Thursday, January 03, 2008

>>> =DDDD

HapPy New Year 2008 !! hehe.. i knoe i have been MIA for sometime from this bloggie and basically ppl who knoes i own a blog has been making lotsa noises dat i havent been updated since my previous entry dat i did it in Australia.. and da PPL dat i said earlier isnt Aya alone only.. haha.. Maklumlah, i dam busy bee everyday go out.. I have actually have a life and today will be a REST day.. hahaha.. Sounds more i am bragging rite? lol.. so i shud cut the crap

Actually i've been quite busy going out and spending money like water since i came back from Australia.. xD.. I dunno why on earth after shopping so DAM much in Australia and i still shop in Malaysia.. erm can i dun talk so much? i'm feeling lazy to type ^.^... U knoe rite, i spend 11 days in Australia, so these are the pics i took but not all 11 days i got take pics la k? i was too busy shopping.. xD

We were in the City after our lunchie... we were actually waitin for our bubble tea and the bubble tea there cost AUD$3.50 !! i can buy 3 cups here already.. drink until my stomach burst also no one knoe ...

And dis was in da bus station waiting for our bus to arrive from the city back to my cousin's hse , man the busses there really arrive on time or earlier wan lor.. i seriously love da public transport there ^.^.. and da traffic on da freeway = highway very smooth wan lor.. u knoe ah, yesterday i JAMMED back from KL to SUBANG for 1 whole hour or mayb more la.. aihz..

I quickly snapped dis pic while waiting for da pedestrian light to turn green.. kaka.. itz actually a church la not some ginger bread house xD, and i just simply snap it because everyone goes to Perth also got dis picture wan, so i also wan la.. xD..

Then this is da city, shops are at the corner there.. and i LOVE shopping in da the City and i dunno why ^.^

Chocolate Fondue in my cousin's hse..It was dam gosu okay? but eating dis after dinner is REALLY REALLY fattening.. but we dun get to enjoy these privileges often.. xD so who cares? btw, the first ever thing that my parents said after touching down in S'pore and went out to da arrival hall was " WAH u all why SO FAT ALREADY WAN??" *fainted*

These are some Gosu deserts from Cicerellos.. i dunno how to spell da name .. in Fremantle.. It looked gosu la, i didnt taste it xD..

I dunno why my eye ter-blink here...

Was at this Italian Restaurant called Ciao Italia.. i couldnt find da picture that i took in the car on da way to da restaurant already T_T.. but let me tell u, the food there was orgasmic especially the tiramisu.. My cousin told me that no matter how full she was, she also must eat that cake wor.. so i tried one bite i feel as though i have flew to the heaven.. ONE word : GOSUUUUUUUUUUU

Neh, the pic below is da tiramisu we had

U see my eye squined until like a line, i think da cold weather made me eye shrink-ed/ mengecut.. u learn science rite? .. i dunno how to spell da word in past tense la .. sowie la.. but it was so GAWD DAM COLD at 9.30am at the bus stop and it was hell windy.. See la, i had to wear clothes ppl usually only wear during winter

Went to ChiongK in da City with my cousin's fren da day before i am leaving Australia.. It was okie la.. I must say that the place lose to greenbox 10 times..=.=.. as in da system and the services and all la.. Because they charged AUD$9 per person and they only free one bottle of coke.. =.=.. no snack no nothing and only can sing for 3 hours..AUD$9 = RM27 i can sing for 7 hours, unlimited drinks and a buffet dinner already in Greenbox.. xD

I think dat is da Swan Valley, or Swan River ah.. We were in da bus on our way home from da City..

Overall, I think Australia wasnt bad afterall la.. i tot i will be bored to death there.. I dunnola.. But it turned out great !! kaka.. I shopped like giler, walked like giler, ate like giler.. Relax like giler also because i didnt have no drive, just taking public transport around but taking a bus to a city from my cousin's hse cost me AUD$3.40 per trip !!! and i went to the city for 4 to 5 times during my trip there.. xD.. cant resist the shopping there laa...

