Tuesday, October 13, 2009


>>> emo

Why do people would like to talk about things that people does not like to hear? It's okay if u are saying something that is very hard to absorb by someone's ears. But wat if the one who is saying those words is one of your family members? How hurtful would it be when u just tell someone in your family and ask him/her to quit studying and go get married and additionally said " get married and go out and suffer?" omg !! did these words processed in your brains be4 blabbing it out? Sometimes how i wish i could just start working and stop relying on my family financially.. Have they ever think that they might not get anything in return by saying all these out? Have they ever think that, whether when they said all these words to a person would appreciate it? The person who listens to it probably just kept quiet when they said that, and cries out in her heart instead.. Itz so hard to respect a person that doesnt really respect us.. Yes, we should be grateful with our lives now, for wat we are having, the way we are living.. dun wanna say anymore


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