Monday, November 16, 2009

Clubbing post

>>> still tired la

hmm da title says it all.. I've been clubbing like 2 weeks once lately.. my badan rosak already i tell u.. everytime drink drink drink, got once drink in scarlet until ada hangover but kenot vomit.. apa ni? 3 jugs of beer and a flaming , me and Kenix were down.. how cha la we all? LOL.. kenot drink already.. sometimes i smell liquor, even now, i feel like vomiting..

Anywayss, last few months ago Me and Ricky was supposed to go Library to chill abit.. Den walked into the Library, turned to da bar place there, i saw like someone waving at me, den i look properly i saw Wilson.. haha.. Den ricky doesnt like the live band in Library, so 4 of us headed to sanctuary for second round, to open bottle 0__0.. minum 1 bottle and i see stars already..LOL.. nola, not so bad but abit high and nice to dance.. woot ^.^..

Me and Ricky

Kenix and Wilson

Dance the nite away.. it was a very fun nite i must say

dunno wat were they doing la..



Den like 1 month back? i went to Phuture LIKE FINALLY, but den it was freaking packed there lor.. Da dance floor also dam hard to walk over, itz like we need to push push push to go through.. yor.. i dunno how those ppl, kiss hug and dance there la.. i saw alot of like couples especially girls who went there for "fishing" as well as guys.. I saw a fren of mine earlier at the bar as well, den like around 1am, i saw him hugging a girl, and even da girl was like kissing him.. wth.. nvr seen him like dis b4.. so i laughed at him and he hit me.. wth? LOL

Our drinks and kenix's bag

They tot they are like some mafia ppl=.=..

ini org cam cam, gua susah susah pouring drinks..

us and Darren's frens

Overall Phuture's songs are nice and happening, but it was wayyy to pack, no table for us how sad? somemore, need to stand next to da road..


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