Wednesday, November 28, 2007

>>> *questioning myself*

hmm.. i've lotsa questions towards myself as for wat i have done, u see.. dun ask me wat i did okay? i find myself completely stupid about it.. i really do..

Proceed to the happenings in my life,

Finally after listening or hearing ppl talking about Poppy , and that was when we hit Poppy Garden in KL last Saturday.. The enviroment/atmosphere was GOOD, seriously.. But every club has itz own unperfect-ness .. SO, this club played SUCKY SONGS !! gawd.. i do not know why on earth they play such stupid songs that i dun even knoe wat was that at all.. AND i dun think can anyone dance with it lor.. BTW, we tot as we are underage we couldnt go into da club.. But with da help of Stephy's fren, he brought us in and u knoe wat? We nvr pay a single cent to drink their liqour and her fren told me dat girls will nvr need to pay for anything whenever they go into clubs.. and when he (stephy's fren) was quite bei, he told us dat last time during his fren's bday party they opened sebanyak 32 bottles wei !!! soo kaya meh?lol.I was like " WOOOOWWW" so geng.. After dancing almost the night away, we wanted to go for yumcha but my dearest mum bombed my phone with a call and screaming her lungs out asked me to die home as fast as possible, so as i am a good child i obeyed her orders lah.. SOO ANNOYINGGG *rolls eyes*

Sowie lah, i knoe i repeated baju to Poppy.. I didnt have any clothes to go clubbing anymore =.=.. I need to restock but anyways, i guess we wont be hitting the clubs till i am back from Aussie =).. hehe Realised dat Aya took very lil pics? i mean u shud be wondering rite? cos she is so vain dat every other pictures must have her face but dis time she had red eye, so she refuses to take pics .. Even da one that has her face on it also with da camera without flash..and she was half blind dat nite.. =D and i lazy to make borders around da pics ^.^..

I had muchie fun shopping with Shirley last Friday, as she came and looked for me after her exam.. I took her from Kelana LRT station to Pyramid.. LOL !! she waited for me for quite long bcos i was facing jam.. =.= and those stupid drivers on da road especially the ones that looked like shuttlecock (tudung ladies) drove like a babi.. she didnt dare to cut out when she was at the junction waiting..=.=.. okay, cut the crap.. I bought 2 bags for my cousin, 1 sandals and 2 shirts from MNG da other day.. I was kinda broke, den i brought Shirley to Cats Whiskers and she bought her heels there too.. We had dinner at Murni and we camwhored a lil.. haha.. had a great chat with her *evil grins*.. She made lotsa jokes and she is actually quite faii..U dunno how much i laughed when everytime she is around me..

Okieler, shall stop at here..Might be going to shop in Cineleisure with Aya dis Saturday and den, will head to Cheras to look for the gang.. oh oh !! i bought da shoes from Zara already but den, itz another design and i find it nicer than da one i wanted.=) ..


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

>>> sleepy and tired and LAZYYY

see da chatbox there? the bitch is making noise that i did not update my blog.. hahaa..I have been going out alot these few days until i feel so tired..Let me blog as usual from last week Thursday.. Went to Maison again..=) it was Yoke Chin's fren bday, and she asked us to go so Yoke Han, Stephy and Me went.. Aya didnt go this time and i hate her for dat.. urggh !! she last min said she dun wanna go.. GAWDDD !! if can i wanna kick her arse on da spot.. hahaaa..Dance until soo sweaty and sticky and as usual, Thursday nite Maison was PACKED !! like dam alot alot of people man.. we needed to push and kena hempit like sardin sandwich to get to da stage.. Need not to say more la.. dam lazy to type ^.^.. we did not take alot of pics on dat nite, so yeah.. my baju was so loose until it wanna fell off after dancing for 2 hrs.. =.=.. i think my bra terdedah afew not strap my BRA !!! the thing to cover my boobs

