Tuesday, November 03, 2009


>>> Bored

I just realized i abandoned my bloggie for quite sometime. Actually it was becos after the last 2 posts, i couldnt upload any pics in my posts, i got fed up and show them that i merajuk, so they give in and let me upload pics..

Anyways, all my 4 subject's assignment 2 are over. and Assignment 3 is already here !! i have like 2 more weeks to finish all 4 of them and i havent even started 1 yet.. thank u..let me rest awhile first la.. dam tired ok? my brains and eyes are so exhausted and all..

Okay, need not to say more.. Let the pics do da talking.. past few weeks i went to Malacca for a few hr trip with my family.. Actually it was their business trip, i just tumpang only.. xD..

Den i think the previous week, Darren called to go Zouk while i was in Pyramid with Kenix watching itu Miss Malaysia World. So we went to Velvet.. it was okay dat nite, wasnt in a mood to club but i still went.. HAHAHA.. =.=..

Datz all for now.. got nth much to blog about.. other than ranting about my assignment !! I'm having dinner with Aya and others tonite.. yay.. hehe..


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