Monday, November 16, 2009

Le Theatre Fine Dining

>>> tired, sleepy and annoyed=.=

Firstly, i am dam tired thanks to my assignments yg berlambak.. Secondly, i am so sleepy cos i dun have enough of sleep and thirdly, I'm so FUCKING ANNOYED with ricky for not bringing his phone to work.. What is wrong with him la? MCB.. forget it la, ask him to go die better.. sometimes i feel having a bf is like not having a bf.. whatever..

okay, cut the crap and enough ranting.. hmm.. Few weeks back i think 2 weeks back, Masy (Aya's bro) was having this project/assignment where he and his group was supposed to like create a theme and cook or something liddat.. It reminds me alot of my Diploma days.. I had projects and events like these as well, just dat we dun cook la.. xD..

Me and Aya xD

Zicky and Joyee

Shirley and Alanz

I like this welcome drink :)

They also gave us flowers

My fish entree

I shud have ordered lamb.. *saliva dripping*

Da dessert xD..the ice cream melting already


And the group :)

I will update more about velvet and Phuture in the next post..


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