Thursday, December 27, 2007

>>> lazy

Just wanna let u guys knoe dat i will be only updating my blog when i dun feel lazy la k? i knoe i shud be updating about my Australia trip and all.. xD.. sowie la.. i feel dam lazy and tired for no reason nowadays.. So yeah.. xD..wait la k?xD.. patience pls ^.^

Sunday, December 16, 2007

>>> feeling disturbed

i'm pretty much mentally disturbed now. urghh. no i did not see anything that made me feel or something.. SOMEONE just made me feel so.. i feel so emo now. aihz. why am i alwiz liddat? why la u tell me why? i just feel like doing something like really extreme now but definitely not killing myself or cutting myself without feeling any pain where those emo ppl do la.. how am i gonna descibe my feelings now?i dunno lor.. i am VERY EMO i would say... I really just feel like digging da person out and gif a tight slap lor... or let me punchie all i wan or kick all i wan tilll my geram-ness are gone..


i feel like shouting out loud now... but i dunno how to cos dis is not my hse and even though i am i wouldnt dare to do so.. cos ppl will tot i am mad or something.. So yeah.. got any suggestions dat i can scream my lungs out without ppl knowing it =D.. leave da suggestion at the TAGBOARD pls.. i think it would be really helpful...xD...BTW FUCK U DUDE !!! i hate u in a way .. I ReaLLY DO... I dun wanna hate u but i think i am hating u now..but not the hate till i will tell u that i hate u like how i told Regina i hated her ..xD

wat i wanna do now is SHOP lor... I saw a really nice dresss ( i like it ) in Supre the yesterday and i want it !! urghh... i wan i wan i wan!! but itz AUD$70 man. Meaning is RM210 for a dressss.. aiyoyo... how ah? u knoe i dam stingy wan laa.. =D..

Sometimes i am wondering am i treating everyone equally fair? i myself dunno... or mayb i can feel dat i am being a little bit bias to some of my frens.. i dunno... or sometimes i feel stupid dat i might be being used by my frens and i dont even notice it myself either... I am not saying whether i am a good fren of anyone or am definitely not thinking myself is a good fren either. but why do i get hurt so easily by them ah? sadly i do REALLY get hurt easily by my frens wan lo.. and u GUYS just dun notice it.. =D say me sensitive, say me watever u wan. i dun care ... i admit i love to think alot and i KNOE i am pretty sensitive towards certain issues but i wouldnt tell it out... How i wish sometimes i am still a baby that will nvr grow so i would not need to think so much... BTW, i was just told honestly by a PERSON that i am quite farn.. FARN meaning irritating or it is something like disturbing ppl or msging ppl when they dun even feel like chatting wif u.. Well actually i DO knoe i am FARN but sometimes i just cant help it lor..I'm sowie if i made u guys feel irritate okay?

Btw, more updates on my trip later with pictures posted..So now, bear with my words pls.. THANKS =)... dun feel like reading, can just dun is better if u dun read though... urghh ! u knoe wat? my cousin read my blog right infront of me and i feel disturbed tooo.. So i screamed at her and told her not to read infront of me... AND most of all u knoe wat? SHE READ IT OUT LOUDDD wei... KENOT tahan... i feel geli for wat i write and it is read out loud inFRONT OF ME.. Disturbing wei...

okie.. enuff d, quite emo now =)... sorry if i am emo these days.. blame it to my unbalanced hormone changes okay?


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

>>> *wink*

GREETINGS FROM AUSTRALIA !! kaka.. as u dunno, i am in Perth now.. and itz kinda cold in here although its summer ..-.-.. i've got my own room and a big big double bed to sleeeep everynite !! yay !! and da bed smells so nice and da room is so big and got big closet for me but i nvr unload my clothes to put in there until today =D...

I've been going out every single day .. SHOPPPING !! haha..but shops closes at 5pm here , so yeah.. after 5pm my life is like =.= at nite.. So we alwiz watch movies i meant DVDS .. haha.. i have no cars here or anything, so we can go anywhere u see..The other nite, i chiong k with my aunt..LOL.. Let me tell u, they have dis theatre room in their hse where all da plasma TV and good sound systems for u to chiong k and watch movies.. lol.. Itz nice .. Their hse is really big .. I mean not as big as a mansion okay.. i would be freaked out if i am staying in a mansion now though...

Btw, i will post up da pictures that i took okay? not alot though.. So yeah, bear with it but i wont be posting it here now.. cos i need to take out my cable and all.. MAFAN !! I simply snap pictures only okay? HEY ! at least i've got take some pics back la..

