i promiz to update dis blog as often as possible k Aya? lol.. i knoe u are gonna kick me soon cos all my blogs are stagnant !!! urghhh.. writing a blog is like writing an essay sometimes ok? and i dunno wat to say aso la.. oh well, now i wanna go shopping sooooo badly cos i juz realised dat i have not enuff shirt to wear out !! everytime aso wear da same thing out ok? u dun be suprise if i do, cos i am LACK of clothes !!! tmr, i am gonna shop and if possible i would like to get a pair of lovely sandals for my pretty feet.. oh !! and u knoe wat? dat time i went to dis chinese tabib when i got my leg sprained and to dis reflexology place in Bangkok, they said i have small feet and big body.. omg !! i was sooooooo embarassed about it ok? lol.. i would probably fall one day when i couldnt balance well with my small feet..kaka.. okla, datz it !! i will blog soon another day...