Monday, July 30, 2007

>>> blisterssss =(

I tell u, i regreted buying da Retro shoes from sungei wang !! it caused me blisters 2 on EACH FEET.. Let me repeat TWO ON EACH LEGG !!! and it was suffering when i was wearing it each time.. So far i wore it twice for long HOURSS !! and it hurted like crap.. T__T u nvr wanna knoe how does it feels like.. it bitted my toes and my third toe on my left feet, bleeded and da skin peeled off so badly till da flesh is revealed.. Imagine how painful is it gonna be when u juz drop one drop of water on the skinless flesh.. damm blardee painful ok? T__T i suffered when i bath.. luckily it dried up pretty fast..

LOL ! why am i talking and describing so much about my blisters? btw it still hurts okay? *sobs* and u knoe why did i have all these blisters on my toes? cos dat day which was on last Saturday nite, me and yoke chin and the gang went Qbar .. LOL so u can see how smartly i am to wear that shoes to clubs and danced with it.. i am so suprised dat why while i was dancing i couldnt feel much on my feet.. About the QBAR plan was actually a last min plan.. Didnt plan to go anywhere, then Yoke Chin asked me whether to go on that nite and i actually did not want to go but da next day, i tot of taking a time off out of everything that bothers my mind too much so, i asked her if the plan is still on and she said yes..SO, we went on Saturday nite and it went well.. I had fun and was high after consuming afew glasses of kneat Dewars, high until da painful-ness of my leg aso kenot feel while dancing wildly like some jakun.. lol.. i was lucky that drunkie or my mom would slap me again like the day i went RUUMS =P..

I'm sooooo tired nowadays, like overly exhausted again.. Not enuff sleep and all.. Long college hours, heavy workloads are making me soo gawd damn moody.. I dun even have to mood to talk much.. If there arent any topic to chat about i will juz keep quiet and stoned.. xD..

Went down to KL to survey around about the hotel ballroom's enviroment and did some discussions about da costing that they will charge us for having an event there.. FYI, my semester for Public Relation subject is having a Ball dis yr.. But the ticketing price and venue isnt confirmed yet.. keke..SO if can plssss come and support my event ya? T__T itz my assignment u knoe.. got marks wan ahh..

Alrite la, i took like 3 days to do dis post.. haha and itz SHORT !! i knoe i am lazy la.. i dun mean to wan ok? cos i am very tired.. and i dunno why.. alrite then, itz picciess timeee.. =D

Friday, July 27, 2007

>> =)

HI !! i'm back ! haha.. i knoe i have been disappearing from this page for quite sometime.. Why am i talking until like there are alot of ppl reading my blog wan? haha.. why i said so? cos i've changed my ADDRESS la ! haha..i do not want alot of ppl reading dis blog.. i knoe i am abit selfish and keep all the things to myself, i dun wan ppl knoe that sometimes i have alot of problems and i put my entry here and they read it.. i knoe i dam bad la.. sue me lor .. =( and aso sometimes i do condemn ppl wan ler.. so i aso dun wan ppl to knoe lor..

Okay cut the crap.. U knoe i've been quite busy with my college work lately.. There are so much to do man.. My project, my assignments.. woah !! i dun even have time to practise my piano man.. and i play like crap for these few weeks.. It seems like i couldnt cope with new songs soo fast yet cos lack of practice =(.. i need to spend more time in here and there..

Have been busying dota for da past few days.. of cos play at home la.. lol. i dun have kakis to go CC and play.. As usual, most of the time lose games.. But when ada Shirley, itz hard abit to lose la.. haha meaning she very geng lor.. lol no doubt, watever heroes she used, she will and most prob will own the game.. but the funny part is, few days back we played with her bf (Alan) as well, and we played shuffle players and both of them got to be enemies for 2 games straight.. that was pretty funny cos they were sitting next to each other.. haha.. both of them were complaining that they were looking at each other's pc..

