Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Perth Aus, Week 2 & 3

>>> ^.^

Like finally i have the time to blog about my extremely overdue Perth trip..=.=.. so many month back d... I'm out of words 0__0, so not me.. and my pics are not in order..

Kangaroo meat in Little Creatures !! was too bored dat nite, so decided to go out to minum in Freo ^.^.. There are no night life in Perth lor seriosuly, other than clubbing on weekends.. After dinner at 6pm-ish.. around 8pm mandi, den 10Pm go tido.. HOW TO SURVIVE?

The bestest Fries ever ok?? I miss eating it.. aiyoo=.=.. i dun remember whether i posted dis at my week 1 post

Den me and Huimin went to Carousel to walk, i drove my cousin's car there.. I forgotten where my cousin went dat day.. So she wasnt free to go out with us.. We syok sendiri lor ^.^

Went over to JJ's (Jodie and Jason) to hangout after a long day helping Huimin to shift hse.. It was dam cold eh in her place, so they were making popcorns and da popcorn machine was hot, so i put my hands there to feel warmer.. LOL

Me and My cousin, baked muffins cos was too bored and she wanted to bake.. and her kitchen's baking equipments are complete.. even the weighing machine is digital one.. unlike mine so manual =.=.. need to count the scales one..

Was in Gloria Jeans for Hot chocolate becos it was raining and we followed my cousin to the city.. she hangout with her frens, so me and Huimin as usual syok sendiri at Gloria Jeans and we FB-ing all da way.. LOL.. after overdosing in Chocolate drinks, i felt dizzy.. wtf?

Fb-ing in Exomod while teman my cousin and her frens drinking..

Exp view with Exp dinner=.=..

Mussels Bar !! =.=..

AUD$40++ dinner dat nite.. HAHAHHAA

Must take pic kao kao.. we were crazy leh=.=.. cant believe me and huimin so daring masuk such exp restaurant.. Somemore with out dodgy outfit.. i was wearing SHORTS !! while other people inside the restaurant were wearing those dresses and all..

I think that's the end of my aussie post.. Like finally, although not many pics in da 2nd and 3rd week becos , i think most of the places also i took pics already.. i dun think u guys wanna see repeating pictures rite..:)..

Alrite, gtg now.. Having class at 2 !! havent even read da journal yet.. dam sien... I dun like dis class the most=.=.. Tonite going pyramid to get my cousin's bday present and change Aussie dollars, cos need to pass it to Darren and ask Huimin help me buy facial wash and potato chips.. lol


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