Okay, so that was my short story of my 11 days in Australia la.. On da the day i came back from Australia, i reached home around 7.30pm and rushed to bath and had dinner with my family because it was my grandma's bday.. Den after the dinner, waited for Aya to come and we headed to Leo's bday party.. Reached there almost 9 and Wormie had to go already.. I dunno wat to say, but me and Aya had a great catched up after for not meeting for 2 weeks.. xD.. We found a spot and stood at one side and chatted till around 10.15pm.. Den we headed to yumcha and Aya had her dinner in Pingkee.. Den we waited for Fern and changed our yumcha spot to Little Bally..As usual, we chit chatted , camwhored alil den fetched Aya back to Klang...

Can i just skipped over to wat i did during Xmas eve? xD.. SO we went over to Zicky's hse for a bbq party.. Makan and makan.. den kena teased like giler but i kinda managed to anggap them as invinsible and busy bbq my food ^.^.. kaka.. After countdown to Xmas, Me,aya,wormie and Zicky(he joined awhile only) headed to ice cream house to yumcha till 2am while waitin for Anubis to take Aya.. camwhore alil there... xD eh, suprisingly i did not really take lotsa pics this time during da Xmas party wor..=.=.. how come ah? okla, next gathering camwhore timie ^.^ if not our camera tak berguna liaoo...

Dunno who candid us la.. Either wormie or zicken or paulyan..=.=.. i was busy smsing and itu aya was trying to avoid.. hahaha...

This was taken with Wormie's 5mp phone camera.. hahaa ..

Did nth muchie but went to chiongk in greebox/redbox in Pyramid with Yokehan and the gang on da 26th i think.. lepak-ed and had dinner in some Shabu shabu restaurant in Puchong..^.^..

Well, letz proceed to New yr's eve.. Wat u guys did? Well, i went to Pyramid again to countdown.. It was not to say VERY crowded .. I mean at those spots we were hanging and playing spray wasnt as crowded as i thought BUT i had a hard time gettin out from da carpark man.. i was stucked at the fucking same spot for 30mins !! not moving at all u knoe.. walaooo...i almost cried of frustration.. T___T.. next yr i dun wan be the driver can? i wanna be da passenger sitting and listen to songs and sleep instead.. Btw, YOKE HAN said she doesnt wanna play spray on dat nite because she was wearing skirt but she was da one who suggested in da end to get the sprays.. OMGGG !! and while me, Kian Chee and Agnes standing at one side chatting while waiting for Yoke Han they all to get their sprays, we kena ambushed man.. 0__0.. my hair kena and worst of all, da spray smells like the sabun cuci pinggan mangkuk jenama GLO !! .. lemon flavoured wan somemore.. We went over to Station One to Yumcha after counting down..

and during da day, i went to KL to look for Shirley to shop for Aya's present... Let me tell u, i tiba at Shirley's hse around 12.30pm den rite, got 2 prince said wanna go Chow Kit makan Pan Mee.. I tot the place isnt that far and the traffic will be fine, but mana tau.. I can say we jammed practically all da way there man.. T___T.. me and shirley in the car cursing the guys.. HAHAHAHA.. and we regretted going so far to makan cos i had MCD vouchers worth RM30 wei.. Shirley was like " WHY DIDNT U TELL ME EARLIER?? " hahaha.. If i told her earlier, we ended up eating at Mcd for free and no need to stucked in jam on da way to chow kit and from chow kit to times square.. T____T.. reached Times Square around 3.30pm.. den terus headed to Maybank and go Isetan to start searching for da stuffs we wanted to beli.. Den makan McD and balik rumah.. jam all da way back alsoooo.. T___T

See u knoe why she so Happie? lol.. cos she only paid RM1 and she can makan one large set of Chicken mCnuggets and one banana pie.. hahahaha

datz all for now ba.. i very tired already.. this is da akibat for noe updating da blog often and now i have to compile everything ..=.=..