Two weeks later, Shirley is gonna have her 21st Bday party on a miserable Tuesday nite.. kaka .. Still havent think of anything to give her yet =P.. mayb i shall wrap myself up in a pretty pressie box and tie it with a super nice gigantic ribbon and gif myself to her? haha.. I knoe she loves me.. HOR SHIRLEY? haha.. okay, juz a short post here cos i have nth much to update on.. Will be going to QBAR dis saturday.. anyone wanna come along? let me knoe.. =) cheers


Thursday, July 19, 2007

>>> =.=

Dunno wat is my mood now but dis entry is about my rant ya.. kenot tahan dun read =).. Dis month is like dam suay for me lor.. i seriously dunno why on earth so many ppl umm song me for.. and i dunno wat have i done to make them umm song me.. REALLY DUNNO.. Seriously, itz not like i stepped their tail b4 or something aso.. DAM crazie.. Wat i do and how i act aso got something to talk about wan ah? Nvr talk much to them aso umm song me.. As for ur info, i seldom talks in College i tell.. i am a different person in college as for those u knoe me, u guys might think i dam muka tembok and tak tau malu and for sure very very bising and Chi cha but when u go into Taylor's college i mean u spy better la cos if i see u (those i rapat with ones) i sure dam bising wan ma.. if u see me with my college mates, i would probably be the MOST quiet wan.. Seriously, i dun talk much in college and u will see the DIFFERENT me in college.. i sounded like i dam anti-social hor? actually i am lah.. dun think i am so socialable..

Suddenly my moodd gone down to da drain.. someone pick it back up for me pls ^^.. i alwiz wonder why cant my life be better than now ah? Well, as dis bloggie is somewhere i could spread my feelings out by saying out every single thing.. Well, i am gonna say.. I knoe my life in another way is very much better than others i mean not as good but yea, at least i got wat i wan but do u knoe wat girls alwiz farn about? itz alwiz about frens and love.. Well, my love stories has gone into history few thousand yrs ago but frens.. I dun have much frens as u knoe.. i have afew close ones and those close ones is those i really appreciate now but somehow i dunno when my mood swing builts like so seriously nowadays.. It actually started like dis yr, i dun usually have major mood swings for da previous years.. Now i dun feel like meeting anyone and juz feel like locking up myself at home .. Or going shopping alone but that isnt necessary .. I feel like getting out of this country somehow and i dun get to go for my bro's convocation .. sad thing man.. but my mom promised us dat she will bring us to Australia end of the yr.. hope she will hold her promises.. i really wanna get out from Malaysia for at least 1 or 2 weeks..

let me update till here first.. hehe.. my mood ok jo =).


Saturday, July 14, 2007

>> bored and sakit bahu man T___T

Actually i'm in my aunt's hse now waiting for my dear mummy to play her mahjong.. lol... my dad and sis has gone home and i did not wanna leave my mom driving home alone ALL DA WAY FROM cheras back to subang i decided to teman her.. i'm pretty exhauster today actually.. The day started with a phone bombed by Aya be 9AM !! lol.. i almost cursed but i did not make the word out from my mouth.. Well, after her call i did not get back to sleep cos i cant and my mind started thinking wat is happening around me lately which makes me feel abit down and i am quite disappointed with ppl around ( only certain ones and ask me if u really wanna knoe watz happening) .. I'm very much emo nowadays because i am practically having my pms now which makes me emo.. Well, Aya knoes wat is it though.. Will continue about dis later

I wannaa blog about my day... I'm quite disappointed that i did not go to the Estee Lauder's warehouse sales bcos Aya bought lotsa things in really cheap prices such as lipgloss from Bobbi Brown RM60 for THREEEE u knoe? THREEE for RM60 means RM20 for one man.. Really crazy and i feel tempted and decided to take one of it from her.. haha.. Other than that, da eye gel thingie wat, eyeliner ah? wahhh so dam cheap man... i am so REGRETTTTTT !!! and da worst thing is according to Aya, she said no need da frigging invitation to go in !!! kill them pls, someone.. okay, i had much fun with Aya today.. We went shopping around and we both bought a VEST !! kaka.. itz so BEAUTIFUL, who wants to see us wear it, make appoinment la cos we wont wear it to let u guys see wan Den guess wat? i bought JAY CHOU"S piano pieces mann.. OMG !! cant wait to go home and play but i think tmr first la.. cos itz friggin 11pm already and my mom does not want to get her arse up from da chair and still sticking her body to da mahjong table and fingers to the mahjong tiles.. i see aso dunno wanna cry or laugh or happy for her cos my shoulder freaking hurting me now man.. i really need a massage on my shoulder.. who is so kind enuff to massage it for me pweeeseee? *puppy eyes tearing*.. Okay my legs are hurting me too, walked alot alot alot today although itz not dat much as we did in S'pore but itz still alot till pain at my legs and feets and i knoe i am OLD already, and i admit it pain everywhere and every parts of my body.. but hell, do i look like i care?

