Monday, March 23, 2009

Malacca Trip~~

I am dying as the weather is frigging hot today.. actually almost everyday..:( somtimes it rain like cats and dogs, at times it is as hot as it can make me produce B.O from my body *disgusted*.. i dun have BO one la okay for your info.. so dun keep ur distance from me ah.. i will be very hurt . wtf *smacks head*.. what did i just said?=.=..

Alright, i am supposed to blog about my Malacca trip, Ricky took 2 days off to teman me to go Malacca bcause i was having my midterm break last week ..sorry no pictures, my phone's very cha peh, if i use da camera, it will hang and i forgotten to bring my charger there da other day.. And my camera's cable lost already so i cant upload pictures even i take pictures with my camera, so i did not bring my camera to Malacca.. HAHA.

Malacca's weather was as hot as here.. I almost die bcos got roasted by the sun in Jonker Street.. There werent any trees around, and i did not smack some sunscreen lotion on my body.. LOL.. so i am roasted and becoming a Keling already.. because of the kepanasan, we went for Cendol.. And i almost got chocked to death bcause of da sweetness.. wtf? dam sweet lor the cendol.. lesson learnt : dun go to those shops that is renovated until very nice and clean in malacca that serves cendol bcause they serve the sweetest cendol ever.. Go to the indian man next to da street and a smelly river ( longkang ) actually and infront of the Christ Church, (the red building where there is a CROSS on top of the building wtf, not funny also -.-" ) yeah, there is one indian man underneath the big umbrella selling cendol and apparently, itz good wor.. Afterall, cendol was create by Indians.. WTF? i was just crapping.. i dunno who invented cendol and put it in the food category la..
So after that, we walked back to our car and drove off and nvr go Jonker Street for the rest of the trip already.. TOO HOT !! u knoe every step i walked there i also complain hot.. dunno how my bf can stand my voice saying " Very hot laa.." for 100 times in 30 mins.. HAHAHA.. but he normally just kept quite bcos he just dun wanna layan me.. xD.. I'm so irritating rite?:-p..
Wanted to search for da Tan Kim Hock building to buy some food back, but go round 10 times of da whole malacca town also no sign of Tan Kim Hock.. sigh* so we headed back to our Hotel room for a rest, bcos we woke up as early as 8.42am in the morning.. LOL.. Slept till around 6pm, bath and went to Portuguese village for seafood dinner..
Wow, i didnt knoe that place existed.. Itz like restaurant facing the sea.. wat a nice ambience.. T__T.. i miss the wind from the sea.. wtf? why wind?=.=.. I miss the butter garlic scallops to be exact.. hehe.. den later, we went back to hotel after dinner for awhile, and i changed..

We went 10 rounds again figure out the way to Eye On Msia.. HAHAHA.. i think we took like 20 mins just to find out the way there.. for a 15 mins ride? Eye on Malaysia cost us Rm20.. It was a pretty good experience to sit on a big ferris wheel not to see the view of Malacca .. What is there to see at nite in Malacca? i've already sat in the car, and Ricky went 10 to 20 rounds in Malacca just to find the place already.. wat also see already lor.. hehehe.. After EYe on Malaysia, we went for Satay Celup.. but sadly it was disappointing..not as nice as b4 i ate.. maybe i went to the wrong shop.. =/..
I tell u, my stomach was soo full dat day.. because after Satay Celup, we went Sunshine bar.. aihs.. i was disappointed as well bcause sunshine bar isnt as nice as i thought it would be.. but suprisingly, a bucket which 4 bottles of beer contained in it cost only RM26 !! my eye went so big.. imagine la, me and Ricky drank like 4 freaking bottles of beer, i think i drank more than him, because we argued when we reached the Bar.. hahaha.. so i got so mad and drank xD.. and my stomach almost burst lor !! and abit so we stopped by at Pure Bar for second round.. not actually second round la.. cis !! so dam packed and packed with LALAS and they got some dunno wat dancing competition there.. not exactly competition la.. just some skimpy clothes girls went up to the podium and shaked their ass off only.. and dapat 50 bucks !! 0__0... went off after 15 mins and back to hotel..

Next day, woke up for breakfast and bath and ciao.. Went to Tan Kim Hock to buy the foodstuffs and came back to KL already.. cos we argued again in the morning b4 checking out.. geez !! dun ask me argued about what.. i dun wanna bring up already.. but we were okay when we reached KL.. That's all about it about my Malacca trip.. it was fun, and we had bad times as well la.. xD.. but still, I LOVE HIM.. :-)

Hmm, well there are pictures, but pictures from my cousin's camera, when she was here in Malaysia..

These pictures ( from above) are the ones we took during CNY.. i love the lightings

And here is somewhere in Jenjarom.. I think itz in Klang.. It was a very very hot afternoon.. almost pengsan..

The is the best chocolate drink ever !! from Thebroma.. watever the name is la.. i dunno how to spell.. itz in IUtama.. the Chocolate Lounge.. u guys shud go there and try.. :-)
-The End-