Can i tell my shopping journey here? GAWD !! i tell u, if i am living here and earn money here.. i guess the clothes with be dirt cheap here because the clothes here are around AUD$10 - AUD$20.. i mean those NOT branded ones laa..however, i still prefer shopping in Singapore.. I swear i will go Singapore like soon.. I will be stopping by in S'pore though but i wont be going to town/city to shopla cos by the time i reach s'pore will be 3am already.. -.-.. Random flights i am taking, those dodgy flights la okay? no airwalk wan.. =D itz like Airasia la.. Practically it is exactly like airasia those Budget Flights i am taking ..

I miss mamak !! gawd.. it has been just afew days imagine IF i am really coming here to further my studies? i will die here prolly.. lol.. i will miss going clubbing with the gang, going shopping with Shirley, miss going to cineleisure late and Aya will start grumbling and will definitely miss laughing together with Yoke Han.. lol.. she nvr fail making me laugh everytime i sees her.. ^.^..

Okla, i dunno wat to write already.. xD.. I will be heading to Habour Town tmr to do somemore shopping.. kaka.. so ciao

P/s: Aya and Shirley , Update ur blogs plsssssssssssssssssss... update me with wat are u guys on k? include them with gossips and stuffs dat u think i would need to knoe..

P/P/s: i just finished watching Secret again ^.^.. and i am emo once again.. Sowie la, i knoe i alwiz emo after watching the movie.. Cant help it okay? xD

P/P/P/S: will be going to chiong k on next tues.. lol.. woot... and might be going to clubbing on Friday nite ^.^


Saturday, December 08, 2007


U will nvr seen me in such pissing off mode in ur life man... Da fire in my heart is BURNINGGGGGGGGGG and it can prolly burn till u are HANGUS and black like a cakul okay?? LIKE who the fucking hell bitch would ever scold me b4 other than TKB'S REGINA??? YEs !!! she scolded me a bitch and she said i rushed her BF to speed just to SEE ME??? like wth? DID i ever ask him to speed to send her home and come over my hse?? u will ever think dat i get mad bcos he does not wanna go yumcha with me? i dun care okay? but PLS BEAR IN MIND THAT WHENEVER U PROMISE SOMEONE SOMETHING, PLS FULLFILL IT OR U WILL BE SO SORRY..

She smsed me and scolded me sia..-.-.. like wtf?? let me tell u guys, REGINE LOW MEI LING or watever her name is, SHE is such a bitchy gf dat anyone can ever have.. who can ever be so bitchy like her ah?=.=.. MCH.. put da blame to me while is all her fault.. she argued with TKB and she said is because of me.. like wtf?

Just ranting here btw..=.=.. i think i would just forget him as a fren..


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

>> feeling hot as in PANAS and sleepy

Why in the world is the wheather soo freaking hot nowadays? itz so stuffy and all makes me cant take a long nice nap.. As in everytime i sleep in da afternoon will berpeluh like i just after mandi without wiping my body with the towel (i'm just exxagerating xD).. I'm leaving in another 3 days and i am OFF to Australia for 11 days.. I dun feel like leaving suddenly la !! People in the world, pls miss me when i am not around k? hahaa.. i knoe u guys are so mean that u guys wont even bother to ask urselves like " eh Weng See leh?" or "eh Zon at where now ah?" .. Even a sentence liddat i would be really happie ^.^.. I am not bragging dat i can go Australia or wat la.. But den rite, i dunno why i just dun have the mood to go there.. Everyone is scolding me and asking me why i dun wanna go... Mayb i just love my home too much.. Go there bukannye can shop kao kao cos i have only limited cash and dis time my parents wont be around so abit susah la.. No pc to use, no games to play.. GAWDD.. thinking my life there d..

Met Agnes last Tuesday as she is back from New Zealand for vacation.. Went to 1 Utama with Yoke Han and Kian Chee and Agness on that day.. Makaned in Chilis.. lol.. da filling burger i can still remember how jelak after makaning it.. Me and Tan were so tamak that we kinda compared how much fries they gave us.. actually i was comparing instead.. haha.. i was dead hungry okay? but in the end i didnt finish my meal cos i was TOOOOO FULL and i wont CHILIS again cos the food still kenot fight with TGIF la.. Went Murni for dinner, had a hangus Loh Shu Fun.. Every single scoop of da loh shu fun was a disaster.. 0__0.. Sent Agnes back to PJ and took Kian Chee back to Puchong.. b4 sending him home, we went to Puchong Bandar Puteri there to makan lok lok and drink soya milk.. Aiyoo, my tummy were as though wanna kaboom.. I ate soooo much that day.. Going out with them really can make me fat man.. Non stop eating 0___0 from day till nite..