I spent like 80 over bucks for my hair products today man... dam farking samthong but all the things happen to finish at da same time which makes me feel a farking big flesh has cut out from my heart for buying it.. T.T.. dun feel like elaborating much about it la.. making me feel miserable for having such a problematic hair only ..T____T

Okay, u knoe wat? i am really disappointed in certain ppl that i can say close to me? not dat close but yea, quite close since we knew each from secondary skewl and we got so close to each other .. aiya, can i dun talk about dis anymore? dam farking emo when i think about it and my "AUNT" came and visitted me like few days ago which makes me feel superbly MOODY like fark !! moody sampai i dun feel like seeing anyone man.. except for certain ones la.. CERTAIN as in really certain to an extend which makes like two to three person only? sowie but yea, i have nvr feel dis emo till dun wanna see anyone but dis time.. overly emo + exhausted that makes me feel so this time.. well, shall stop here first.. got to go soon as i am going home.. FYI, i'm still in Cheras.. *faints* toodles =)


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

>>> =D

hehe.. My class has started YESTERDAY!!! omg la.. 8am to 5pm class.. sound like office hour huh? who said students are very free and all? man.. i was dead tired yesterday when i came home from college .. Moreover, i needed to go to the Tuition Center for my part time job at 6pm !! double da tired-ness... By the way, one of the Maths and Science tuition teacher came to da center was HAWT !! and he is only like around 25..HE is a guy.. mann, i kept staring at him until he aso sked already.. haha was juz jkla, i dun stare at ppl liddat but sad to say, dis is gonna be my first and last time seeing him cos i will only work till end of da week. T__T.. ... i was super exhausted and i was overly smart to sleep at 3.30am dis morning and woke up at around 9am later on? Went Kdu and went to cine later to visit Aya for 2 hours liddat... den came back bath and went to da dentist.. Well, 1 and a half yrs back.. I had really ugly teeth..let me show u,

I looked dam ugly too.. with my ugly fringe and hair.. Den later on, my mom asked me whether i wanna had braces on to straighten my teeth.. Btw, last time when i was in erm form 2? i was dying to had braces already but my family's financial condition wasnt really that well so i guess my mom refused to let me have it.. so later on, which was last yr around end of March my mom asked me whether i wan to, so i said yes.. Later she brought me to dentist to get my tooth checked, pulled, scaled and had my braces in for like 1 and a half yrs and not forgetting it hurted like crap for da first few months and the braces made me looked like this ;

cant really see my braces on but i looked ugly with braces too and remembered TKB told me "of cos looked uglier lor cos u are having ur braces on ma..but i didnt bothered wat he said..cos i knoe i will have nicer tooth later on..So after 1 and a half yrs, they made me looked like dis ;

Can see any difference? Let me show u another one;

Can see yet? ok, one last one wokie?

WAhaha.. i knoe u guys arent blind la, i think the blind ones aso can spot da differences...But i was juz MAKING SURE u guys can see mar.. haha... I had my braces off my tooth already !!! *smile widely till my eyes became a line only*.. haha..i was dam happie but.. BUT the process when pulling off wasnt pain but da SCALING PART !! my gums are all bleeding and stuff *tear*.. Anywayz, after suffering for 1 and a half yrs of pain i have straight teeth already.. keke.. Now i can smile confidently already rather than showing my ugly braces that i nvr think it is nice..*SMILEEE*


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

>>> hot and stuffy =(

Everyday is sooo hot and stuffy man.. and i'm now sweating (actually i havent mandi) =P.. I'll be going to work at 6pm to 10pm later la.. Bath b4 i go lor.. Yesterday was my first day working at the tuition center (as a clerk not a TEACHER) pls.. dun misunderstood like Aya and Hui Min did..*shakes head* how can i be a teacher when me myself needed a teacher to teach me as well? *shakes head again* .. As for da job, itz nice itz fine and itz easy.. but i went about chaos for da first day of work la.. dam kelam kabut .. such as :

Scene 1 :

Teacher : Can u help me photostat 6 copies of this? thanks

Me : ok sure no prob..*went to the photostat machine and started to photostating den when finish i gave it to the teacher*

Me: here u go, 6 copies

Teacher : and my original copy pls =)

Me : oops.. sowie ! =( *blushes* sowie dat i am so blur..

