Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy 2012 :)

Hii :)

Christmas' just over and new year is coming.. What you guys did for Christmas? Mine was just another ordinary day.. hahaha.. Went to Genting on the eve and met up with Tan and her frens just to chill awhile and the babi balik awal :/

But I went to Spore on the 26th - 28th Dec.. I was all happy again for that moment, cos I kept spending money like crazyyy :).. but it I felt satisfaction.. yayy !

I bet everyone has a New Year resolution right. Well mine is just a simple one. I hope that everyone would be happy and healthy :).. Know I am abit ah ma now, but cant help it cos I am turning 24 soon !! :(.. *hinting to all my frens* hahaha..

Have a Good Year Ahead :)..

Friday, December 16, 2011

I want to be a HAPPY person again :(

It's been awhile since i blogged :)...

Just wanna get this feeling out of myself. I feel tortured with this feelings trapped in my heart for the past 2 months.. Can someone just go into my memories and erase what happened the past 3 years. I want to be a happy person again :(

It feels like my life has pushed a "restart" button and it feels like crap.. *sigh*
So it's gonna be the end of 2011, hopefully i feel much better at 2012 with my life.
So my 2012 goal is just ONE SIMPLE thing.

BE MYSELF and HAPPY all over again. Please grant me this simple wish :(

I want to also thank my frens who have been supporting me all this while. I know some of them do not mind spending their time with me just to make sure I will be okay and I know they are hoping that I will stand up and be the old Weng See. I promise that I will be fine soon. All I need is abit more time.

I will blog again soon ! :)