Saturday my sis went tot cut her hair in Kalvin Chen. she brought da magazine dat has rihanna's pic in there and asked the hairstylist to imitate her hairstyle.. gawd !! now her hair is soo nice now.. T__T.. I waited with her for her turn to cut her hair for 2 gawd dam hours okayy?? there were so many ppl.. Den nite time, me and my family went to LALA chong for seafood.. This place is located at da old Subang airport.. After dinner, went to JS to look for Aya with Ryan and played 3 rounds of dota.. won 3 rounds ^.^.. Den around 12 plus, we went to Sunway Point Extreme to meet up with Fern's team.. Dun ask me wat was da results of da match.. =).. I was using Broodmother and guess u will know how did i perform in dat game..And after one game, we went to Darus to yumcha till around 3am and we went home..

Da next day, was nth muchie either other than my internet was down.. Do u knoe dat i cant survive with the internet.. So after dinner in The Curve, i called TKB and he was in FTZ waiting for me.. Btw, i went and had my dinner in The Apartment and i read from da cuppacakes blogspot, that they are cuppacakes selling in that restaurant.. So i went and bought 4 biji of da cuppacakes.. RM4 for one okay? so mahal. 7_7.. but not too bad la da taste plus da cute designs and icing on it.. hehe..

Yesterday was Monday and i promised Narabb last week dat i will go Greenbox (Redbox) in Sg Wang to sing k with them.. So yeah, me, Steph, Narabb,Paulyan, and narabb 3 other frens went den later on Jerry and Siupo came and u knoe wat? ALL OF THEM CAN SING okay? Go bukak concert la ish !!.. We were in there for 7 hrs wei !! 7 hourssss... walao, i nvr spend so much time in a K room b4.. i got bullied =(.. They were so mean that they cut queue in the song list .. NO WONDER my songs that i was waiting hasnt arrive.. GOSH !! next time i will kira with them.. btw the package of the karaoke session was only RM26 inclusive of 7 hrs singing, buffet dinner, free flow of drinks and snacks.. not too bad and will go there again one FINE DAY.. singing for 7 hrs was reallly dam tiring but we had fun though..Dun wan talk much about it already =) took afew pictures..

Narabb singing with his buntut terbantut.. Katt PUTT =D

Paulyan singing emotionally.. =D

Me and Stephy ~~~

=D.. I dunno why he did dat for 7_7.. he tot very yeng

Ur on Candid Camera !! Gotcha Jerry.. hahahahaha.. Bully me smr..

Went for 2 interviews for part time today..hmm.. dun think they will hire me, cos they told me that he only wan full timers..

Dats all ~


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

>>>> hungry 0___0

Kill me pls, i'm hungry at 1.57am..actually i dun have da mood to update my blog but cb Aya called me just now on da phone, and chit chatted and she keep insisting on me updating my bloggie.. SO FINEE.. i update =)..

Last Wednesday after my last paper, Me, Yoke Chin and Stephy went 1Utama to shop.. I suggested the idea of going there becos i did not want to go home after exam.. hehe.. i did not buy anything there actually, just walk around and all.. Den later on, we headed to Damansara Perdana's Cats Whiskers.. Hmm, my first time going there and hell it was so much bigger than the Subang branch and have more choice there.. But itz abit too far la.. We arrived there around 6pm? and we took almost 2 hours to shop I bought like 2 tops from there in the end.. Actually, i wanted to buy only one top.. But den Yoke Chin said " Weng See, u come so far just to buy one top meh? Get another one la".. Yeah so, i got another pinkie top ^.^.. very nice, and i love it.. hohoho.. Spend like RM70+ for 2 tops.. DAM CHEAP okay? =.= i cant buy 2 tops from 1Utama for RM70 plus la.. i wanna go cats whiskers again when i got my money la.. I'm broke now, like OFFICIALLY BROKE.. i knoe i've been telling the whole world i am broke.. lol.. Dis time really broke la.. Why Shirley dun wan believe me? Real thing tarak mau believe, fake geh things go and believe.. haha.. btw, good luck in ur exams Shirley, i see u after ur We must do our usual things liao.. Shopping, Dota, yumcha and bla bla bla.. lol