Teacher : itz ok.. =)

u knoe i was dieded of paiseh-ness? how can i be so blur? btw i guess i am getting the hang out of it already.. and itz only 4 hours.. watz more can i ask for? lol work for 4 hrs and get RM100 weekly as my extra pocket money to go shopping or something..

As i have promised i am going to post some pictures and update about my Singapore trip.. Let me tell u this trip can only be described with only 2 words.. FUN and TIRING !!
FUN bcos i can really shop till i drop.. The sales are killing me, as the things there are so nice and i couldnt resist the temptation but to own it.. Imagine, i went there with 1 luggage and came back with 2 ! Things there are so cheap like a very nice retro wedge only cost $S10 means only RM22? wait 10 times 2.2 means how much? RM22 rite? yea and the shoes is so nice !! how can we get such cheap shoes in Malaysia i ask u? unless got really great sales but itz hard to get as when i came back from there and went shopping around, i see items with high prices i dun even feel like buying it.. Call me kiamsiap if u wan cos i admit i am.. =P..What else? Just to sum it up, some things there are cheaper and nicer and some kenot even be found in Malaysia.. I wish to go there again end of this yr.. Btw, i did not finish using my money that my mom gave me u knoe? i left like $S 20? haha.. i knoe it doesnt make any difference but at least i still have some money back by buying so many things.. oh yea ! i bought 2 bags from there aso but one for my mom that only cost $S5 !! how can a bag can be so cheap? well, for me it doesnt really look like a bag that will cost that price from FAR !! haha.. okay, juz being sarcastic.. yea wert, so cheap and u cant resist for not buying it..

TIRED bcos we walked ALOT.. alot as in really alot man.. u knoe, we didnt drive there or anything so we dun have a car, and we only rely on public transport the whole entire trip..We sat MRT and aso bus (bus seldom but still got).. But the MRT cost me alot.. The public transport there is killing me man.. As in only for transportation, i've already used like S$15? lol.. i knoe it sounded little but itz already RM30 plus here man.. i dun even use so much petrol juz in 2 days.. Well, we walked alot aso bcos as u dunno, i stayed at my aunt's place and she doesnt own a car as well.. Frankly, most s'poreans doesnt really own a car bcos itz really exp there unlike here in malaysia that each hse confirm have a car parked inside the hse wan.. yea so, from my aunt's hse we needed like 10 to 15 mins walk to the MRT station? inside MRT is not like we will 100% get a seat.. so we needed to stand and aso reached our destination we sure started walking.. i tell u, at the end of da day my feet ache like hell man.. but wat can we do? we are travelling, so juz walk ler.. lol.. sometimes i felt that shopping is like a self torture cause first we need to use energy den we need to use money to buy something we wan then in the end of the day, we sakit hati cos used up alot of money..

By the way, Pei was really suprised when she saw us standing when i stood quite a distance i mean not close to the counter la where she is.. itz like

Me : *standing there looking at her with my yum smile*

Pei : *collecting ppl's money who buys bread and glance up at me den look back down*

Me : *continues yum smile*

Pei : *look back at me with her eyes big and wanted to scream punyer look and with her mouth slightly open*

lol.. i shud have taken her face man.. it was funny, and can really see that she was really shocked by seeing me.. and of cos my yum smile looking at her.. haha.. later on, waited for her to break den we went for lunchie together and she belanja and of cos i watt her den, at nite we went to City Hall and to Esplanade to walk around and yumcha in starbucks as well, dis time i belanja.. hehe.. fair and square. =).. i tell u the place can only describe with one word which is BE-AU-TI-FULLL.. den there are clubs and pubs around there as well.. Will be going the next trip i go down to singapore.. itz reallly dam nicee..who wants to go with me? =P.. I've got to get ready for work already.. so enjoy the pics .. hehe

will do the captions later... i need to leave for work already..