Went to watch Enchanted with Yoke Han and Yoke Chin and my sis last Thursday.. I loveeee that movie to muchie man.. Serious, dam nice the actress is so cute and she can sing soooo well.. Her voice FULAMAK !! Gosuu story line and chio chiqs.. Althought itz like fairy tale and all these happily ever after thingie wont really happen to me but yeah.. lol.. It lead me to a fantasy world for awhile =).. Yoke Chin were looking all over Pyramid for perfumes for her fren's bday party.. Walao, how generous can she be by buying a RM170 worth of present for someone she is not very close to She's simply rich la.. Among all my frens, i guess i am da one who alwiz broke.. =)

Btw, can i talk about my sis and Tan's stupidity in ordering that those set of kiddy meal in Sakae Sushi? haha.. Yeah, itz dam cute but they paid big bucks for not finishing and loving their food cos it didnt taste good at all !! U knoe Sakae Sushi, they used da PC to order food rite den they saw this cute kiddy meal that serve in cute containers as wat my pictures above shows u.. They ordered it without hesitating and my sis doesnt even like her meal at all.. Because of da cold Saba Noodle that Yoke Chin thought it was grass.. she was like
Yoke Chin : Meh lei Geh? chou (grass) lei ga?
All of us : *die in laughter*

haha.. seriously it was dam gao siu.. Somemore her face was so serious.. and tan her fire engine meal served fried foods and i dun think they used flour and fried it because it tasted like bread..0__0.. i knew she did not enjoy her meal.. haha.. Because of the pic, they were convinced and they ordered it without hesitation.. lol.. how cute are they la?

Were being rushed by Zicky, Wormie and Shirley on Saturday nite, because i told them that me and Aya will reach Cheras around 9 plus.. and 9pm we were still in Cineleisure *big smiley with teeth seen*.. They were calling and calling till my phone gonna letup.. lol.. But SORRY FOR BEING LATE.. but we werent really late wert.. =D.. Still managed to main 3 hrs .. After gaming, i was suppose to go back already because my mum already warned me not to go home so late since i alwiz reach home super late for da pass few weeks that we went clubbing.. but den they kept bising and making noises and asked us to go yumcha.. So in the end, i decided to go for 15 mins but ended up sitting there for 30 mins .. =.=.. and we were sitting where those ppl cooking and all da food asap diserap by my hair and my hair smell like food after leaving the mamak.. 0__0...

Monday was Fern's bday.. So Wormie and Jerry came down to Subang like dam early !! i woke up at 10am and they reached my place almost 12pm..0__0.. They came and take me and we headed to Pyramid for our brunch.. Ate at Kim Gary and i smsed Fern that i was in pyramid and she told me that she was in Pyramid with her bf.. Wormie was dam sked that we will terserempak with them mayb cos he sked he kena pheng by her bf gua.. haha.. Basically we were like some perompak that day as Wormie drove to print gate (the printing shop nearby The One Academy), and so coincidence Fern and her bf came out from that shop and Wormie was so scared that they saw him but actually they already did.. So Wormie stopped at the side and i went down the car and passed the present that me and Aya shared to Fern.. U guys must be thinking how come Wormie did not give his present rite? We thought of waiting for Fern's bf to drop her in college den only we pass to her.. but u knoe wat? we went that area for like 2 to 3 rounds and we noticed that her bf was tailing us..=.=.. Come on la ! not like we are going to kidnap ur dear gf pls.. or not like Wormie is gonna grab Fern and rape her when u are not around.. Wormie was sked at first but den, he gave up.. He asked me to just call Fern down and i went down and pass the present to Fern.. Btw, Fern got scolded by her bf cos he tot that Fern mau curi curi jumpa Wormie.. Like wtf? why frens kenot jumpa wan issit? jumpa will die? Sorry but i see him wrong already lor.. I didnt knew he was such person until Fern alwiz tell me that her bf alwiz scream and scold her for watever reason.. example: the one in Point Extreme the other nite.. GAWDD !! Girlfriend is not to love wan meh? Girlfriend is for him to scold wan ah? 0__0.. aihz.. i just feel sad for Fern for seeing her being scolded and all..

Will be going for movie tmr with Yoke Chin , Yoke Han and my sis again.. We will be watching Golden Compass.. Something liddat, hope its good.. My sis said they acted it base on a novel.. And Tan said itz something like Narnia.. Does Narnia even a good movie? i dun think so la.. lol.. That movie was quite pathetic.. but since i have nth to do.. So yeah.. We will go for a movie tmr but NO SHOPPING !! i'm broke ! unless got ppl sponsor me and shower me with items i wan i dun mind.. =DDD.. i knoe i am just dreaming..

p/s: sometimes i am wondering how does it feel like when u are showered with gifts and presents .. i'm just waiting for miracles to happen ^.^

P/s/s: i will try to update my blog when i am in Australia ^.^.. if i can manage to sabotage my cousin's computers and use la.. xD