Later on, on Thursday was Deepavali.. So me and Yoke Chin went to Pyramid to look for jobs.. I dun wanna go out during Public Holidays already.. T___T.. I took 30 mins to find a parking and the parking isnt even a PARKING !! why? cos itz not a parking spot lor.. how i knoe why? i saw ppl going out of the spot, den i went in lor.. as easy as dat..=) Da shopping were full of people.. (yan san yan hoi).. Had our 2 in 1 (brunchie) there at 3.30pm in BBQ PLAZA.. So delicious okay?lol.. u guys muz try =)..can play play with da BBQ thingie and eat.. lol.. and remembered dis Yoke Chin said something about the girl beside our table.. As she was a plus size girl..and dis is wat she said:

Yoke Chin: Weng See, u see the girl beside u?
Weng See: Yeah.. Why ah?

Yoke Chin: She really umm dim la.. So fat and see her face? soo chubby and all.. plus the way she wears.. Ewwww.. got such ppl in dis world wan meh?"

Weng See: *triple dots* .. But i also fat wat

Yoke Chin: no.. but dis one fat until *sigh* .. I dunno wat to say la.. at least u knoe how to dress up, dis one ? meh lei geh? see her pants (3/4jeans from pasar malam) and her shirt (yellow colour pasar malam shirt)
Weng See: *looking at the girl* *giggles*

LOL.. so dis is our good old fren Chan Yoke Chin.. =D

I went and snipped my hair on Friday and it cost me another RM48.. GOSH !! now i've got fringe and i look noob in it man.. tot wanna act cute geh.. tapi tak terjadi..

Went Scarlett last Saturday nite.. man wat can i say? dat would be my first and last time going Scarlett =.=.. It wasnt dat nice ler.. and i dun like da place bcos no dance floor.. kenot dance wei.. Dance middle of da jalan but the waiters and waitresses keep walking up and down and all.. Yeah, so i tarak suka there..SO packed and all somemore.. I think the only good thing there was, they play better songs than Ruums and itz cooler and not too stuffy.. Anyhoo, i still personally prefer RUUMS although alot of LALA there.. But who cares the crowd there? wat i pentingkan is the dance floor..kaka.. nth much to blog about Scarlett but Murni after our clubbing session.

We went Murni to yumcha.. Shared a loh shu funn with Yoke Han and i ordered Pink Panther.. hehe.. it's an ice blended with the mixture of banana and strawberries.. itz dam nice *yummy*.. Well, during yumcha.. Our table i guess was the noisiest among all becos the two yokes were making jokes about everything and we laughed till my perut sakit like and again i feel ppl looking at our table ^.^.. and we saw bunch of ppl which are guys wearing shorts, wear shorts nvm but their KAKI NO BULU !!! more licin than mine u knoe? yer !! and Yoke Han said why do they looked like those ppl from circus.. =D

Sunday, i woke up around 1pm? and laze around my hse.. and it was raining heavily around 3pm.. and i went and play badminton with Fern around 4pm?.. I've nvr stretch my muscles for almost a yr ^.^.. and i did not train my badminton for almost 2 yrs ^.^.. and i couldnt play properly.. but personally, i prefer playing badminton and i love to swim as one of my sports la.. i hate to jog and all..Dat is why, i stopped going to gym .. but it is also becos of my laziness..

