Wednesday, April 23, 2008

>>> still sad :-(

I'm still sad about my camera lost.. T__T... I LOST MY CAMERA LEHHH... wtf? dat nite in Coco Banana, we took alot of nice pictures there wan lor.. and i havent tell my mum about my camera lost yet u knoe? T__T..i dunno how to buka mulut and tell her.. so i am planning to ask my sis to tell when i am asleep.. so i dun get straight from her face.. mayb when i wake up den blur blur, only she scold.. wont be so bad rite liddat?..:-(...

How can i be so carelesss dis time? *sigh sigh sigh*... if i wasnt drunk, my camera is will still be with me wan lor okay??? den i dun have dis beban for thinking how to tell my mum about da lost of my PRECIOUS CAMERA !! T__T.. now i wanna get da pink SONY T20 issit? i dunno wat model is it d la.. i juz knoe i wont get it so soon gua.. cos i will kena lecture, and all da bla bla bla..

My finals is next week wei !! and i still got time to update abit.. xD.. nanti org kata i malas tak mau blog.. *blek* bukan semacam seorang still at the "SPECIAL PUPPY SHOW" post yet.. hahaha..

okok, i wanna go back to date my notes now.. cya cya !! no pictures la !! camera GONE d.. bye bye


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

>>> =DDD

I slept for like 3 timesss today !! HA HA HA.. Guess wat? today i went to college, parked my car, bought a ham and egg sandwich tot wanna go class and makan, den rite.. after buying da sandwich, i was about to walk to the lift to go to class, den i saw 2 of my classmates were walking towards me.. and they told me CLASS WAS CANCELED !! I wanted to bunuh diri jo.. i felt so reluctant to go to college today, bcos i slept at 2am yesterday.. HAHA.. i couldnt wake up okay? i dunno why..

Then i came home and slept till 1.30pm.. Woke up around 3 something i slept again.. den another round at 4 somethin !! hahaa.. certified pig ^.^.. nth muchie to write, so pictures time.. hehe.. We went barclub last Saturday nite, my parents werent at home.. SO i went home around 6am !! salute me.. dam tired luckily havent faint..

We were at Kim gary having our lunchie with Stephy, after her Astro Star Quests audition.. hohoho.. She had dis seafood cheese baked rice which i am addicted to it now.. Cos on Sunday Aya came to Subang and look for me den i bugged her to go Kim Gary for dinner.. hoho.. and i ordered da seafood cheese rice.. SO sedap, but den got jelak after eating 1/2 of

I guess we just arrived Barclub dat nite, and Tan started to snap pictures of us already since she was da one who was holding da camera all nite long.. hoho

Can see me and Aya ka? we were like lesbians dat nite, even a random guy went to her and asked whether she is lesbian

Ini org, selalu last min decide whether he wanna join us.. den in da end, he came..ALONE ..LOL..

Sorry la stephy, i think we look nice here.. SO i post dis pic

Was at Mc Donald's after clubbing.. Dam heavy rain outside somemore.. So we hang out at there till 6am !! hoho..

Datz all..


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

>>> mixed feelings/emo

Why did i put that as how i feel now? I seriously feel da fear for something.. Specifically, i am worried about alot alot alot of things out of sudden.. Such as my internship.. Some of my frens has already being contacted by companies for interview.. And i havent get any calls from them yet !! Basically i am afraid i couldnt get any company to do my interns.. I dunno but Hui Min told me that, no matter how everyone will also get companies to hire u for internship.. I am blaming on my resume that is not very completed with alot of things. i dunno, but i feel that i forgotten or did not include alot of things inside.. T___T.. My heartbeats are getting faster as though it is gonna popped out anytime soon..

Actually there are alot of things happened in my life for the past few weeks.. I have alot of things in my heart that i wanna say it but i do not know who i would wanna look for to talk about it... and i really admit that i am afraid of ppl judging me on wat am i thinking of.. I tried crying out my thoughts or writing it out, but nth motivates me in doing so... Mayb my " DUN GIF A DAMN" button isnt really ON all the time... So i decided to put it in here so at least i knoe i have some place for me to spill.. Dun get me wrong, i am not seeking for attention from anyone, instead i am only sharing how i feel now to ppl who visit this site.. I think i am having a pretty hard time and it really bothers me alot.. I really wonder why, some ppl can be so carefree in their life and it seems like they have nth to worry about or to think about.. I might be thinking too much in some stuffs but things i have been thinking really affects me emotionally. How i wish i am loaded to seek for a consultant/ psychiatric..I really feel that sometimes ppl around me, doesnt understand me well enough.. Dun worry i am not saying you.. Mayb i am just undergoing a depression of something dat i dun even knoe.. I even got drunked for once because of having dis emotion.. FYI, i dun get drunk for no reasons.. Other than in my bday party.. =)

Okla, proceed in sharing my "busy-ness" ... Finally ! my project finale is over.. Thanks for those who came and supported me.. I really appreciate it .. and to those who didnt turn up , it is okie.. i totally understand your situation so that is why i did not force or bug u in coming other than just asking.. i really appreciate that u had try to come.. :-)

The finale was awesome !! yesh.. we did it and our team is leading among all the other teams for the previous semester.. Of cos, the success had gone through many ups and downs meaning internal crisis that is not visible la.. but i am glad that everyone of us overcame it by handling things slowly and wisely.. I realised while i was handling this project, i abandoned many things. i skipped alot of my piano classes and i nvr practice my piano and ALOT more !!

Well I need HOLIDAYSS !!! I wanna do things i adore.. Yes ! i admit i am addicted in clubbing already and i realised that hitting to clubs really put my mind off everything that i am u knoe, i love to shop alot.. I havent been doing dat frequently already.. I havent been going to cafes to dota for a long time as well as playing that game at home..

I'm out of words already... listening to emo song.. Leona Lewis - Yesterday..

so pictures time.. that i wanted to post..

i was drunk badly that nite ^.^...

All these pics are during stephy's bday party.. i knoe dam long time agoo..^.^.. i have more actually.. but take very long time to load la.. xD..