Friday, December 16, 2011

I want to be a HAPPY person again :(

It's been awhile since i blogged :)...

Just wanna get this feeling out of myself. I feel tortured with this feelings trapped in my heart for the past 2 months.. Can someone just go into my memories and erase what happened the past 3 years. I want to be a happy person again :(

It feels like my life has pushed a "restart" button and it feels like crap.. *sigh*
So it's gonna be the end of 2011, hopefully i feel much better at 2012 with my life.
So my 2012 goal is just ONE SIMPLE thing.

BE MYSELF and HAPPY all over again. Please grant me this simple wish :(

I want to also thank my frens who have been supporting me all this while. I know some of them do not mind spending their time with me just to make sure I will be okay and I know they are hoping that I will stand up and be the old Weng See. I promise that I will be fine soon. All I need is abit more time.

I will blog again soon ! :)


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