Later on, me and my parent went to 1U for dinner in Italianese.. ermm da food there arent nice.. Even Pizza Uno in Taipan taste SOOO MUCH better than them seriously and Italianese food are pricey.. We ordered Angel Hair and Aglio Oglio which doesnt taste good and i dunno why Yoke Han love to eat there so muchie.. U tarak taste la Tan *shakes head*.. Yeah den i wanted to shopp .. So after dinner, we went to Zara ^.^.. wanted to get my shoes from there and sudah habis JUALL !!!! i told the whole world about dis jo, and i am stilll VERY VERY VERY SAD about dis T__T.. I wan cry can? *sobs*.. So fine, we went to Topshop and guess wat? the skinny leg jeans there were 50% off ! i terus grab one and tried, and bought it.. lol.. not i beli but my mom..My sis went to TGIF for dinner on dat nite in 1U also.. U see ah, i nvr go out with my frens at nite when i was 13 YEARS OLD okay? Wat world has it changed to?


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

>>> =DDD

Okay, since i've been only disappearing from this bloggie after my previous sushi entry..Let me recap wat have i done last friday after my exam.. hehe.. I've only been disappearing from da blog la, but i still met my frens during the weekends and had lotsa fun..LOL.. Last Friday, after my AW and PR paper i came home and slepttttt all da way till dinner time .. Cos i was soooo tired , like DAM TIRED OKAY? have been worrying about exams and have been studying and re-read the notes 1000 times and i still dun really get wat the hell Intergrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is all about.. Sowie la, i knoe itz something to do with PR,Advertising and Marketing.. hahaha.. Can i stop talking about my exam? =P.. Lets talk about wat i did on Friday nite.. NOOOO.. i did not go clubbing, i went yumcha with Yoke Han in Little Bally's.. LOL, da place where i hitted my car right infront of da cafe and ppl were looking and i terus drove off cos i was too malu to get down of da car.. LOL.. i still remember dat incident okayyy... Only Aya and TKB was in my front small light sudah pecah cos of it u knoe and i dam lazy wanna go and change it until now =P..

Eh they serve good drinks u I've been there for quite alot of times already.. So me and Tan chit chatted from 10pm till NON STOP !! we didnt even knoe it was already 1am..

Dis was orgasmic Mango Flavoured drinkie i had.. haha...

Da next day, i found out my parents are going Genting and guess wat? they putting a nite up there !! so i terus call Aya asked her whether she wants to go down Cheras, and she said okay.. but before that she went The Curve to be her long-time-nvr-shop makcik Den i called Shirley to ask her whether she have any plans on dat nite and she said go Enet dota.. lol.. So da plan was ON !! I went over to Curve around 7.45pm to join Aya for a window shopping first.. and bought these 2 cupcakes which is very cute.. lol.. i forgotten to take the picture=.=.. another time =).. Den we went to Nichii and we camwhored in da fitting room..=)..

LOL !! =D i remembered she said something about me doing dis pose, but i didnt care

Den she said i looked dam hau in dis pic.. Aya, u can pigi mampus in peace

U dunno how annoying she is, when u camwhore with her.. GOSH !! give her one penampar baru tau..She keep making those ugly faces dat u really feel like giving her tight slap .. HAHAHA..=DD

Later on, we headed to Cheras after shopping spree ..xD.. bought the cupcake for Shirley ONLY !! lol..We reached Enet around 10.15 to 10.30? den, we went in and opened a 3 hours package but we get to play 4 games !! lol.. becos our beloved Cheras CEO (Wormie) dunno really dc or fake dc or his pc hang.. I cos they got pawned by our pro team members and definitely is not me la =D.. In da end, da score was 2-2.. cos i fed dam alot when i was using Witch Dr .. which i nvr guna be4.. *fainted*.. Later, we went to Alim some mamak nearby Enet to yumcha.. I havent been going there for sometime already, i guess ever since Aya shifted to Klang.. Well, a normal Saturday nite spend in CC and yumcha with frens was the bestest Saturday nite ever, i mean better than staying at home EVEN better than going clubbing at times, cos we spend lesser money and we only drink Teh-O-Ais-Limau instead of Chivas or Dewars or watever Wars or Vas there is..

I went to The Curve again on Sunday, and dis time i bought a black satin off shoulder top and a normal top .. Gosh !! the normal top i bought is exactly the same as the one i bought from TOPSHOP.. as in da design but different and the one i bought in The Curve was only RM25 !! and the one i bought from TOPSHOP was RM65 !! *fainted* i can buy 2 of da tops from The Curve..

Yesterday went to Pyramid with Wormie, Jerry, Botak and Paulyan.. Actually, the outing was supposed to be Wormie, Me, Shirley and Jerry.. But Shirley ffk-ed us,lol.. Den i dunno out of sudden, Wormie said Paulyan and Botak is coming along..So, okay.. All of us went together.. I waited for him to come and fetch me from 2.30pm and they only reached my place at 4.05pm.. As u dunno, i have this habit that when i am waiting for ppl.. I will practice my piano to hold down my patience of waiting.. Yesterday !!! i played the piano for more than 10 rounds for da few songs i've been learning.. and they still havent ARRIVED YET !! Kegeraman.. Okay, so we reached Pyramid we headed to Sushi King and makaned.. and then went to Guess to get da handbag dat Wormie wanted to buy.. Yeah, he use a guess handbag =P.. kakaka.. Den Jerry went into one shop and bought a cap that cost RM129..=.=".. So expensive sia.. *fainted*..

Later on, Paulyan and Botak wanted to go singk in Redbox but i didnt wan cos i just sang last week den i wanted to tarkei instead..LOL LOL LOL.. So all of us went to FTZ..Next time, i go singk with u guys la.. At least i knoe how to FEEL BAD OKAY??? lol..After 2 rounds, 10 mins game..cos ada manyak leavers.. Den we met a team of frens.. So we played with them.. After 2 games, they kena tapao-ed like ham yuk chung by Paulyan..Den we left and Paulyan said

" This team must have been bullying people around in FTZ, padan muka mereka today having a bad luck meeting us..kena tapao balik"..

Dat was really hilarious u knoe? i mean the way he talked.. He kept immitating me -_-".. but i was laughing all da way with his hau

Wormie's car tayar pancit later on at the traffic light.. So we stopped at SS14 roadside and he changed They wanted to stop next to the road only, but they sked kena lou lap ( reads: Rompak ) so they stopped right infront of da petrol station's roadside to change the Den Wormie fetched me home, and they went to Times Square for movie..keke..

Well dis morning, i woke up.. I saw a bowl of spaghetti cooked without the sauce.. I was searching everywhere for the sauce.. and my mom took out one tin of Prego sauce.. So i think she was indicating me to cook the sauce to eat with the spaghetti she cooked.. So i cooked AGAIn !! lol.. One thing i hate about cooking is da aftermath of it.. I need to clean da stove and wipe all da oils that spread around and wash the pots and pans.. Dat is why i dun like to cook, but i dunno why nowadays i've been cooking.. So i made da sauce, i call it Express Spaghetti I just took a can of button mushrooms and cut them into half and a can of Prego Spaghetti sauce.. After i cut the mushrooms , i saw da spaghetti sauce can there wrote "tomato and mushrooms".. *triple dots*.. already got mushrooms, i add mushrooms somemore.. Okay, i knoe i very sampat, cos i took pictures of it again.. haha ...

First: cut the button mushrooms into half or u can slice it into thin pieces, but i was too lazy to do so, so i just cut it into half cos one whole button mushroom is too big.. btw, da button mushrooms are from cans selling in Carrefour or Giant =)

Second: Chop the garlic and put in da olive oil in the pan to toss it with da mushrooms to get da taste first..i dunno how to describe la, hope u guys understand my alien sentencesla xD

Third: put in the can on Prego Spaghetti sauce..and mixed the mushroom in later on

and TADA !!!

LOL.. Although it looked "LIDDAT".. but it turned out quite good means the things i cook can be eaten by humans..=D

u knoe ah, blogspot is very unsafe to blog.. This site might disconnect out of sudden and all my hardwork will not be saved .. cos it disconnected just now !!! and thx god that my entry isnt vanished just liddat if not i cry..